2021 WPT Online India’s Exciting Leaderboard Assures A Whopping 1 Crore Just For You!

Article by Khurshid Ahmad

One of the most anticipated tournament series of the year, the WPT Online  India (WPTOI) powered by India’s no. 1 poker site Adda52.com is returning for its second edition from 1st to 30th August 2021. Aptly taglined as #KhelFameKa, this time it is bigger, bolder, and grander with a staggering INR 25 Crores in the guaranteed prize money. The upcoming edition has a whopping 233 Mega & Mini events on the schedule with 21 Daily Micro Events and a minimum 1 Daily Mega event to offer exciting guarantees and formats with buy-ins ranging from just INR 25 to INR 1,07,000!

This edition of WPTOI has as many as 45 trophy events headlined by the Main Event, which is the crowning glory of the series and features a massive INR 3 Crore GTD prize pool this time. There are several 1 Crore GTD events, including the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal at just INR 499 buy-in, 1 Crore GTD WPT Quad 9 at INR 9999 buy-in, and a 1 Crore GTD WPT India Super Highroller at INR 1,07,000 buy-in. Also on tap are 15 Lac + Freerolls and some exciting Sit-N-Go tournaments promising you an unparalleled MTT thrill.

What makes the WPT Online India 2021 a must-play series for every serious poker player is the fact that it comes with a massive 1 Crore in leaderboard prizes. Yes, you read it right!  This time, the series offers 1 Crore in prizes across 5 unique Leaderboards that include a 55 Lac Series Leaderboard, 10 Lac Satty + Step Satty Leaderboard, and 8 Lac Event-Wise Leaderboard along with Daily 25k Micro & Daily 65k Mini leaderboards. Like its GTD, every offer of the WPTOI is BIG!

Let’s take a quick look at the WPTOI 2021 leaderboards!

55 Lac Series Leaderboard

Like previous editions, this WPTOI too offers a series leaderboard that features bigger prizes this time. Yes, the prizemoney for the series leaderboard has been increased from 35 Lac to 55 Lac, which makes it more exciting for the MTT grinders in India. The leaderboard has been divided into four leaderboards, namely 33 Lac Mega, 12.5 Lac Mini, 7.5 Lac Micro, and 2 Lac Freeroll leaderboard.

33 Lac Mega Leaderboard: The Mega Leaderboard assures a massive 33 Lac in prizes and will be open to players competing in events carrying the INR 2201 + buy-ins. The leaderboard pays out the top 50 players, with the top-ranked player collecting a hefty 8 Lac and a magnificent WPT Trophy.

12.5 Lac Mini Leaderboard: The Mini Leaderboard promises a hefty 12.5 Lac in prizes to the top 50 ranked players and will be open to players who participate in events with buy-ins ranging from INR 550 to INR 2200.  The player who tops the charts will receive 2.55 Lac and a beautiful WPT trophy.

7.5 Lac GTD Micro Leaderboard: The Micro Leaderboard is meant for players participating in events with buy-ins upto INR 549. It has an impressive 7.5 Lac in prizes to the top 50 players, with the Leaderboard topper set to walk away with 1.5 Lac and a stunning WPT trophy.

2 Lac Freeroll Leaderboard:  The upcoming WPT Online India is a festival that could be enjoyed by everyone as there are perks for all players. The freeroll leaderboard is for players who are either short of bankroll or don’t want to put their money at stake but still want to win some cool prizes. To cater to these players,  the WPTOI will be hosting 15 Lac + Freerolls which will be running throughout the series. While the participation of freerolls is free, the rewards for players who rank high on this leaderboard are still awesome. The leaderboard pays out the top 50 players, with the topper getting 40,000.

10 Lac Satty+ Step Satty Leaderboard

For the first time, the WPT Online India will have a leaderboard even for satellite players. There is a hefty 10 Lac up for grabs for players participating in satellites and step satellites for the series. The top 50 players are set to be paid out with the the leaderboard topper getting 2 Lac. The satellites are underway and will run till 30th August 2021, although this leaderboard is set to kickoff on 26th July 2021.

8 Lac Event-Wise Leaderboard

The series also has an exclusive 8 Lac event-wise leaderboard for seven daily events that include Daily Warm-Up, Classic, Alpha, Multiplier, Battlefield, Hustle, and Late Night. Each of these events will have a separate leaderboard with varying prize money to be awarded to the top 20 ranked players.

In total, there are seven exciting event-wise leaderboards with different prize pools to chase. While all these leaderboards pay out the top 20 players, the WPT Classic, Multiplier, and Hustle leaderboards offer a bigger prize pool of 1.5 Lac, with the topper of each of these leaderboards getting 40,000. Each of the WPT Alpha and Late Night Leaderboards carries a prize pool of 1 Lac with the eventual winner of these leaderboards receiving 26,500. The Daily WPT Warm-Up and Battlefield leaderboards offer 85,000 and 65,000 in prizes respectively, meaning that there is a lot to grab!

Daily 25K Micro Leaderboard

There is 25K worth of prizes to be won every day as part of the WPTOI Daily 25K Micro Leaderboards. This leaderboard is open to players participating in events featuring up to INR 549 buy-in. With the total of the top 20 to be paid out, the topper of this leaderboard will receive 6,700. The payouts will be made on a daily basis in order to fuel and support players’ bankrolls.

Daily 65K Mini Leaderboard

Also on tap is the Daily 65K Mini Leaderboard with payouts worth 65K to be made on daily basis to fuel and support players’ bankroll. The Daily 65K Mini Leaderboard is open to players participating in tournaments with buy-ins ranging from INR 550 to INR 2200.  The top 20 players will get paid out, with the eventual topper of this Mini Leaderboard race set to walk away with 17,500. 

Are You Ready For #KhelFameKa And Take Home Glory And A Pile Of Money?

The WPT Online India 2021 is the perfect opportunity to take home glory and a pile of money along with it. All the WPTOI leaderboard prizes will be a crossover. So, if a player manages to rank among the paid spots in two or more leaderboards, he/she is entitled to receive all prizes and rewards that are reserved for that spot! Adding to your excitement, every leaderboard winner, be it daily, series or event-wise, automatically qualifies for the Winners SNG scheduled for 30th August 2021 at 7:30 PM and will get a chance to fight it out amongst other proud winners for a grand Trophy along with 7 Lac prize money. All the leaderboards will run until 30th August, meaning everyone will have plenty of time to start climbing if they haven’t already. Overall, it is going to be an exciting leaderboard race!

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