Anuj Yadav, Dhiraj Lakhotia & Akash Singhal Shine On Day 4 Of New Year Carnival

Adda52’s 1.68 Crore GTD New Year Carnival (NYC) is running full steam! Day 4 of the series was another eventful day with all the tournaments on the schedule crushing their respective GTDs. Last year’s WPT India Mini Main Event Finale champion Anuj Yadav emerged as the day’s chartbuster as he took down the 10 Lac GTD Wipeout for INR 3.10 Lac. Online reg Dhiraj Lakhotia missed out on the title, finishing second for INR 1.76 Lac. Adda52 reg Akash Singhal was the last player standing in the 2.5 Lac GTD Bumper Car of the New Year Carnival. Here is the recap of the NYC Day 4 action!

10 Lac GTD Wipeout

Day 4 of the series was headlined by the 10 Lac GTD Wipeout. The INR 2,999 entry buy-in tourney gathered 437 participants, collecting INR 11.92 Lac in the total prizepool. It was last year’s WPT India Mini Main Event Finale champion Anuj Yadav aka “anuj25395” who came out on top of the field to win the event for INR 3.10 Lac. Dhiraj “supernuts” Lakhotia placed runner-up for INR 1.76 Lac.

  • Total Entries: 437
  • Prizepool: 11.92 Lac
  • Places Paid: 49
  • Min Cash: 4,171

Also on FT were Kovid “KovidS” Saraswat (4th for INR 89,377), Aditya “hazzu97” Hajirnis (5th for INR 65,543), Shawn “echayan” Jose (7th for INR 32,772), & Pradip Ghosh (8th place for INR 26,813).

2.5 Lac GTD Bumper Car

The 2.50 Lac GTD Bumper Car drew 304 entries, posting INR 3.34 Lac in the prize pool. In the end, it was Akash Singhal aka “Hell12” who topped the field to win it for INR 85,606. Harry “harrys111” Singh (2nd for INR 50,996), Kovid “KovidS” Saraswat (4th for INR 28,424), & Ashit “nexus010” Sharma (6th for INR 13,376) were the other notable players who ended their run on the final table of the tourney.

  • Total Entries: 304
  • Prizepool: 3.34 Lac
  • Places Paid: 30
  • Min Cash: 2,675

The user ‘Sinu222’ (Won Afternoon Adda 1.20 Lac GTD for INR 31,850), ‘Abhisek372’ (Won Nighttide DST Adda 1.50 Lac GTD for INR 30,059), ‘Voron0a’ (Won Bounty Adda 50K GTD for INR 16,046), ‘TheCrazyGuy’ (Won Sundown Adda 50K GTD for INR 11,557), ‘nik006’ (Won FreezeOut Adda 50K GTD for INR 11,356), Nitesh ‘MallaNi’ Mallanar (Won Evening Adda 50K GTD for INR 9,939), and ‘MohitMalhotra17’ (Won Classic 200 20K GTD for INR 4,431) won the other marquees on Adda52.