Monday Majors: Amit Kumar Shahi Tops The Monday Charts On Adda52

On the heels of a highly successful 1.68 Crore GTD New Year Carnival (NYC), India’s largest poker site returned to hosting its weekly scheduled tournaments. On Monday night, the marquee event on offer was the 8 Lac GTD Iron Man that featured a modest buy-in of INR 2,200. After several hours of intense play, the tourney ended in a three-way deal with Amit Kumar Shahi “ddplaying’ winning it for INR 1.89 Lac.  Abhishek Majumder aka “Chamisback” (runner-up for INR 1.34 Lac) and Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera were the other players benefiting from the three-way deal.

  • Total Entries: 490
  • Prizepool: 9.80 Lac
  • Places Paid: 48
  • Min Cash: 5,390

Also making it to the final table was Aayush “aayusharya” Arya who finished 5th for INR 49,000.

 3 Lac GTD Voyager

Saturday’s Bumper Car winner “BrahmaBaba” was the last player standing in Adda52’s 3 Lac GTD Voyager. He came out on top of a guarantee-crushing 350-entry field to win it for INR 87,500.

  • Total Entries:350
  • Prizepool: 3.5 Lac
  • Places Paid: 38
  • Min Cash: 2,100

Last night’s Afternoon Adda winner Yuvraj “kalidenalii” Bhardwaj finished runner-up for INR 53,025, with the Bounty Adda winner  Juli “Lily8” Kumari (6th for INR 13,125), and Tanmay “PlusEv” Benara (7th for INR 10,500) being the other notable players making it to the final table of the Voyager.

Voyager runner-up Yuvraj ‘kalidenalii’ Bhardwaj (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 30,679), Mohak ‘sparkie’ Kapoor (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for 30,941), “Danbill0001” (Won 1 Lac GTD Dinner PLO Adda for 17,690), Juli “Lily8” Kumari (Won 50K GTD Bounty Adda for 14,692) & “AryaKnight” (Won 50K GTD Freezeout Adda for INR 15,403) were the other winners on Adda52.




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