WPTOI Day 11: Arya, Munot & Yadav Among WPT Trophy Event Champions; Rohila Wins Monster Turbo

The WPT Online India (WPTOI) is in full swing and prizepool guarantees continue to crumble at the 13.5 Crore GTD festival that played out its 11th Day yesterday. Needless to day, the ongoing WPTOI dominated the Sunday action. A total of 9 winners crowned on the second Sunday of the series, with three of them winning the WPT Trophies. As with previous days, the day’s overall guarantee was smashed with a total of 4,094 entries coming in to create a whopping 1,24,62,983 in prizemoney.

The biggest score of the day belonged to a cash game reg Pratibha Arya who won INR 9.40 Lac and her first WPT Trophy for shipping the biggest trophy tourney of the day, the 35 Lac GTD WPT India 6- Max Championship. Defending WPT India ME champion, Ashish Munot, added an impressive INR 9.04 Lac and his second WPT Trophy for his win in the 30 Lac GTD WPT Mega Stack, while former Godfather and Mega Suits AF winner Anuj Yadav went on to ship the 25 Lac GTD WPT India Mini ME Finale, winning a cool INR 4.09 Lac and a magnificent WPT Trophy. Among the other big winners of the day, Saurabh Rohila championed the 10 Lac GTD WPT Monster Turbo tourney for INR 2.97 Lac.

35 Lac GTD WPT India 6-Max Championship

While several big guarantee tournaments graced Day 11 of the WPT Online India, leading the charge was the 35 Lac GTD WPT India 6-Max Championship. Kicking off at 9PM, the INR 11k buy-in tourney pulled in 376 entries to surpass its advertised guarantee and generate a jaw-dropping INR 37.60 Lac in total prize pool that was finally shared by the top 38 players, with a min-cash worth INR 22,560.

Pratibha Arya aka”TeamRocket” ran past the competition and outlasted “abhisekchem86” (runner-up for INR 5,69,640) in the heads-up to emerge the biggest winner of the day, winning INR 9.40 Lac and her first WPT trophy. Last night’s WPT India Mini ME Finale winner Anuj Yadav aka ‘anuj25395’ took the final spot on the podium, finishing 3rd for INR 4,13,600. Himanshu Sehgal aka “himanshu_s” (4th for INR 3,00,800), and Advait “ronaldinho018” Rajguru (5th for INR 2,03,040) were the other FT finishers.

30 Lac GTD WPT Mega Stack

Another trophy event on yesterday’s WPTOI schedule, the 30 Lac GTD WPT Mega Stack sporting a buy-in of INR 5500, recorded 723 entries, crushing its prize pool guarantee and generating a hefty prizpool of INR 36.15 Lac, which eventually got distributed among the top 72 players, with a min cash worth INR 7230. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prizepool was defending WPT India Main Event Champion Ashish Munot aka “ragspoker” who shipped it to win INR 9,03,750 and his second WPT trophy, after outlasting Subhrit Grover aka “grovahova” (runner-up for INR 5,24,175″) in the heads-up.

Chirag “mahikk” Bhardwaj (3rd for INR 3,54,270), WSOP bracelet winner Aditya “a_sushant” Sushant (6th for INR 1,26,525), Siddarth “badtameez_donk” Singhvi (7th for INR 99,413) & Ashumi “Ashumi” Parekh(8th for INR 72,300) were the other notables who posted FT finishes in the tourney.

25 Lac GTD WPT Mini ME Finale

The multi-day trophy tourney, the 25 Lac GTD WPT Mini ME Finale, pulled in an impressive 2,704 entries across its seven flights, collecting a guarantee-crushing prizepool worth INR 27.07 Lac. A total of 296 players made it to the event’s epic finale yesterday, with 287 of them finishing in the money.

After more than 6 and a half hours of grueling play, former Mega Suits AF and Godfather winner Anuj Yadav aka ‘anuj25395’ came out on top to win INR 4.09 Lac and his first WPT trophy. A winner of several big ticket tournaments on Adda52.com, Yadav made an impressive two FT finishes on Day 11 of the WPTOI as he also finished 3rd for INR 4,13,600 in the WPT India 6-Max Championship.

Haider “donktown22” Madraswala (3rd for INR 2,11,493), Himanshu “StupidCommonMan” Kataria (4th for INR 1,52,065), Pranay “setmeup” Chawla (6th for INR 78,614) & Shardul “Vamos96” Parthasarathi (7th for INR 56,524) were the other notable players to finish on the final table.

10 Lac GTD Monster Turbo

The Lac GTD Monster Turbo sporting a buy-in of INR 2500 also wrapped up with a grand success, pulling in a total of 503 entries to create a prizepool of INR 11.44 Lac shared by the top 55 players.

After over 6 hours of play, online reg Saurabh Rohila aka “saurabh21” came out on top to win INR 3,00,800 in top prizemoney. Ram Kakkar aka “mowgumotu” finished runner-up for INR 1,68,788.

5 Lac GTD WPT Classic
The daily tourney on the WPTOI schedule, the 5 Lac GTD WPT Classic, registered 305 entries by the time late registration closed. Coming out on top of the field was Juli ‘Lily8’ Kumari who outlasted “Tryndamere”( runner-up for INR 75,750) in the heads-up battle to bank INR 1.25 Lac in top prize.

Top Results From Other WPTOI Tournaments On Day 11

2 Lac GTD WPT Hustle
Total Entries – 283
Prizepool – INR 2 Lac
Places Paid – 30
Winner – “gd1921” (won INR 42,844)
Runner-up – “gladiator86” (won INR 31,677)

1 Lac GTD WPT Battlefield
Total Entries – 254
Prizepool – 1.27 Lac
Places Paid – 27
Winner – “footrocks” (won INR 33,020)
Runner-up – “Daniel90” (won INR 19,685)

1.5 Lac GTD WPT Novemberfest
Total Entries – 259
Prizepool – 1.76 Lac
Places Paid – 27
Winner – “Lokimon” (won INR 44,532)
Runner-up “efrnd” (won INR 28,773)

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