WPTOI 2021 Day 24: Sahil Chutani Champions WPT Tuesday Feature To Win His Second WPT Trophy; Gouranga Das Tops WPT Main Event 1C Survivors

Day 24 of the 25 Crore GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) had a total of 10 events running, with 8 of them crowning champions. It was a fantastic day for the last year’s WPT Diwali Special champion Sahil Chutani. He walked away with the single largest score of the day and the prestigious WPT Trophy as he championed the day’s headliner, the 22.5 Lac GTD WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max, to win INR 5.40 Lac and his second WPT Trophy. Pritam Amritkar (2nd in WPT Tuesday Feature for INR 3,15,000), Anmol Agarwal (won 8 Lac GTD WPT Mini 6-Max for INR 1.77 Lac), Ashish Nailwal (won 4 Lac GTD WPT Multiplier for INR 87,637) and Yash Shrivastava (won the 3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PKO for INR 83,562) were the other prominent winners of the day. Here are the highlights!

22.5 Lac GTD WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max

Headlining the action on Day 24 of the WPTOI was the only trophy event of the day, the 22.5 Lac GTD WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max. The INR 4400 buy-in tourney drew 534 participants and outlasting them all was the well-known pro – Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani. The cash game reg, who had won his first WPT Trophy in the WPT Diwali Special last year and recently placed runner-up in the WPT Gladiator, earned INR 5.40 Lac and his second WPT trophy for his WPT Tuesday Feature win.

Pritam “Pritam1301” Amritkar (2nd for INR 3,15,000), Gurpal “TheUndecided777” Singh (3rd for INR 2,13,750), Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal “FloatToMyBoat” Patni (4th for INR 1,68,750), Atishay “pokergod56” Samuel (5th for INR 1,12,500), Vishnu “violator” Khandelwal (6th for INR 78,750) & Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri (8th for INR 45,000) also final-tabled the 8 PM Tuesday flagship. 

1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal Flight 25

Running alongside the WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max was Flight 25 of the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal. The 25th flight of the INR 499 entry buy-in tourney logged in an impressive 1289 participants, and only 207 of them made the cut for Day 2. The mystery player “Nimappa93” (692,649) bageed the end of day chip lead, with Bhola “bhola” Sharma (636,932), “RowdyPoker” (551,510 chips), Myron “Zzzzz369” Pereira (496,326) and “TheProDino” (433,033) rounding out the top five stacks of the day.

3 Crore GTD WPT Main Event Day 1C

Day 1C of the 3 Crore GTD WPT Main Event attracted a total of 135 entries, with 15 of them making it to Day 2. Gouranga Das aka “Gouranga87” bagged the end of day chip lead with 287,498 chips, with Ashutosh “senojwod” Balodhi (286,426),”carrick16″ (273,112 chips), Kanchan “thandicoke” Sharma (183,951), and Karann “ICMsucks” Dembla (145,950 chips) being the next big stacks from the day.  

8 Lac GTD WPT Mini 6-Max

The WPT Mini 6-Max fared better, drawing in 435 entries and generating a prize pool worth INR 8.70 Lac. Anmol Agarwal aka “anmol39” topped the field and won INR 1,77,261 after striking a heads-up deal with the current WPT MegaLeaderboard topper Raghav “FuckedUpLife” Siddalinga (2nd for INR 1,62,039). Tarush “tarush123” Gupta (3rd for INR 87,000), & Myron “Zzzzz369” Pereira (4th for INR 65,250) were the other notable MTT regs finishing on the final table of the WPT Mini 6-Max tourney. 

Ashish “xznny112” Nailwal (won 4 Lac GTD WPT Multiplier for INR 87,637), Attman “att1992” Velani (won 4 Lac GTD Classic for INR 83,522),“jeevan79” (won 4 Lac GTD WPT Hustle for INR 93,437),Yash “yashshri” Shrivastava (won 3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PKO for INR 83,562),”Maite” (won 2.75 Lac GTD WPT Alpha  for INR 61,978), and “Indianthug” (won 2 Lac GTD WPT Daily Warmup for INR 54,900) were the other players who walked away with the WPTIO titles on Tuesday!

WPT Online India Mega Leaderboard Standings After Day 24

The top three positions on the 33 Lac Mega Leaderboard standings remain unchanged. Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalinga continues to top the rankings with 1078 points. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (1010 points) and Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan (958 points) hold onto the #2 and #3, respectively.

  1. Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalanga – 1078
  2. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – 1010
  3. Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan – 958
  4. Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh – 876
  5. Anant ‘Pro_baba’ Purohit – 876
  6. Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha – 873
  7. Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna – 858
  8. Gaurav ‘gauravarod’ Sood – 791
  9. Vishnu “violator” Khandelwal – 783
  10. Sanant “mehro2511” Mehrotra – 744