Wednesday Majors: Anurag Srivastava Wins Adda52’s Maverick For Third Time; Shubham Agarwal Takes Down La Luna

Wednesday turned out to be a big day for the MTT lovers on! The Wednesday flagships on the site outdid the Tuesday turnouts, and making the strongest impression was a well-known MTT pro in Anurag “NormanBates” Srivastava who championed the site’s Wednesday headliner 15 Lac GTD Maverick for the third time last night, winning an impressive INR 3.89 Lac for his latest win.

  • Total Entries: 611
  • Prize Pool: 15.27 Lac
  • Places Paid: 63
  • Min Cash: 3,819

Srivastava came out on top of a tough final table featuring Arsh “bigggtymer” Grover (2nd for INR 2,21,488), Vijendra “sadhu16” Kumar Sharma (3rd place for INR 1,51,986), the former AOPS Main Event champion Faiz “theinternetkid” Alam  (4th for INR 1,10,744), Vishal “Mitsen” Singh (5th for INR 76,375), and Mohit “thejokerrrr” Mehta who finished in 7th place for INR 42,006.

4 Lac GTD La Luna

The other Adda52 marquee, the  4 Lac GTD La Luna, signed up 281 hopefuls to collect a guarantee-busting INR 4.61 Lac. It took a little under six hours of play for Shubham “NewBackchod” Agarwal to come out on top and win INR 1.18 Lac. The user “Rasalsachin” placed runner-up for INR 70,278.

  • Total Entries: 281
  • Prize Pool: 4.61 Lac
  • Places Paid: 30
  • Min Cash: 3,687

Last night’s Maverick 5th place finisher Vishal “Mitsen” Singh (3rd for INR 52,997), Vikash “charuz” Kumar (4th forINR 39,171), Atishay “pokergod56” Samuel (5th for INR 26,498), and Amrit “amrit1111” Mishra (6th for INR 18,434) were the other notable MTT regs who made it to the La Luna final table.