Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT April 2022 11K Warm-Up

 Vaibhav Shah Gets His DPT Campaign To A Flying Start By Winning The 11K Warm-up for INR 4.28 Lac 

Level: 27 (Blinds 75k-125k & Ante 125k)

There were an impressive 344 entries and the tourney ended in a three-way deal. Players who clinched the top three spots were Avadh Shah, Kshitij Kucheria and Vaibhav Shah.  Avadh had the largest chip stack as compared to the other two. The pot was split among the three players and Avadh took the largest share i.e. INR 5,16,500. Kshitij and Vaibhav cashed INR 5,03,500 and NR 4,28,000. The first to leave among them was Kshitij Kucheria who took home INR 5,03,500.

On the final hand, Avadh shoved all-in with Ax 6x and Vaibhav Shah from the big blind called with Ad 5d. The board ran out 5x, 7x, 8x 7x 7x, giving Vaibhav the pot as well as the coveted DPT title!

Vishal Bajaj and Shashank Murarka finished in 5th and 4th places respectively. The former earned INR 1,61,400, while the latter walked away with INR 1,61,400 for his deep run in the tourney.

Aniket Waghmare & Ishan Pandya Exit in 7th & 6th Places Respectively

Going out  in 7th place for INR 1,12,000 was none other than the well-known online MTT crusher Aniket Waghmare. With blinds running 50k-100k, Ishan Pandya jammed his 7bb stack from cutoff and Vaibhav Shah called with pockets tens. Pocket tens held up and Shah won the pot.

Despite scoring the elimination, Pandya was the next player to exit from the final table. He took home a cool INR 1,34,600 for his sixth place finish in the Warm-up tourney.

Pranav Bagai Finishes 8th for INR 89,700

Level: 23 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

PSL co-founder and CEO Pranav Bagai shoves his remaining 5 BB stack with K9off and Ishan Pandya from from late position calls with KQoff. The board does not help Bagai and he goes out in 8th for INR 89,700.

Final Table Set With Kshitij Kucheria In Lead

Level: 23 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

Finally, we are down to the 8-handed final having Kshitij Kucheria in lead.

  1. Kshitij Kucheria – 12.85L
  2. Avadh Shah – 10.30L
  3. Vaibhav Shah – 700k
  4. Ishan Pandya – 560K
  5. Vishal Bajaj – 520k
  6. Shashank Murarka – 480k
  7. Ankit Waghmare – 330k
  8. Pranav Bagai – 200k

Nayan Kumar Bubbles The Final Table (9th for INR 67,400)

Level: 23 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

Nayan Kumar from small blind moves all-in for 220k and gets snap call from Shashank Murarka from big blind.

Kumar: 6s 3d

MurarkaL Ad Ks

The board opens Kd 9s Jd 2s Js where Murarka gets a king pair to win the pot and bust Murarka.

Final 9 Chip Counts – Kshitij Kucheria Leads The Way

Level: 21 (Blinds 10,000-25,000 & Ante 25,000)

  • Kshitij Kucheria – 900k
  • Avadh Shah – 800k
  • Aniket Waghmare – 700k
  • Ishan Pandya – 650k
  • Vaibhav Shah – 480k
  • Pranav Bagai – 450k
  • Shashank Murarka – 425k
  • Nayan Kumar – 380k
  • Vishal Bajaj – 280K

Eliminations (21st -11th Places)

  • Amit Khanna – 21st for INR 31,400
  • Ankit Jajodia – 20th for INR 31,400
  • Tushar Bharati – 19th for INR 31,400
  • Dhaval Mudgal – 18th for INR 37,300
  • Anish Arora – 17th for INR 37,300
  • Jaydeep Dawer – 16th for INR 37,300
  • Harsh Bubna – 15th for INR 44,300
  • Tarun Goyal – 14th for INR 44,300
  • Abhishek Sharma – 13th for INR 44,300
  • Sheetal Kumar Shetty – 12th for INR 55,800
  • Patel Kishan – 11th  for INR 55,800

Pratik Kumar finishes 10th for INR 55,800

Level: 21 (Blinds 10,000-25,000 & Ante 25,000)

Pratik Kumar from small blind goes all-in for 180K with pocket nines and Kshitij Kucheria in big blind calls with Ax 3x.

