Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT April 2022 Main Event Day 3

Sumit Lalchandani Champions DPT 35K Main Event For A Whopping INR 35,64,350

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Finally, it is over! Sumit Lalchandani becomes the Main Event champion. Sumit Lalchandani started the heads-up battle holding a massive chip lead with 15 millions in chips over 2.9 Million chips held by Sandeep Gupta!

Sandeep did get a double up and won a few more pots to chip up but could not go all the way. Finally, it all ended with Sumit Lalchandani winning it with Kd 5h for a whopping INR 35,64,350 in top prize and his maiden DPT trophy. Sandeep settled for the runner-up  worth  INR 25,10,600, which happens to be his career-best score!!

 Ankit Wadhawan Finishes 3rd for INR 16,14,400


 Ankit Wadhwan goes all-in for 2.6 million with As 3d for his tournament life and Sumit Lalchandani also goes all-in with Ah 9c. The board runs out 6h 7d 4d 2s 4h and , Ankit gets busted, leaving Lalchandani and Sandeep Gupta in  heads-up for the title.


 Sumit Doubles-Up To Take Over Chip Lead

 Sumit Lalchandani with pocket tens goes all-in and Sandeep from the small blind also goes all-in with Ac 7c. The board runs out 4h 2h Qh 9 6s where pocket tens hold up, giving a double-up and chip lead to Sumit.

 Mohit Bohra Finishes 4th for INR 11,95,600


Mohit Bohra goes all-in for his remaining six blinds with A Q and Sandeep Gupta with 8 8 makes a quick call. The boards runs out Ks 10h 9c 5s Kc, giving the pot to Sandeep and eliminating Mohit in 4th place.

Nikita Luther Finishes 5th for INR 8,96,200


After chipping up with a double up through Sumit, WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther exits the main event final  table. Luther got eliminated after going all-in with Kc-Qc against Sandeep Gupta’s Ah-Ac.

Nikita Luther Doubles-Up

With blind running 75k-125k & Ante 125k, Nikita pitted her Ad-4d against Sumit’s 9d-7d, putting her tournament  life at risk. The board ran out Kh 10h 2s 8c 4s and Nikita managed to double-up.

Neeraj S Finishes 6th for INR 7,18,100

Sumit opens from cutoff and Neeraj S from SB goes all-in for 890k holding Qh Jd against Sumit’s Kd Qs.

The board opens As 3h 6h Qd Ks, giving Sumit two pairs to win the pot. Neeraj gets eliminated.

Kshitij Kucheria Finishes 7th  for INR 5,98,800

Kshitij Kucheria goes all-in with AQ only to be hit by Ankit Wadhawan’s Full house, gets eliminated.

Aditya Singh becomes the first elimination from the final table, goes out in 8th for INR 4,77,500


Pre-flop, Aditya Singh goes all-in with 7d 7c for 1 million and Ankit Wadhawan calls with Ac Ah calls. The board runs Qh 8d Kh 9c Qs where pockets seven’s don’t hold up and Aditya gets eliminated.

It was the first live tourney for Aditya. He must be proud of him, finishing so deep in such a big tourney.

For the detailed action from the final table, check out the live stream below


Final Table Set With WSOP Bracelet Winner Nikita Luther In Lead


Level 29 (Blinds 40k-80 & Ante 80k)

Seat 1: Sumit Lalchandani – 14.70 Lac

Seat 2: Aditya Singh – 6.50 Lac

Seat 3: Sandip Gupta – 24.34 Lac
Seat 4: Neeraj S – 15.80 Lac

Seat 5: Ankit Wadhawan – 23.55 Lac

Seat 6: Nikita Luther – 47 Lac

Seat 7: Mohit Bohra – 34.30 Lac

Seat 8: Kshitij Kucheria – 12.80 Lac

Alok Birewar Finishes 9th for INR 3,58,100


Level 29 (Blinds 40k-80 & Ante 80k)

Pre-flop, Alok Birewar from small blind shoves all-in for 380k and Kshitij Kucheria from big blind calls.

Alok: Qc 3c

Kshitij: Js 7d

Board: Qh 5d 10s 8d 9h

While Alok flops a queen pair, Kshitij hits straight to take down the pot and bust Alok in the process.

Sameer Agarwal Finishes 10th for INR 2,63,400


Level 29 (Blinds 40k-80 & Ante 80k)

Sandip Gupta from UTG opens to 160k, and Sameer Agarwal from button shoves all-in for 7.10 Lac, putting his tournament life at risk.  After tanking a bit, Sandip Gupta makes the call. At showdown:

Sameer: Ks Qh
Sandip: Ac Kd

Board: 9s 8s 7c  5d 7h

Sandip  wins the pot and Sameer gets busted in 10th place for INR 2,63,400.

Nikita Luther Doubles-Up


Level 28 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60k)

Nikita Luther from button opens to 125k, Aditya Singh from SB re-raises it to 380k and Nikita calls.

Flop: Ah Qs 2h

Aditya leads out with 200k and Nikita calls

Turn: Jd

Aditya bets 500k and Nikita shoves all-in for 19Lac. Aditya tanks and then calls.

Nikita: Kd 10s

Aditya: As Qd

River: 7h

Aditya gets two pairs but Nikita hits straight and doubles up, leaving Aditya shortest stack on the table.


Mohit Bohra Doubles Up Through Nikita Luther


Level 28 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60k)

In a pre-flop action, Mohit Bohra opens to 120k and the chip leader Nikita Luther from BB shoves all-in. After giving it a little thought, Mohit Bohra makes the call, putting his tournament life at risk. 

  • Nikita: Kh Js
  • Mohit: Jh Jc
  • Board: 10d Ks Qd 3s Jd

Nikita gets two pairs but Mohit rievers a set with jacks to take down the pot and double up!

Final 10 Players Return- DPT Main Event Day 3 Begins


Blinds 28 (30k-60k & Ante 60k)

The final 10 players have returned and the Main Event Day 3 have begun here at the Deltin Royale casino  in Goa.  Starting among the final 10 players as the chip leader is none other than the WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther(32,40,000). She is followed by Kshitij Kucheria (26,35,000).

  • Mohit Bohra – 12,00,000
  • Alok Birewar  – 18,40,000
  • Kshitij Kucheria – 26,35,000
  • Nikita Luther – 32,40,000
  • Aditya Singh – 8,60,000
  • Sandip Gupta – 15,45,000
  • Ankit Wadhawan –  20,65,000
  • Sameer  Agarwal – 8,15,000
  • Neeraj S. – 13,70,000
  • Sumit Lacchandani – 20,45,000

Each of the final 10 players have locked in a minimum INR 2,63,400. The winner takes home a whopping INR 35,64,350 with the runner-up pocketing a hefty INR 25, 10, 600. Here are payouts:

1st – 35,64,350

2nd – 25, 10, 600

3rd – 16,14,400

4th – 11,95,600

5th – 8,96,200

6th – 7,18,100

7th – 5,98,800

8th – 4,77,500

9th – 3,58,100

10th – 2,63,400

Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT Main Event Day 3 


Due to overwhelming response and massive field of 602 entries, the DPT Main Event progressed into Day 3. There are 10 players left in the field and they will be returning in while from now at 7PM to battle it out NR 35.60 Lac uptop  prize and beautiful DPT Main Event. The play starts at level 28 with blinds of 30k-60k & Ante Ante 60k). Stay tuned in for the updates from the DPT Main Event here!