Sunday Majors: Mohammad Azhar Champions Adda52 Big Game; Vinayak Bajaj, Pankaj Nanda & Rishabh Baj Win Other Sunday  Marquees

Sunday is a highly anticipated day for MTT lovers in India. Most platforms conduct big guarantee tournaments and all poker pros try their hand at these events. Headlining the plethora of exciting tournaments on was the 56 Lac GTD Adda52 Big Game. The INR 27,500 buy-in tourney enjoyed an eventful run with an impressive turnout of 224 entries that resulted in a guarantee-busting prize pool of INR 50 Lac. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prize pool was the last month’s WPT India Main Event runner-up Mohammad ‘blankspace’ Azhar who finally outlasted Thursday’s Nighttide DST Adda winner ‘Padma37’ (2nd for INR 8.96 Lac) to win INR 15.37 Lac.

Total Entries: 224
Prizepool: 56 Lac
Places Paid: 24
Min Cash:47,600

The Adda52 Big Game FT was replete with notable regs like Sreekanth “n0thing” Narayan (3rd for INR 6,72,000), Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri (5th for INR 3,36,000),Vivek “vivek94540” Singh (6th for INR 2,38,000), Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani (7th for INR 1,82,000), & Chandan Arora (8th  for INR 1,40,000).

10 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown

The 28-year-old Vinayak “bhai_on_mary_jane” Bajaj won an impressive two marquees yesterday, including Adda52’s 10 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown where he bested a guarantee-crushing field of 471 entries to win INR 1.88 Lac. Friday’s Nighttide DST Adda tourney winner Karan “gogikaran” Malhotra placed runner-up for INR 1.61 Lac), while the former Adda52 Big Game champion Arun “runyrules” Sriram took the final spot on the podium, placing third for a payout of INR 1.08 Lac.

Total Entries: 471
Prizepool:10.60 Lac
Places Paid: 47
Min Cash:7,473

Also on the final table were Vijendra “sadhu16” Kumar Sharma (4th for INR 79,345), Anurag “NormanBates” Srivastava (5th for INR 58,160), and Shagun “sogani94” Jain (7th for INR 31,248).

5 Lac GTD Ship IT

The other marquee on this Sunday, the 5 Lac GTD Ship It sporting a buy-in of INR 1100, pulled in 450 entrants, and outlasting them all was none other than the online MTT crusher Pankaj “Pok3rking” Nanda who outlasted “Oshuri” (2nd for INR 69676) in the heads-up to win INR 98,000.

Total Entries: 450
Prizepool: 5 Lac
Places Paid:47
Min Cash:3,526

Raghav “mrbean98” Ananth (3rd for INR 51,072), Vishal “Darky012” Ojha (5th for INR 27440), and Siddharth “skaria1” Karia (8th for INR 10,807) also ended their run on the Ship IT final table.

3.5 Lac GTD Tornado

Rishabh “rishlangda” Baj was the last player standing in the 3.5 Lac GTD Tornado and won INR 98,000. Saurabh “saurabh21” Rohila placed runner-up and banked INR 58,800 for his efforts.

The mystery player ‘rtuteja’ (Won 2.5 Lac GTD Holdem Bash for INR 70,000), ‘grandpalessons’ (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Ultimate DST for INR 35,463), & Rohit Ranga Reddy aka ‘Rohit03’ (Won 1.25 Lac GTD Sunday Punch for INR 22,613) took down the other Sunday marquees on