The boards runs out Ah 10c 10s 5c 2s, giving Kucheria an Ace pair to win the pot and bust Kumar in 10th place.

Shashank Murarka Doubles-Up Through Aniket Waghmare

Level: 21 (Blinds 10,000-25,000 & Ante 25000)

The action folds to Aniket Waghmare in the small blind and he shoves all-in with As 5d.

Shashank Murarka from the big blind makes a snap call with Js Jd.

The board opens 5s 6s 6c 2s 8h where pocket jacks hold up and Shashank doubles-up.

Khitij Kucheria Doubles-Up Through Avadh Shah

Level:20 (Blinds 10,000-20,000 & Ante 20,000)

Avadh Shah from UTG opens to 40k. Everyone folds and Kshitij Kucheria from small blind shoves for 380k. The big blind folds and Avadh tanks a little before finally making the call.  At showdown:

  • Avadh: 8c 8s
  • Kucheria: Qh Qd

The board opens 6d 7c Ks 3c 5d where pocket queens win the pot for Kucheria to double-up.

Avadh Shah Busts Sheetal Kumar

Level:20 (Blinds 10,000-20,000 & Ante 20,000)

Sheetal Kumar Sethi moves all-in for 247K with pocket tens and Avadh Shah calls  with pocket jacks.

The board opens 2c 9d Qs 6d 5c where the pocket jacks win Avadh the pot and bust Sethi from the event.

Tarun Goyal Busted by Ishan P

Level:19 (8,000-16,000 & Ante 16,000)

Tarun Goyal from the small blind goes all-in for 123k and Ishan P calls from the big blind.

Goyal: 10x Jx

Ishan: 5c 8c

The board runs out 7c 3d 2c Kd 4c, giving Ishan an 8-high flush to win the pot and bust Goyal

Notable Chip Counts – Kshitij Kucheria Leads Remaining 15

Level:19 (Blinds 8,000-10,000 & Ante 16,000)

  • Kshitij Kucheria – 570k
  • Pranav Bagai  – 540k
  • Avadh Shah – 475k
  • Vaibhav Shah – 465k
  • Vishal Bajaj – 460k
  • Ishan Pandya – 435k
  • Aniket Waghmare – 420k
  • Patel Kishan – 370k
  • Sheetal Kumar Sethi – 300k

A Huge Pot for Sheetal Kumar In Three Way All-In

Level 18: (Blinds 6000-12000 & Ante 12000)

A player from UTG open shoves for 35k in chips, Sheetal Kumar Sethi from button shoves over the top for 98k and Vishal Bajaj who covers both of them makes the call and the cards are turned over:

  • UTG Player: Kx 5x
  • Sheetal: Ax Kx
  • Vishal: Kx Kx

The board opens 9c 6h 8c 5s Ad, giving the pot to Sheetal and busting the player in UTG.

Shravan Chhabria Busted by Aniket Waghmare

Level:17 (5000-10000 & 10000 Ante)

A player from UTG opens to 20k, Shravan Chhabria from UTG + 1 shoves all-in for 28k.  Aniket Waghmare from button raises to 60K and the initial raiser folds.

Chhabria: 6c 6s

Aniket: 10h Jh

The board opens 3c 5h 10c 8c Ad where pocket sixes don’t hold up and Chhabria gets busted.

Sumit Sapra Busted By Avadh Shah

Level: 16 (Blinds 8000-16000 & Ante 16000

Sumit Sapra from button shoves all-in with Ad 4d and Avadh Shah in BB snap calls with Qx Qx.

The board runs out 3h 2d 8c Kh 8s where pocket queens hold up and Sumit Sapra gets busted.

Dhaval Mudgal Doubles-Up

Level: 15 (Blinds 3000-6000 & Ante 6000)

Dhaval Mudgal from UTG opens to 15k and Rajiv S from  UTG +1 shoves all-in for 70k

Everyone else folds and the short-stacked Mudgal calls at the risk of his tournament life.

Dhaval: Ad Kh

Rajiv:  Jd  Jh

The board runs out Ah 2h 5s 6h 3c, giving Mudgal an Ace pair to take down the pot to double-up.

