Throwback 2020: Meet 2020’s Top Five Winners On Adda52

Truly, 2020 was an eventful year for online poker in India! While online poker in the country was already on a growth trajectory, we witnessed an unprecedented surge in traffic and revenue in 2020 especially during the early phase of Coronavirus-led lockdown. While all leading poker sites in the country benefited from the never-before-seen surge in traffic, Delta Corp’s market leading poker site Adda52 was the one that made the most of the opportunity as the site not only introduced some amazing new tournaments and cash games but also upgraded its software with insane graphics and features to keep players hooked and make the most of the opportunity presented by the lockdown.

While Adda52 did several amazing things for online poker in 2020, bringing the prestigious live festival, WPT India, to the online felts and offering players a fantastic experience through it was by far the most memorable moment of the year for the site as well as poker players who feel their year incomplete without a WPT event. The first-ever WPT Online India on Adda52 was a smashing success with as many as 60,434 entries coming in for the series to create a massive INR 15,15,24,396 to crush its 13.5 Crore guarantee. The crowning glory of the series was the 2.5 Crore GTD WPT India Main Event championed by Kumar Sahaj who won INR 50 Lac, plus a Hublot Classic Fusion chronograph watch worth U$10K and a $5K WPT passport, which can be used to play any WPT event in the world.

2020’s Top Five Winners On Adda52

The 2020 turned out to be a massive year for the Indian MTT players and saw several big winners on with Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘mehro2511’ ending it as the biggest winner on the site with yearly cashes worth over INR 1,70,42,518. He was followed by Srihari Bang aka ‘zombieballs’ who ended the year with INR 1,42,96,170 in total cashes. The well-known pro Arjanveer Singh Chadha aka ‘arjan30’ rounded out top three places with INR 1,11,80,452. Let us have a look at the top 5 winners:

1.Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘mehro2511’ – INR 1,70,42,518

Sanat Mehrotra has over 45 online poker titles to his name and it is not surprising that he closed out the year 2020 as the top-ranked player on Adda52 with over INR 1,70,42,518 in winnings. The poker phenom won a lot of tourney titles in 2020, including 14 titles on Adda52 alone. He kicked off the year on a good note by winning Adda52’s The Ballers for INR 4,11,750 in January, and then after making a few deep finishes across various marquee tourneys, he went on to ship two big ticket online tournaments in April, including the Maverick for INR 3,64,182 and the Adda52 Millions for INR 6,67,664. He continued his momentum and then shipped three flagship tourneys in May, including Hitman for INR 2,71,608, AOPS PLO High Roller for INR 3,91,500 and AOPS Mandovi for INR 9,07,350.

Mehrotra’s biggest score in 2020 was INR 25 Lac that came in June for his win in the 1 Crore GTD Full House. The same month, he also won the AOPS Cowboys for INR 6,00,760. His last recorded win was in October when he shipped the Godfather for INR 6,19,200. He closed out November with several deep finishes, including a 5th place finish for INR 1,10,625 in the WPT India PLO Championship and a 12th place finish for INR 1,43,521 in the WPT India Super High Roller. While he did not won any major title in December but wrapped up things with a few deep finishes in some big ticket tourneys.

Mehrotra’s Top Five Wins In 2020 On Adda52

1.Full House Finale (1st for INR 25 Lac ) in June
2.AOPS Mandovi (1st for INR 9.07 Lac) in May
3.Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 6.67 Lac) in April
4.Godfather (1st for INR 6.19 Lac) in October
5.AOPS Cowboys (1st for INR 6 Lac) in June

2.Srihari Bang aka ‘zombieballs’ – INR 1,42,96,170

Another online MTT player who had an immensely successful year on the virtual felts was Srihari Bang who has as many as 56 online tourney titles to his name. The online poker phenom raked in an impressive INR 1,42,96170 in annual earnings on Adda52. While he won tournaments on all major Indian poker sites in 2020, over a dozen of his tourney titles came on Adda52 alone. He began the year with a few FT finishes in January but picked up plenty of scores in February. Some of his notable wins in February included winning AOPS Siesta for INR 46,620 and AOPS Whale for INR 5,25,168.

