4 Ways Adda52’s ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ Campaign Contributing To The Growth Of Indian Poker

Adda52’s ongoing  ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ campaign featuring your favorite stars in Ali Fazal and Badshah is enjoying a roaring success. It has created a huge impact for the brand, inspiring and motivating masses to play online poker and thereby expanding Adda52’s userbase as well as the overall poker community in India. There has been a massive spike in the interest of people towards poker since the launch of this revolutionary campaign on 18th February 2021. Here are the FOUR WAYS the campaign is contributing to the growth of the thrilling game of poker in the country.

Aims To Establish Poker As A Game Of Life Skills

Poker is a game of skills but there are still many people who associate it with a game of chance or gambling. The ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ aims to bust the myth that poker is gambling. It seeks to establish poker as a game of life skills. The reason being, poker is not a game for just winning prizes but also a valuable addition to one’s life. It is a game of skill that helps people to sharpen the mind, improve focus and observation skills, analyze difficult situations, make quick decisions, and overcome failures. These aspects also get reflected in people’s lives, and hence the game is also about improving one’s life skills.

Seeks To Take Poker To A Mass Level

Building awareness around poker, taking it from a niche category to a mass category, and deepening engagement with the game is what ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ seeks to achieve. The idea is to take poker to a mass stage where most people actually understand the game and start playing it. A big shout-out to Adda52.com as they have been able to create a pull and hook thousands of people to the game. There has been a MASSIVE increase in the interest of people who want to try poker to ace their life. The site has seen a spike in its online traffic and sign-ups since the launch of the campaign.

Instills Trust & Credibility Around Poker  

The campaign also aims to build trust and credibility around poker, which is good for the growth of poker. A game cannot thrive if it cannot win the trust of people. Trust is built on the credibility that actually comes from playing the game on a secure platform like Adda52.com. As you play the game, you begin to realize the skills involved in it. Thanks to Ali Fazal and Badshah playing Adda52’s voice in the campaign, inspiring people and building credibility around the game. People are really enjoying them playing poker on Adda52.com and they have been able to change the mindset of thousands of people who associate poker with a game of chance. This is absolutely good for the health of the game.

Teaches Responsible Gaming

Poker is a game of skill but you always need to play it responsibly. A safe & transparent gaming environment where players play responsibly & gaming is an enjoyable & positive experience is what Adda52 strives for through ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’. Gaming is fun but there are times when it may become an addiction and lead to risks. Do remember that to help you ace the game of life, you should have a serious and responsible attitude towards poker. Bet what you can afford to lose, always play with a strategy, don’t chase losses, analyze your game and discuss it with someone who you trust. 

The ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ campaign concluding in a few days. So, rush to Adda52.com and be a part of this amazing initiative. Play poker and feel the unmatched thrill of winning in the game. Good luck!