APT VSOP 2022: Siddarth Singhvi & Amit Kaushik Win Deep Stack Turbo Titles; Ankit Wadhawan Finishes Runner-up in NLH Single Day

Running since 12th July and continuing through 24th July 2022, the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Festival Hanoi 2022 – Vietnam Series of Poker (VSOP) is down to its last days with 18 of its scheduled 27 events already in the books. Team India has been making a huge splash at the series with four trophies already in their kitty. Just a few days after Sajal Gupta & Jude Praveen Kumar winning trophies, it is India’s Siddarth Singhvi and Amit Kaushik making India proud. Singhvi was the last player standing in Event #16: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo and earned VND 88,130,000 (INR 3 Lac).

This was a side event with a buy-in of VND 4,400,000. It drew in a total of 85 entries and created VND 329,800,000 in prize pool that was shared by the top 15 finishers with a min-cash of VND 5,310,000. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prize pool was Siddarth Singhvi (1st for VND 88,130,000).

Singhvi beat Nguyen Van Sang in heads-up to win the third title for India at the ongoing series. The final hand saw Singhvi with Kh Jh, which held up against Nguyen’s Ks 4c on a board of Js 6c 9d 4d 6h.

There were three Indians finishing on the final table of this event, with DPT April 2022 Main Event winner Ankit Wadhawan (8th for VND 11,020,000 – INR 37,647) and Deepak Bothra (9th for VND 9,180,000 – INR 31,361)  being the other Indian pros making it to the final table of the event.

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Siddarth Singhvi – VND 88,130,000
  2. Nguyen Van Sang – VND 58,760,000
  3. Dang Duy Thanh – VVND 40,850,000
  4. Phuong Xu – VND 29,500,000
  5. Natthakit Suratin – VND 22,060,000
  6. Le Xuan Huy – VND 17,030,000
  7. Pham Truong Thu – VND 13,520,000
  8. Ankit Wadhawan – VND 11,020,000
  9. Deepak Bothra – VND 9,180,000

Amit Kaushik Wins India Another Deep Stack Turbo Title

Coming back to DPT April 2022 15K Bounty winner Amit Kaushik, he emerged as victorious in Event 18: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo where he overcame a field of 49 entrants, winning the fourth title for India at the ongoing series. He finally defeated Vietnam’s Quang Vu (2nd VND 45,645,000) to win VND 50,645,000. Down to 6 players, Kaushik busted two players simultaneously with his As 6h trips overpowering Nguyen Dinh Hung‘s J-3 and Jeong Seon Han‘s Q-3 on a 6c Qs 6s 9h 7c board. 

APT VSOP 2022: Amit Kaushik Takes Down His Second Live Poker Title

Kaushik continued his hot run and again knocked out two players in a single hand. Kaushik held Ad 9s against Se Han Park’s Kd 10d and Myoung Joo Lee’s 5h 5s. An ace on the board was enough for Amit to win the pot and enter the heads-up with a 4:1 chip advantage over Quang Vu. While the latter started on a deficit, he gave a tough fight and doubled up twice to even up. After a back and forth heads-up battle, the two players struck a heads-up deal. Eventually, Kaushik went on to take it down with his Ad 2d dominating Qh 2h of Vu who banked VND 45,645,000 for his runner-up finish.

This was a fast-paced event and wrapped up in just four hours. The event had a buy-in of VND 4,400,000 (US$ 188) and recorded 49 entries for a VND 190,120,000 (~US$ 8,105) prize pool. The top 9 places were paid out with Vamerdino Magsakay (9th for VND 6,020,000) being the first ITM player.  

Final Results (VND)

  1. Amit Kaushik – VND 50,645,000*
  2. Quang Vu – VND 45,645,000*
  3. Se Han Park –  VND 26,770,000
  4. Myoung Joo Lee – VND 19,340,000
  5. Jeong Seon Han – VND 14,460,000
  6. Nguyen Dinh Hung –  VND 11,160,000
  7. Rei Onuki –  VND 8,860,000
  8. Sungyoon Bae –  VND 7,220,000
  9. Vamerdino Magsakay –  VND 6,020,000

Ankit Wadhawan Finishes Runner up In NLH Single Day Event

Team India came close to clinching its fifth title at the series, with DPT April 2022 Main Event third-place finisher Ankit Wadhawan narrowly missing out on the title in Event17: NLH Single Day. He finished runner-up (VND 97,130,000) to Tran Thanh Tung who banked a hefty VND 145,700,000 for his first-place finish. On the final hand, Tran held As Jd against Wadhawan’s Ad Kc. Unfortunately for Wadhawan, the board ran out Qs 8s 6c Js 4d, giving a pair of jacks to Tran to ship the coveted title.

The NLH Single Day Event had a buy-in of VND 7,700,000 and drew in a 79 entries, generating  a prize pool worth VND 536,410,000 (US$ 22,870) that was finally shared by the top 14 finishers.

Final Table Payouts (VND)

  1. Tran Thanh Tung – VND 145,700,000
  2. Ankit Wadhawan –  VND 97,130,000
  3. Jeon Byeong Cheol –  VND 67,530,000
  4. Li Dinh Hung – VND 48,770,000
  5. Dang Duy Thanh – VND 36,470,000
  6. Le Dinh Hai – VND 28,150,000
  7. Luong Viet Thai Duong –  VND 22,350,000
  8. Gregory Kuhnast – VND 18,210,000
  9. Tran Duc Son – VND 15,180,000