Bang loves playing on Adda52 and his biggest score in 2020 on the site came in May when he shipped the Full House Finale for INR 25 Lac. He notched up his second biggest score of the year on the site in August when he finished 2nd for INR 27.50 Lac in the AOPS Main Event Finale. Some of his other notable scores included winning Big Slick for INR 2,74,060 and AOPS Millions for INR 5,99,175 in June. He ended the year by winning The Ballers for INR 5,62,500 and finishing 3rd in the Godfather for INR 2,50,000. He was one of the biggest scorers in 2019 and ended 2020 in the same fashion.

Bang’s Top Five Wins In 2020 On Adda52

1.Full House Finale (1st for INR 25 Lac) in May
2.AOPS Millions (1st for INR 5.99 Lac) in June
3.The Ballers (1st for INR 5.62 Lac) in December
4.AOPS Whale (1st for INR 5.25 Lac) in February
5.Big Slick (1st for INR 2.74 Lac) in June

3.Arjanveer Singh Chadha aka ‘arjan30’ – INR 1,11,80,452

MTT pro Arjanveer Singh Chadha is a man with a lot of winnings to his name. 2020 was a big year for Chadha as he closed out the year as the third biggest winner on Adda52 with over INR 1,11,80,452 in winnings. He picked up his first win of the year in February when he shipped Adda52 Millions AF for INR 5,22,347. He followed up that by winning three big ticket tournaments in June and this included winning AOPS Mini Main Event Finale for his career best INR 30 Lac, AOPS Maverick for INR 4,48,175 and AOPS PLO Bounty for INR 1,73,003. July saw him winning AOPS Monster Stack for INR 4,36,235.

Chadha was at his peak in December as he picked up an impressive three titles. He championed The Ballers two times, winning it on December 4 for INR 5.62 Lac and then winning it again for INR 5.79 Lac on December 11. He ended the month on a big note by shipping the Adda52 Millions for INR 4,74,544 on 27th December. 2020 was a BIG year for Chadha and we wish him all the best for 2021.

Chadha’s Top 5 Wins In 2020 On Adda52

1.AOPS Mini ME Finale (1st for INR 30 Lac) in June
2.The Ballers (1st for INR 5.79 Lac) in December
3.The Ballers (1st for INR 5.62 Lac) in December
4.Adda52 Millions AF (1st for INR 5.22 Lac) February
5.Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 4.74 Lac) in December

4.Gaurav Sood aka ‘gauravarod’ – INR 1,10,24,166

Gaurav Sood is one of the biggest online MTT crushers today with over 76 tourney titles to his name. While the poker prodigy ended 2020 as the overall top-ranked player with INR 4.51 Crores in annual earnings, he was the third biggest winner on Adda52 with INR 1,10,24,166 in yearly winnings. Kicking off 2020 with a win for INR 3,56,333 in the Maverick, he went on to ship close to a dozen of tourneys on Adda52, including Hitman for INR 2.05 Lac, AOPS Millions for INR 8.75 Lac, AOPS PLO HighRoller for INR 4.35 Lac and Adda52 Millions for INR 6.50 Lac. His last recorded win of the year was the La Luna tourney that he shipped in December and walked away with INR 1.06 Lac for the win.

Sood’s Top 5 Wins In 2020 On Adda52

1.Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 6.50 Lac ) in December
2.AOPS PLO HighRoller (1st for INR 4.35 Lac ) in August
3.Monster Stack 10L (1st for INR 2.70 Lac) in August
4.AOPS Millions (1st for INR 8.75 Lac) in June
5.Maverick (1st for INR 3.56 Lac) in April

5.Siddarth Singhvi aka ‘badtameez_donk’ – INR 1,04,68,356

Siddarth Singhvi is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tournament poker. He has achieved many milestones over the years and has over 48 tourney titles to his name. Like Bang, he too loves playing on and had raked in over INR 1,04,68,356 in annual earnings on the site in 2020. While he notched plenty of wins and deep finishes, his biggest score of the year on Adda52 came in July when he shipped the APF Full House Finale to bank a whopping INR 21 Lac in top prizemoney.

Singhvi’s Top 5 Wins In 2020 On Adda52

1.WPT Deepstack (1st for INR 4,15,456) in November
2.APF Full House Finale (1st for INR 21 Lac) in July
3.APF Mega PLO (1st for INR 2.30 Lac) in July
4.AOPS Hitman (1st for INR 4,34,405) in April
5.AOPS Big Slick(1st for INR 4,77,641) in February

Note: The winnings of the top 5 winners are as per the data updated on 22nd December in 2020.