Monday Majors: Pawan Kumar Wins Adda52’s Iron Man; ‘adi2244’, Ujjwal Rana & Ravinder Singh Crush NPS Day 1 Marquees

The much-awaited Nano Poker Series (NPS) hit the ground running on yesterday. Sporting a prize pool GTD of 1 Crore and 5 Lac in the leaderboard prizes, the series got off to a flying start with almost all events faring well and crushing their respective guarantee on the opening day. Over 2500 hopefuls enrolled for Day 1 and this resulted in a hefty 8.57 Lac prize money for the day.

Day 1 of the high-value series had seven events, headlined by the 1.75 Lac GTD Nano DST. The INR 880 buy-in tourney fared pretty well, drawing in 301 entries to comfortably crush its listed GTD and create a prizepool of INR 2.40 Lac. Finally, walking away with the lion’s share of the prizepool was the mystery reg ‘Therealslimshady’ who outlasted ‘BleedSteele’ (2nd for INR 36,722) in the heads-up to bank INR 61,645. Pradip Ghosh ‘Nit2Donk’ (3rd for INR 27,692) rounded out the podium finishers.

The other major tourney on the opening day of the series was the 1.7 Lac GTD Nano Inception. The INR 350 buy-in tourney enjoyed a successful run, drawing in 717 entries to surpass its listed GTD and create INR 2.28 Lac in the final prizepool. In the end, it was the mystery player ‘adi2244’ who emerged victorious to win the tourney for INR 32,560. ‘aditya7LT’ placed runner-up for INR 22,348.

The mystery player ‘bhaibhai001’ (Won Nano Siesta 1 Lac GTD for INR 32,700), Ujjwal ‘fullfront’ Rana (Won Nano Monday Adda 90K GTD for INR 22,222), Ravinder ‘ravikirti’ Singh (Won Nano Crack Jack 70K GTD for INR 17,936), and ‘messironaldo007’ (Won Nano Battleship 25K GTD for INR 9,540) were the other NPS title winners on the opening day of the high-value series on

8 Lac GTD Iron Man

Adda52`s Monday flagship tourney, the 8 Lac GTD Iron Man, drew 278 participants and outlasting them was Pawanbubba88Kumar who banked INR 2 Lac for the victory. Sunday’s Mystique third-place finisher Sajjan ‘haitohhai’ Barnwal finished runner-up and walked away with INR 1.21 Lac.

3 Lac GTD Voyager

The WPT India Mega Leaderboard topper Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalinga topped a guarantee-crushing field of 377 entries in the 3 Lac GTD Voyager. He finally outlasted Raghav ‘mrbean98’ Ananth (runner-up for INR 57,116) in the heads-up battle to win the top prize worth INR 94,250. The event generated INR 3.77 Lac prize pool that was eventually shared by the top 38 finishers.