Monday Majors: Abhishek Kushwaha Wins Adda52’s Iron Man; Raghav Ananth Nails Two Tournaments

Mondays are often slow-paced in comparison to Sundays but there were still some exciting tournaments being hosted on the virtual felts yesterday. Plenty of regs and pros tried their hand at the game and several among them managed to keep the Monday blues at bay by putting up power-packed performances on display. Headlining the list of winners on was Abhishek Kushwaha who shipped the 8 Lac GTD Iron Man for INR 2 Lac. Let us check out the top winners!

8 Lac GTD Iron Man

The biggest draw on Adda52 last night was the 8 Lac GTD Iron Man that saw Abhishek “confabhi” Kushwaha overcoming a 355-entry field to win INR 2 Lac. The user “Fletcher03” finished 2nd  for INR 1.21 Lac. Also making it to the FT was a well-known reg in Dhaval “faizal1506” Doshi (5th  for 43,200).

  • Total Entries: 355
  • Prizepool: 8 Lac
  • Places Paid: 38
  • Min Cash: 4,800.

3 Lac GTD Voyager

The other marquee of the day on Adda52, the 3 Lac GTD Voyager sporting a buy-in of INR 1100, did better than the Iron Man tourney, pulling in 320 entrants to create a prize pool of INR 3.20 Lac that was eventually shared by the top 34 finishers. Walking away with the top prize and the title was an online reg in Raghav “mrbean98” Ananth who walked away with INR 80,000 for his latest victory. Ananth was the standout winner on Adda52 last night as he also won the 80K GTD Punch for 21,600.

  • Total Entries: 320
  • Prizepool: 3.20 Lac
  • Places Paid:34
  • Min Cash: 2,240

The user “MiG22” placed runner-up for INR 48,480 in prize, with Kunal “cvc” Sharma (6th for INR 12,000), Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri (7th for INR 9,600), & Akshat “akshat03” Sharma (8th place for INR 8,000) being the notables to finish on the final table of the Voyager tourney last night. 

Vijendra “sadhu16” Kumar (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for INR 30,301), “Sud4449” (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 32,772), “ShreeNakodaJi” (Won 50K GTD Morning Adda for INR 9812), and “musky” (Won 50K GTD Evening Adda for INR 10020) were the other big winners.