WPTOI 2021 Day 29: Kushal Sogani Denies Mohammad Azhar WPT Main Event Finale Title; Ankita Ajay Wins WPT Unreal Finale

Sunday was a smashing day of poker on Adda52.com with the online poker giant hosting the penultimate day’s action of the 25 Crore GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI). There were nine events on the tap, including two of the biggest tournaments of the series, the 3 Crore GTD WPT Main Event and the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal, both played down to winners. Walking away with the biggest score and title of the day was Kushal ‘dimaria7’ Sogani as he took down the WPT Main Event for a career-best INR 47.45 Lac. The Adda52 regular also final-tabled the WPT 3000, banking a combined INR 48.82 Lac.

Online MTT crusher, Mohammad Azhar came close to winning the Main Event but utltimately finished runner-up for INR 34.09 Lac. Also featuring among big Sunday scorers were Ram Kakkar (3rd for INR 24.51 Lac) & Puneet Mishra (4th for INR 17.62 Lac), both final-tabled the Main  Event.

Running alongside the WPT Main Event was the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal. The INR 499 buy-in event found a champion in the five-time Running Hot winner Ankita Ajay Malik. The rising star, Ankita outlasted ‘killerinstincts’ (2nd for INR 10 Lac), and her husband, Gagandeep ‘gaganhyd’ Malik (3rd for INR 8 Lac) on the final table to claim a career-best 15 Lac payday. Let us check out the highlights:

3 Crore GTD WPT Main Event Finale

Headlining the action on Day 29 of the WPTOI was the showstopper tourney of the series, the 3 Crore GTD WPT Main Event Finale. The INR 16500 entry buy-in tourney drew 1856 entries across the ten starting flights, with 227 of them returning to the event’s epic finale that took place last night. The grand finale saw a total of 197 players finish ITM, with Kushal ‘dimaria7’ Sogani walking away with the title and a life-changing INR 47.45 Lac in the top prizemoney! Apart from the massive top prize and the WPT trophy, Sogani also earned a Hublot watch and a WPT Passport worth $5,000.

Kushal Sogani
Kushal Sogani

The former Full House champion was had a smashing Sunday as he also final tabled the WPT 3000, finishing fourth for INR 1.37 Lac, thus banking INR 48.82 Lac in total winnings from the day.

Online MTT crusher Mohammad ‘blankspace’ Azhar (runner-up for INR 34.09 Lac), Ram Kakkar aka ‘mowgumotu’ (3rd for INR 24.51 Lac), Puneet Mishra aka ‘j4jolly’ (4th for INR 17.62 Lac), Apratim ‘checmate’ Sharma (6th for INR 9.11 Lac) and Abhimanyu ‘PsychoDrama’ Mittal (7th for INR 6.55 Lac) were the well-known regs ending their run on the final table of the WPT Main Event last night.

1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal

While the Main Event was the biggest event of the series, the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal stealed the show. Featuring a mere INR 499 buy-in, this unreal and unimaginable tourney ran through the entire series, from August 1 to 30, hosting a total of 30 flights and drawing in a record-breaking 19,569 entries. A total of 2,048 runners returned to the event’s Finale, with 2,000 of them finishing ITM.

After a little less than eight hours of play, rising star Ankita ‘ankumalik’ Malik topped the record-breaking field to earn the distinction of becoming the first-ever WPT Unreal champion! Clinching her third title at the series, Malik banked a career-best INR 15 Lac payday. ‘killerinstincts’ finished runner-up for INR 10 Lac, while Gagandeep ‘gaganhyd’ Singh, Ankita Malik’s husband, placed third for INR 8 Lac.

15 Lac GTD WPT 3000

The other marquee tourney on the penultimate day of the WPT Online India was the 15 Lac GTD WPT 3000, a trophy event like the WPT Main Event and WPT Unreal tourneys of the day. Online reg, Manesh ‘TEAMfromHELL’ Rathod championed the tourney for a personal-best INR 4.90 Lac, with the mystery reg ‘babyiamhere’ finishing runner-up for INR 2.84 Lac. The WPT Main Event champion ‘dimaria7’ (4th for INR 1.37 Lac), Arjanveer Singh ‘arjan30’ Chadha (6th for INR 68,650), Jasven ‘bajateraho’ Saigal (7th for INR 53,939), & Sajjan ‘haitohhai’ Barnwal (8th for INR 39229) also final-tabled the tourney.

5 Lac GTD WPT Hustle

The 5 Lac GTD WPT Hustle enjoyed an eventful run, drawing in a field of 798 entries that resulted in INR 7.98 Lac prizepool. While the top 82 players were paid out, walking away with the title and the top prize worth INR 1.83 Lac was Friday’s WPT Classic winner, Niteen ‘niteenplus’ Raj. He bested Deepak ‘Peacelover’ Singh (runner-up for INR 1.05 Lac) in the heads-up play to claim the title.

The WPT Hustle runner-up Deepak ‘peacelover’ Singh (Won 4 Lac GTD WPT Multiplier for INR 90,063), Pradip ‘Nit2Donk’ Ghosh (Won 3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PKO for INR 81,276), & Raman ‘Ranzoo9’ Arora (Won 2 Lac GTD WPT Daily Warmup for 63,013) were the other WPTOI title winners yesterday.

33 Lac WPT Mega Leaderboard Results  

The Mega Leaderboard race has been neck to neck. In the end, it is Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalinga who has topped it. He won four titles and cashed plenty of tourneys to collect 1,334 points, enough to win the competition for 8 Lac. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (1,235 points) finished second for 5 Lac, with Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan (1,228 points) placing third for 3.25 Lac. 

1.Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalanga – 8,00,000

2 Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – 5,00,000

3 Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan – 3,25,000

4 Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh – 2,00,000

5 Anant ‘Pro_baba’ Purohit – 1,50,000

6 Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha – 1,20,000

7 Kunal ‘FoatToMyBoat’ Patni – 1,00,000

8 Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna – 83,000

9 Gaurav ‘gauravarod’ Sood – 70,000

10 Arsh ‘BigggTymeR’ Grover – 55,000

12.5 Lac WPT Mini Leaderboard

The WPT Hustle champion Niteen ‘niteenplus’ Raj (2,658 points) won the WPT Mini leaderboard race, earning an additional 2.55 Lac in leaderboard prizes. Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera (2,631 points) finished runner-up for 1.80 Lac for placing second, while the WPT Unreal champion, Ankita ‘ankumalik’ Ajay Malik (2,583 points), ranked third for 1.15 Lac in the leaderboard prizes.

7.5 Lac WPT Micro Leaderboard

The WPT Micro leaderboard was topped by Satbir ‘satbir2222’ Singh (4,541 points) for 1.50 Lac, with Amandeep “amanpoker27” Singh (4,353 points for 1.08 LaC) and Pramila ‘aurora999’ Arora (4,244 points for 70,000) rounding the top three positions on the leaderboard standings.

The WPT Online India 2 Lac Freeroll leaderboard was topped by ‘mystery47‘ (2093 points) for 40k, while Manish “manishji” Miglani (2485 points) topped the 10 Lac Satellites Leaderboard for 2 Lac.

There is still one day left for the WPT Online India to wrap-up. Day 30 of the series will play host to two exciting SNGs, the 7 Lac GTD WPT Winners SNG and the 3 Lac GTD WPT Bubble SNG tourney.