Poker Masters: Michael Addamo Eliminates Every Opponent At FT To Win Event #11 for $680K

Michael Addamo came out all guns blazing in Event #11 ($50,000 No Limit Holdem) of the ongoing 2021 Poker Masters. The Australian poker pro scored every knockout at the star-studded final table of the marquee tournament to take it down for the whopping $680,000 first-place prize money

The two-time WSOP bracelet winner from Melbourne, Australia took only two hours to convert his final table chip lead into the title, knocking out every opponent along the way to earn $680,000.

“It was incredible. I had a great stretch of hands and I pretty much had it the whole time on the final table, so I can’t credit it to any good bluffing skills. Just good fortune,” Addamo said after the win.

The penultimate event of the Poker Masters drew a field of 34 entries, creating a $1,700,000 prize pool that was shared by the top five finishers. Addamo entered the FT as a chip leader and dominated it all the way. He quickly added to his lead by picking up pocket kings against pocket jacks of Cary Katz. It was a pre-flop all-in where Addamo’s kings held up, busting Katz in fifth place. Alex Foxen was the next to fall. His Kc Jh lost to Ad Kh of Addamo on the runout of 10s 6s 3d 3h 7h.

Down to the 3-handed play, Addamo held almost 60 percent of the chips. David Coleman was the shortest stack holding more than 25 big blinds. He battled hard but was unable to get going. He eventually shoved with Qd Js racing against 4s 4c of Addamo. Neither player improved and Coleman hit the rail in third place, leaving both Addamo and Jason Koon in the heads-up for the coveted title.

Addamo began the heads-up with more than a 4:1 chip lead against Jason Koon making his third FT of the series. The heads-up did not last long and was over within just a few hands. On the final hand, Koon holding Kc 6d moved all-in and Addamo called with Kd Jh. The board ran 8h 5s 4s 4c Kh to give Addamo kings and fours with a jack kicker. Koon took home $442,000 as the runner-up.  

Final Table Payouts (USD)

  1. Michael Addamo – $680,000
  2. Jason Koon – $442,000
  3. David Coleman – $272,000
  4. Alex Foxen – $187,000
  5. Cary Katz – $119,000