New Year Carnival Final Day: Anant Purohit, Dhaval Mudgal & Arjanveer Singh Steal The Spotlight

Sunday marked the conclusion of Adda52’s highly successful 1.68 Crore GTD New Year Carnival (NYC). The series concluded in style, with all the events on the final day attracting players in big numbers and easily surpassing their respective guarantees. The last day of the series clearly belonged to the top regs and pros on the site. Online MTT crusher Anant Purohit was the top scorer of the day as he championed the day’s headliner 20 Lac GTD Roller Coaster, winning an impressive INR 5.36 Lac and kicking off 2022 in style. He also cashed Sunday SuperStack (11th for INR 59,578), raking in INR 5.96 Lac in total winnings from the first Sunday of the New Year. The other prominent names shining on the last day of the Adda52’s New Year Carnival were the veteran pro – Dhaval Mudgal (Won 17.5 Lac GTD Carousel for INR 5.15 Lac) and Arjanveer Singh Chadha (Won 7.5 Lac GTD Gravitron for INR 1.67 Lac). Here is a recap of what went down on the final day of NYC!

20 Lac GTD Roller Coaster (Buy-in INR 10,999)

The last day of the New Year Carnival on Adda52 crowned three winners.  The biggest event of the series, 20 Lac GTD Roller Coaster, collected a massive INR 24 Lac prize pool in its final run on the back of 240 entries. Anant “pro_baba” Purohit was the last player standing and won an impressive INR 5.36 Lac, following a heads-up deal with Sahil “you3bi4b” Nair (runner-up for INR 5.07 Lac).

  • Total Entries: 240
  • Prizepool: 24 Lac
  • Places Paid: 24
  • Min Cash: 20,400

Purohit topped a strong FT featuring Mandar “HighCardJ” Darade (3rd for INR 2,88,000), Sanish “sanish21” Chhabra (4th for INR 2,06,400), Jasven “bajateraho” Saigal (5th place for INR 1,44,000), & Jaideep “nawjas” Sajwan (6th  for 1,02,000). Vishal “GigaaBet” Bajaj (7th for 78,000) bubbled the FT.

17.5 Lac GTD Carousel (Buy-in INR 4,999)

The other marquee on the final day of the New Year Carnival, the 17.5 Lac GTD Carousel also enjoyed an eventful run. The INR 4,999 buy-in tourney pulled in an impressive 463 entrants to easily surpass its GTD and generate a prize pool of INR 21.04 Lac. In the end, walking away with the title and top prize was none other than the veteran pro-Dhaval “dirtyzoso” Mudgal who banked INR 5.15 Lac for the victory. Adda52 reg Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan placed runner-up for INR 3.05 Lac. 

  • Total Entries: 463
  • Prizepool: 21.04 Lac
  • Places Paid: 49
  • Min Cash: 11,574

Kritagya “kritagya_17” Sharma (3rd for INR 2,10,434), Anant “antypanty” Chaudhary (4th for INR 1,57,825), Devrat “vickypune” Singh (5th for INR 1,05,217), Siddhanth “Sidstack” Kripalani (6th for INR 73,652), Ritwik “ritwik27” Khanna (7th for INR 57,869), & Abhishek “thegrinder” Garg (8th place for INR 47,348) were the other notable regs who ended their run on the final table of the tourney.

7.5 Lac GTD Gravitron (Buy-in INR 2,499)

One of the ACL Live Goa SNG qualifiers,  Arjanveer “arjan30” Singh Chadha, who has won several marquee events  on, came out on top of a 437-entry field to win it for INR 1.67 Lac.

  • Total Entries: 437
  • Prizepool: 9.93 Lac
  • Places Paid: 44
  • Min Cash: 7,495

Rajneesh “rajneesh620” Thakur (2nd for INR 1,62,871), Abhishek Majumder aka “Chamisback” (3rd for INR 1,03,252), Mayank “AreyBetaRaise” Maruka (4th for INR 76,154),Aayush “Unger17” Sood (5th for INR 56,167), Pratibh “MrGTO” Saluja (6th for INR 41,426), Gadadhar Behera aka “Indianthug” (7th for INR 30,554), & Mithun “themiths” Mahesh (8th for INR 22,535) also final-tabled the Gravitron.

The user ‘Danbill0001’ (Won Sunday Night PLO for INR 24,060) and ‘Dishitbauva’ (Won PLO 500 for INR 8,936) featured among the other Sunday winners on this past Sunday. 

New Year Carnival Day 7 & Day  6 Winners

Neeraj “kumartomar” Kumar and “BrahmaBaba” won titles on Day 7 of the New Year Carnival on Saturday. The former came out on top of 289 entries in the 7.5 Lac GTD Orbiter to win INR 1.62 Lac, while the latter was the last player standing in the 2.5 Lac GTD Bumper Car and banked INR 74,932. The Bumper Car collected a guarantee-busting prizepool of INR 2.88 Lac on the back of 262 entries.

Day 6 of the series on Friday also crowned two winners. The day’s headliner, the 12 Lac GTD Ferris Wheel sporting a buy-in of INR 6,999 buy-in, was taken down by Sacheen ‘chiefisback’ Ramchandani for INR 3.24 Lac in the top prize. With the win, he took his lifetime winnings to INR 89.64 Lac. The user ‘axeweilders’  bested the 172-entry field to ship the 2.5 Lac GTD Bumper Car for INR 60,491.