Sunday Majors: Sanat Mehrotra, Anant Purohit & Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram Win The Majors On Adda52

Sunday was a power-packed day with most poker platforms conducting high-value tournaments, and all the poker pros, mystery players, and newbies trying their hands at these tournaments. While there were a plethora of exciting events, the action on was headlined by the 25 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions, 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits, and 10 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown tourneys. The top scores of the day belonged to the well-known MTT crushers in Sanat Mehrotra and Anant Purohit.

Mehrotra shipped the Adda52 Millions to rake in the top score of the day worth INR 6.63 Lac, while the second biggest score of the day went to Purohit, who took down the Mega Suits for INR 6.17 Lac. Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram (Won 10 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown for INR 2.02 Lac ), & Deepak Singh (Won 3.5 Lac GTD Tornado for INR 98,000) featured among the other prominent winners of the day. These are just headlines, check out the full recap of yesterday’s action below!

25 Lac GTD Mega Suits

The Sunday action on Adda52 was dominated by two 25 Lac GTD tournaments. The first of the two headliners, the INR 5500 buy-in Mega Suits, drew a packed field of 514 entrants to crush its listed guarantee and create a prize pool of INR 25.70 Lac. Walking away with the title and top prize was none other than the well-known MTT crusher Anant “pro_baba” Purohit who earned INR 6.17 Lac for his win. He posted another two ITM finishes, collecting a total of INR 6.48 Lac in Sunday earnings.

  • Total Entries: 514
  • Prizepool: 25.70 Lac
  • Places Paid: 55
  • Min Cash: 11,565

Purohit topped a strong FT featuring Mayank “AreyBetaRaise” Maruka (2nd for INR 3,59,800), Shawn ‘spanktastic’ Chatterton (4th for 1,92,750), Nitin “JeeneNhiDunga” Rawat (5th for 1,28,500), Aayush “aayusharya” Arya (6th for INR 89,950), & Sacheen “chiefisback” Ramchandani (7th for 64,250). 

25 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions

The 11K buy-in Adda52 Millions also fared well, drawing an impressive 255 entries to create a prize pool worth INR 25.50 Lac that was shared by the top 27 players. Following several hours of intense battles, it was the former Full House champion Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra who came out on top, raking in the biggest score of the day worth INR 6.63 Lac. Abhishek “thegrinder” Garg (2nd for INR 3.95 Lac) and Kanishka “kanishka27” Samant (3rd for 2,97,075) rounded out the podium finishers.

  • Total Entries: 255
  • Prizepool: 25.50 Lac
  • Places Paid: 27
  • Min Cash: 22,950  

10 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown

Adda52’s Sunday Showdown with its INR 2500 buy-in pulled in a total of 478 entries to crush its guarantee and create a prize pool of INR 10.75 Lac. The top 53 places were paid out, with this year’s WPT PLO Bounty champion Nishaanth ‘superdeluxe’ Shanmughasundaram walking away with the top prize of INR 2.02 Lac. Abhishek Chhajer aka “abhiom” finished runner-up, winning INR 1.48 Lac.

  • Total Entries: 478
  • Prizepool: 10.75 Lac
  • Places Paid: 53
  • Min Cash: 6,833

Suraj “Bugsbunny08” Rathi (4th for INR 79,562), Tanmay “tsb2127” Sanjay Bhalerao (5th for INR 58,319), Shrvan “SSAHisoka” Amlekar (6th for INR 42,748), and Rony “fish4life” Chowdhury (7th for INR 31,334) were the other notable players ending their run on the Sunday Showdown final table. 

3.5 Lac GTD Tornado

Online MTT reg Deepak “peacelover” Singh came out on top of a 183-entry field to win Adda52’s 3.5 Lac GTD Tornado for INR 98,000. Sam “lokimon” Anand placed runner-up and won INR 58,800.

Other Sunday Winners 

Ajay ‘OHYEAH’ Sawhney (Won Holdem Bash 2.5 Lac GTD for INR 78,683), Neeraj ‘Ns12pathak’ Sharma (Won Sunday Night PLO for INR 36,512), ‘Glassofwhiskeyy’ (Won Ultimate DST 1.50 Lac GTD for INR 30,059), ‘ImAlpha’ (Won Sunday Bounty for INR 18,296) and ‘Vivek1788’ (Won Power Up for INR 3,122) featured among the other prominent winners on on Sunday.