 Shravan Chhabria Eliminates Samyak Sethi

Level: 15 (Blinds 3000-6000 & Ante 6000)

Samyak Sethi from UTG open-shoves all-in for 20k with Kx Kx and Shravan Chhabria from UTG +1 calls with Ax 9x. The board runs out As 5s 9c 9d 8d, giving Chhabria Full House to win the pot and bust his opponent.

Former DPT Main Event Champion Rishabh Vekaria Bubbles 11K Warm-up

Level: 14 (Blinds 2000-4000 & Ante 4000)

In a pre-flop action, Rishabh Vekaria from UTG raises to 6k and Shravan Chhabria from UTG + 1 re-raises it to 17k, which Vekaria calls.

Flop: 5h 10c 2s.

Vekaria checks and Chhabria bets 20k, which Vekaria calls.

Turn: Kd

Both players check the turn

River: 2d

Vekaria shoves all-in and Chhabria makes the call and tables Kh 3h against As Js of Vekaria.

Chhabria finds a king on the turn to take down the pot and bust Vekaria on money bubble.

Arun Kumar Busted by Dhaval Mudgal

Level: 13 (Blinds 2000-3000 & Ante 3000)

In a pre-flop action, Dhaval Mudgal opens to 7k and Arun Kumar shoves all-in for 15k, which Mudgal calls.

Mudgal: Ah Qd

Arun Kumar: 9c 9h

The board runs out Kc 10h Jd 3c 4s, giving straight to Mudgal to bust Arun Kumar from the tourney.

Notable Chip Counts – Patel Kishan Among Top Stacks

Level: 13 (Blinds 2000-3000 & Ante 3000) 

  • Patel Kishan – 190k
  • Abhishek sharma – 145k
  • Ishaan Pandya – 132k
  • Anish arora – 120k
  • Aniket Waghmare – 100k
  • Jeeran jain – 90k

Pranav Bagai Doubles-Up Through Shravan Chhabria

Level: 12 (Blinds 1500-2500 & Ante 2500)

We caught the action on the flop 9h 4s 7c where four players (SB, BB, UTG & Cutoff) in hand decide to check.  

Turn: 8s

The player in SB and Shravan Chhabria in BB check, while Pranav Bagai in UTG shoves all-in for 73K. The player in cutoff folds, small blind also folds and Shravan Chhabria in BB calls with more chips.

River: Ah

Shravan tables pocket tens which don’t hold up against pocket eights of Pranav. Pranav makes a set to take down the pot and double-up  in the process.

A Look at Eliminations (63rd to 22nd Places)

  • Himanshu Arora – (63rd for INR  12,200)
  • Rahul Gulati – (62nd for INR 12,200)
  • Himanshu Chikara (61st for INR 12,200)
  • Abhiroop Gupta (60th for INR 12,200)
  • Abhishek (59th for INR 12,200)
  • Unknown (58th for INR 12,200)
  • Dhiraj Agarwal (57th for INR 12,200)
  • Srijan Gudelly (56th for INR 12,200)
  • Anish Kumar (55th for INR 12,200)
  • Atif Dingankar (54th for  INR 14,100)
  • Anuj Yadav (53rd for  INR 14,100)
  • Ritesh Khatwani (52nd for INR 14,100)
  • Balwinder Singh (51st for INR 14,100)
  • Samyak Sethi (50th for  INR 14,100)
  • Sanjay Khanna (49th  for  INR 14,100)
  • Gaurav Gupta (48th for INR 14,100)
  • Vijay Handa (47th for INR 14,100)
  • Raj Juneja (46th for INR 14,100)
  • Rishab Malik (45th for  INR 16,700)
  • Firoz Khan – (44th for INR 16,700)
  • Anmol Agarwal (43rd for INR 16,700)
  • Ankit wadhawan (42nd for INR 16,700)
  • Gaurav Idnani (41st for INR 16,700)
  • Karthik.N (40th for INR 16,700)
  • Isa (39th for INR 16,700))
  • Puneet Tandon (38th for INR 16,700)
  • Deepankur Gupta (37th for INR 16,700)
  • Gourav Das (36th for INR 19,600)
  • Jeeran (35th for INR 19,600)
  • Ashwin Debbadi (34th for INR  19,600)
  • Sahil Chutani (33rd for INR 19,600)
  • Sumit Sapra (32nd for INR  19,600)
  • Unknown (31st for INR  19,600)
  • Varun Prasad (30th for INR  19,600)’’
  • Himanshu Kataria (29th for INR  19,600)
  • Rajeev Kumar Surekha (28th for INR  19,600)
  • Ajay Padia (27th for INR INR 22,600)
  • Mohammed Saeed Arshaq (26th for INR 22,600)
  • Shrawan Chhabria (25th for INR 22,600
  • Saurabh Arora (24th for  INR 26,300)
  • Utkarsh Somaiya (23rd for INR 26,300)
  • Tanya Seth (22nd for INR  INR 26,300)
  • Ashit Sharma (26,300)



Prizepool & Payouts For DPT 11K Warm-Up!

