Wednesday Majors: Rachit Soni Wins Adda52’s Maverick; Shawn Jose Takes Down La Luna

As we hit the mid-week mark, the online action picked up with the Wednesday flagship tournaments offering bigger guarantees. Headlining the action on was the 15 Lac GTD Maverick that pulled in a total of 656 entries by the time late registration closed. After over 8 hours of play, the INR 2500 buy-in tourney saw the former Inception champion Rachit Soni aka “baba_ramdev” navigating his way to the top to win INR 3.75 Lac after outlasting “AreyBetaRaise” (2nd for INR 2.17 Lac) in HU.

Total Entries – 656
Prizepool – 15 Lac
Places Paid – 72
Min Cash – 3,000

Also on FT were Monday`s Iron Man winner, Vinod “jamesoo7” Bhasker (3rd for INR 1.47 Lac), Anirban “ajgar5” D Das (4th for INR 1.05 Lac),Chandan “darkfish15” Arora (6th for INR 52,500), Vidyasagar “darubhai” Darapu (7th for INR 41,250), & Manish Lakhotia (8th for INR 30,000).

4 Lac GTD La Luna

The 4 Lac GTD La Luna sporting a buy-in of INR 1800 fared better than the Maverick, drawing in a total of 261 entries to collect a guarantee-crushing prizepool of INR 4.28 Lac. In the end, it was Shawn Jose aka “echayan” who emerged victorious and walked away with INR 88,029 for the win.

Jose has been on breakout run in the New Year. He has won three tourney titles on in the first week of 2021 and this includes winning the 4 Lac GTD La Luna he championed last night!

Total Entries – 261
Prizepool – 4.28 Lac
Places Paid – 27
Min Cash – 3,852

The FT saw a three-way deal with Bibhu “Vibhuiit17” Agarwal (runner-up for INR 77,395), Pranav “pkpok” Khandalkar (3rd for INR 62,079) collecting the other top paydays. Monday’s Voyager winner Ashish “rocky3705” Ahuja (4th for INR 36,383), Shrvan “SSAHisoka” Amlekar (5th for INR 24,612), and Vidyasagar “darubhai” Darapu (6th for INR 18,192) were the other notables to finish on the FT.