APT VSOP 2022: Vamerdino Magsakay Ships Main Event, India’s Ankit Jajodia Finishes Third

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) Hanoi 2022 – Vietnam Series of Poker (VSOP) Main Event is finally in the books with Filipino player Vamerdino Magsakay winning it for a career-best VND 1,986,320,000 along with a shiny APT trophy and a ring. Magsakay entered the FT second from the bottom and held on to reach heads up against Nguyen Quang Huy who earned VND 1,324,230,000 for his runner-up finish.

The 2019 DPT Xpress Main Event champ Ankit Jajodia was also in hunt for the Main Event title. He entered the eight-handed final table with the third-largest stack (1,290,000 chips), behind Nguyen Vu Cuong (1,725,000) and Dao Minh Phu (4,585,000) who held the lead. Jajodia was doing pretty well but became a short stack during the four-handed play. Eventually, he finished in third place for a career-best VND 920.59 Million (INR 31.42 Lac), ending Team India’s hope for a third straight Main Event title in Vietnam this year. Jajodia’s final hand saw him holding 10d 8s against Magsakay’s 5h 2h. The latter hit a full house as the board ran out 5d 8c 5c 7s 7h, ending Jajodia’s run in third place. 

Heads-up began with Huy being ahead with 91 BB to Magsakay’s 59 BB. The latter managed to snatch the lead and had a 2.5:1 advantage at one point. While Huy was able to regain the lead, he could not close it out as Magsakay surged ahead once again and shipped the title. On the final hand, it was a pre-flop all-in with Huy holding pocket eights against Magsakay’s Ah 7h. The board ran out Jd 3d As 7c 6s, giving the title to Magsakay. Huy had to settle for VND 1,324,230,000 as the runner-up.

Featuring a buy-in of VND 22,000,000 (~US$ 940), the APT VSOP Main Event running from 14th to 19th July had a massive guarantee of VND 5,000,000,000. As expected, the event fared pretty well, drawing in 487 entries to crush the event’s advertised guarantee and generate VND 9,447,800,000 (~US$ 402,800). Only the top 49 places were paid out with the min-cash given as VND 40,100,000. 

There were seven Indians cashing the APT VSOP 2022 Main Event. The six other Indians crossing the money line included Akshay Nasa (14th for VND 119,740,000), Siddarth Singhvi (20th for VND 83,150,000), Laksh Pal Singh (27th for VND 69,300,000), Jasven Saigal (34th for VND 57,750,000), Sumit Sapra (38th for VND 48,120,000), and Jude Praveen Kumar (42nd for VND 48,120,000).