Level: 11 (Blinds 1000-2000 & Ante 2000)

The payouts for the DPT 11K Warm-up are in! Living up to the high expectations of the tournament organizers, the DPT series-opener logged in an impressive 344 entries, generating a prize pool of INR 34.40 Lac. The top 63 places are to get paid with a min-cash worth INR 12,200.  The winner gets a whopping INR 6.72 Lac, while the runner-up will take home an impressive INR 4.72 Lac payday.

1 – INR 6,72,200
2-INR 4,72,100
3-INR 3,03,600
4-INR 2,10,300
5-INR 1,61,400
6-INR 1,34,600
7-INR 1,12,000
8-INR 89,700
9-INR 67,400
10th -12th – INR 55,800
13th -15th – INR 44,300
16th – 18th – INR 37,300
19th -21st – INR 31,400
22nd -24th – INR 26,300
25th -27th – INR 22,600
28th -36th – INR 19,600
37th to 45th – INR 16,700
46th -54th – INR 14,100
55th – 63rd – INR 12,200

Varun Prasad Doubles Up Through Ajay Padia

Level: 11 (Blinds 1000-2000 & Ante 2000)

Ajay Padia limps and Varun Prasad from the big blind shoves all-in for 22K, which Ajay calls and tables Ac 10s against Ah Kd of Varun. The board opens Qh 9s 6d 3s Kh, giving Varun a king pair to double up.

Avadh Shah Busts Ashutosh

Level: 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)

Avadh Shah calls the big blind. While everyone else folds, Ashutosh from the small blind moves all-in for 24k. The big blind folds and action is back on Avadh who tanks a bit before making the call.

At showdown:

Avadh: Ac 5h

Ashotosh: Qh 10c

The  board runs 10s 3c 2d 4d Kc, giving Avadh Shah a runner-runner straight to win the pot and bust Ashutosh in the process. 

Sheetal Kumar Doubles-Up Through Kanchan Sharma

Level: 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)

In a pre-flop action, Kanchan Sharma from the UTG open-shoves all-in for 18K.

While everyone folds, the short-stacked Sheetal Kumar Shetty from BB calls.

Kanchan: Jc Js

Sheetal Kumar: Qh Qs

The board runs out Kd 8s Kc 2s 4d and Sheetal Kumar takes down the pot to double-up.

Notable Poker Ladies In The House

Level: 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

The mind game of poker in India is fast-catching the attention of Indian women and this is evident from the growing number of female players in the country. We see several top female players participating in the DPT and this edition is no exception with the presence of several popular female pros like the former Adda52 Team Pro and WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther, the WPT Unreal champion Ankita Ajay Malik, Godfather champion Kanchan Sharma and Priya Agarwal.

Priya Agarwal Busted by Abhishek

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & BB Ante 1000)

We caught action on the flop 2c Js 2s. The players in SB, BB & UTG and Abhishek in the middle position check, while Priya Agarwal shoves all-in for 25K in chips. Everyone else folds and Abhishek calls.

Turn: 6c

River: Ad

Priya turns over 10-J off-suit. Abhishek tables pockets jacks and wins the pot with full house.

Late Registration Closes With 344 Entries

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & BB Ante 1000)

The first DPT of 2022 is off to a great start with the first event of the series, 11k Warm-up, registering an impressive 344 entries.  There are over 150 players remaining in the field, with the former DPT Kickoff champion Tarun Goyal, Jeeran Jain and Dhirendra Kumar being among the top stacks. 

