Friday Majors: Ram Kakkar Denies Ayush Garg The Ballers Title; Sunil Saraf & Vinay B  Win The Other Majors

The weekend got off to a roaring start on with several exciting tournaments taking place on the site. While there were plenty of top regs and pros battling it out, it was Ram Kakkar who ended up as the biggest winner on Friday as he shipped Adda52′ 22.50 Lac GTD The Ballers for INR 5.63 Lac. Ayush Garg placed runner-up for INR 3.41 Lac. Here are the Friday highlights!

22.50 Lac GTD The Ballers

As usual, the Friday action on was headlined by the 22.50 Lac GTD The Ballers. The event drew 307 entries by the time late registration closed. In the end, walking away with the top prize and title was this month’s Iron Man champion, Ram ‘mowgumotu’ Kakkar who outlasted the competition to win 5.63 Lac prizemoney, beating Ayush ‘lazyman’ Garg (INR 3.41 Lac) in heads-up.

  • Total Entries: 307
  • Prizepool: 22.50 Lac
  • Places Paid: 34
  • Min Cash: 15,750

Other notables making it to The Ballers Final Table were Vaibhav “alienrobot” Sharma (4th for INR 1,87,875) & last month`s  The Ballers winner Sandeep “thak” Thakral (5th place for INR 1,29,375).

5.5 Lac GTD Friday Bounty

Taking place as part of Adda52’s Thank God Its Bounty (TGIFB) promotion, the INR 5.50 Lac GTD Friday Bounty enjoyed an eventful run, bringing in 291 players to create INR 7.14 Lac in prize money. It was Sunil ‘paulite’ Saraf who topped the field to ship it for INR 1.60 Lac (includes INR 10,753 in bounties). The user ‘Ronima1978 placed runner-up for INR 99,698 (includes INR 10,943 in bounties).

  • Total Entries: 291
  • Prizepool: 7.14 Lac
  • Places Paid: 30
  • Min Cash: 4,656

The user ‘shraban56’ (Won Afternoon Adda 1.50 Lac GTD for INR 34,671), Vinay ‘ContemporisT’ B (Won Nighttide DST Adda INR 1.50 Lac GTD for INR 30,059), ‘sumitpal009’ (Won Punch 80K GTD for INR 21,600), & ‘papakratos’ (Won Evening Adda 50K GTD for 9,939) won the other Adda52 majors.