Adda52’s ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ Campaign Proving A Game Changer

Building awareness around poker and promoting it as a game of skill has always been a top goal for Known for its educating, engaging, and entertaining campaigns, the site is now in the spotlight for its ‘Life Ko Ace Karo’ campaign that went live on 18th February 2021. It is conceptualized with a face-off between your favourite artists Ali Fazal and Badshah wherein the former tries rapping and the latter tries acting. However, they both don’t perform well and soon realize that the real challenge lies in playing poker on a secure and regulated platform such as

The reason for launching this campaign is to connect with people from all walks of life and take poker from a niche category to a mass category. wants to reach more and more people, make them aware of a potential player within them and encourage them to play the game to enhance their life skills. Many people still think that poker is a game of chance and this revolutionary campaign aims to change that mindset. The campaign’s message is that poker is not a game for just winning prizes but also a valuable addition to one’s life. It is a game of skill that helps people to sharpen the mind, analyze difficult situations, make quick decisions, and overcome failures. These aspects also get reflected in their life, and hence the game is indirectly about improving one’s life skills.

The campaign has been executed well and sets up a platform for people to learn, enjoy, play poker and experience the thrill of winning while improving their life skills. It comprises engaging videos featuring Ali Fazal and Badshah. Both are champions of their fields and they play the role of the brand’s voice to deliver the campaign’s message to the masses. The decision of roping in these stars has paid off well as people are just relishing the enthralling challenge between the two artists. Both have been able to entertain, engage and attract masses to the game by highlighting the unparalleled feeling of winning in the game against real people using skills and mental agility. As a result, there has been a huge increase in the interest of people who want to try poker to ace their life. has seen a massive spike in its traffic and sign-ups since the launch of this campaign. The mindset towards poker has also changed significantly, which is good for Indian poker

You too want to ace your life? Head to India’s largest poker site, play online poker, and feel the unparalleled thrill of winning in the game using your skills. Good luck at the tables!