Chip Counts After Level 7 – Tarun Goyal Among Top Stacks

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & BB Ante 1000)

  • Tarun Goyal – 1,12,000
  • Jeeran Jain – 74,600
  • Dhirendra Kumar – 70,000
  • Kshitij Darbari – 64,000
  • Rishabh Vekaria – 63,200
  • Gaurav  – 47,000
  • Himanshu Sharma – 45,000
  • Abhishek – 31,5000


Full House for Former DPT Main Event champion Rishabh Vekaria

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & Ante 800)

In a pre-flop action, the player in UTG +2 opens to 2200, the player in middle position and Rishabh Vekaria from the big blind calls.

Flop: Kh 3d 3h

Rishabh checks, UTG +2 bets 5200, the player in the middle position folds and Rishabh shoves all-in with Ah Ks and the player in UTG +2 tank calls with pocket aces.

Turn: Jc 

River: Kc 

The aces get cracked as Rishabh hits a full house to win the pot and bust the UTG player.

Twinkle Busted by Pawan Jaiswal

Level 4 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

In an interesting hand, the UTG + 1 opens to 700.  MP 1 and MP 2 call and Pawan Jaiswal from HJ raises to 2400. The player in UTG + 1 folds, Twinkle Arora in MP 1 calls, while the player in MP 2 folds.  

Flop:  Jd 7d 3d

Twinkle checks, Pawan bets 2700 and Twinkle shoves all-in for 12100, which Jaiswal snap-calls.

Turn: Jc

River: Qs

Twinkle turns over 5c 6d and Pawan shows Ac Ah to take down the pot and bust Twinkle in the process.


Dhirendra Kumar Doubles Up With  Quads

Level 4 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

In pre-flop action, Manav from UTG opens to 3500 and Dhirendra Kumar from UTG + 2 calls and everyone else after him folds.

Flop: Kc 5c 10h

On the flop, Manav leads out with 3500 and Kumar calls.

Turn: 8s

Manav fires a bet of 7500 this time and Kumar shoves all-in for 17.5k, which Manav calls.

River: 5h.

Manav turns over Ah Ks and Kumar tables 5d 5s.

Kumar takes down the pot with quads and doubles up

Akshay Arood Doubles-Up 

Level : 4 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

In a pre-flop battle of small blind and big blind, Akshay Arood from small blind shoves all-in for 15,100 and Twinkle Arora from the big blind calls with more chips. At the showdown:

Akshay Arood: AK

Twinkle Arora: AQ

The board runs out 3h 8d 9s 6c Kc, giving Arood a king pair to take down the pot and double-up.

Top Chip Counts After First Break

Level: 4 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

  • Saumil Krishnani – 35.7k
  • Kunal Patni – 30k
  • Karhtik N – 27.5k
  • Pawan Jaiswal – 24.2k
  • Chirag Sodha – 19k

A few Notable Faces In the Field 

Level: 3 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 200)

There are more than 100 players in the field and some notables among them include the likes of Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni, Jaydeep Dawer, PSL Co-founder and CEO Pranav Bagai, Gagandeep Malik and his wife Ankita Ajay Malik, Sumit Sapra and MPL poker pro Dhaval Mudgal. 

Abhishek Doubles Up

Level: 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)

In a pre-flop action, Farzad Ahmad shoves all-in and the short-stacked Abhishek makes the call.

Farzad: Qc Qs

Abhishek: Kc Kh

The board opens 8c 7d 6h  2h 5c and the pocket kings hold up, giving Abhishek a crucial double-up.

Shuffle Up & Deal – The Tournament Begins!

Level: 1 (Blinds: 100-100 & Ante: 0)

The first event of the prestigious series is now underway following a slight delay. The tournament clock shows 40 entries with many more waiting to jump in. Some notables like Deepak Raina, PSL co-founder and CEO Pranav Bagai, Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni, Vikas Mantri, Firoz Khan, etc.

Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT 11K Warm-up

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the most-awaited live poker series of the year – Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) starting in a while from now at the luxurious Deltin Royale casino in Goa.

Boasting a massive INR 2 Crores in the guaranteed prizepool, the series kicks off with the INR 11K buy-in Warm-Up, a re-entry 8-max event featuring 25-minute levels. Players start with a starting stack of 15K with the progressive blinds beginning at 100-100. The big blind ante starts at level 3.

The late registration will remain open till the start of level 8 and the tourney will have a break every three level. Stay tuned in for the live updates and more. Wishing you all good luck for the tourney!