Tuesday Majors: Ankit Kapoor Takes Down Adda52’s Hitman; Siddharth Karia Wins Hexagram

Poker tournaments on adda52.com continue to witness a spike in terms of the turnout and prize pool. Yesterday was no different as all major tournaments on the Tuesday schedule went on to draw players in big numbers and crush their respective guarantees. MTT enthusiasts came out in full force for the Tuesday headline tourney – the INR 7.5 Lac GTD Hitman that pulled in an impressive field of 241 entries to create a guarantee-crushing prize pool of 7.71 Lac that was shared by top 24 finishers.

The lion’s share went to former DPT Main Event champion Ankit Kapoor aka ‘helter_skelter’ who scored an outright victory to win INR 2.11 Lac and the rest in 7 bounties. The eventual runner-up ‘annanya_agarwal92’ banked INR 1.23 Lac. The final podium spot went to ‘pirate_king’ who finished third for INR 92,544 and the rest in 10 bounties. Also at the final table was the online MTT specialist Manish Lakhotia who finished in 7th place for INR 25,064 and the rest in 5 bounties he scored.

Kapoor is a well-known pro and he had won the AOPS Big Stack Turbo just last week. He scored another victory last night by taking down the Hitman and added INR 2,11,694 prize to his bankroll.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


Note: the above payouts of the Hitman don’t include bounty prizes.

3 Lac GTD Hexagram

Another major tourney on the slate was the INR 2200 buy-in Hexagram. With a total of 173 entries, the high-value tourney created a prizepool of INR 3.46 Lac that was shared by top 17 players.

In the end, coming out on top of the field was the well-known pro Siddharth Karia aka ‘skaria1’who outlasted ‘Harshit114’ (runner-up for INR 72,130) to bank INR 85,300 for his win. The bottom spot on the podium belonged to Sagar Patnaik aka ‘passivity’ who finished third for INR 44,980 prize.

Also at the final table was the well-known reg in Devrat Singh who finished 7th for INR 12,975.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


What Does Today’s AOPS Schedule Have In Store For You?

To the delight of the MTT lovers out there, Wednesday is going to be hugely winsome as the remaining Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) action kicks off today. The last five days of the series had been rescheduled between 8th-12th July due to some technical issues. Finally, the wait is over with the action resuming today with several high-value tourneys on the schedule, including the Day 1A of the 3 Crore GTD Main Event that begins at 7pm. Here is a quick look at today’s AOPS schedule: