Monday Majors: Siddharth Gangwar Denies Peushup Eugene Iron Man Title

On the heels of a cracking Monday on, the action slowed down a little on Monday. However, there were still a few exciting event running on the platform. The headliner of the day, 8 Lac GTD Iron, drew in an impressive 385 entries and generated a guarantee-busting INR 8.47 Lac in prize pool. In the end, it was Siddharth ‘kab00m’ Gangwar who shipped the title and banked INR 1.73 Lac, following a heads-up  deal with Peushup ‘peushup’ Eugene (runner-up for INR 1.64 Lac).

  • Total Entries: 385
  • Prize pool: 8.47 Lac
  • Places Paid: 43

Md ‘t9ace’ Nazim (3rd for INR 88,935), Sashank ‘TheTamizhDurrr’ Chakravarty (4th for INR 67,760), Tarush ‘tarush123’ Gupta (5th for INR 44,044), Amrit ‘amrit1111’ Mishra (6th place for INR 29,645) were the other notable regs who made it to the final table of the Iron Man last night.

2.5 Lac GTD Voyager

Adda52’s 2.5 Lac GTD Voyager clocked in 286 entries, posting a guarantee-crushing INR 2.86 Lac prize pool. The user ‘Flushme420’ came out on top to win it  for INR 73,216, while ‘kunalabc’ placed runner-up for INR 43,615.Sudarshan ‘Sudmore’ More (3rd for INR 32,890) rounded out podium.

  • Total Entries: 286
  • Prize pool:   2.86 Lac
  • Places Paid: 30

Bokdya’ (Won 1.20 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 32,940), ‘Sidd10321th’ (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Dinesh Karthik Pinch Hitter for 30,301), ‘DomoArigato’ (Won 40K GTD Sundown Adda for INR 14,515) & Praveen ‘praveen2626’ KR (Won the  Bounty Adda for 12,558) were the other winners on Adda52.