Welcome To The Live Coverage of Adda52 Colossus 100K Main Event Day 2

Faiz Alam Leads The Main Event Final 9; Nishant Sharma & Nikita Luther Top 3 In Chips

  • Level: 22
  • Blinds: 20k-40k
  • BB Ante: 40

The Adda52 Colossus Main Event was a record setting tournament in Colossus history as the event witnessed a massive field of 129 entries, making it the biggest Colossus event in terms of turnout. Day 1 of the event saw a staggering 75 entries and with late registrations being open till the end of level 14 on Day 2, that field reached 129 entries, generating a whopping INR 1,17,39,000 prize pool.

Following two days of action, now just 9 players remain with a shot at the title and the top prize of INR 33,15,000. Leading the final 9 is none other than the AOPS Main Event champion Faiz Alam with a massive stack of 22,40,000 and he is the only player holding more than a 2 millions stack among the final 9. He is followed by 2018 WSOP Main Event best Indian finisher Nishant Sharma (9,80,000). The third biggest stack belongs to none other than the WSOP bracelet Nikita Luther (9,55,000 chips).

A Look at Final 9 Chip Counts:

Seat 1 – Amit Tejura – 7,55,000

Seat 2 – Ratul Steves – 6,30,000

Seat 3 – Nikita Luther – 9,55,000

Seat 4 – Faiz Alam – 22,40,000

Seat 5 – Loveleen Singh – 5,80,000

Seat 6 – Ranjeet Negi 3,90,000

Seat 7 – Nishant Sharma – 9,80,000

Seat 8 – Mukul Agarwal – 5,85,000

Seat 9 – Ankit Jajodia – 6,90,000

The final 9 players will be returning tomorrow (7th August) at 5 PM to battle it out for the main event title.  

Tanmay Benara Finishes 10th for INR 2,94,000

  • Level: 22
  • Blinds: 20k-40k
  • BB Ante: 40

It was a battle of the small blind and big blind where Tanmay Benara from SB shoved all-in for 105k and Nishant Sharma from big blind made a snap call. Both players then tabled their cards.

Tanmay: 8d 6h

Nishant: Qd 7d

Board: 3h Ad 2s Jh Kc

The board bricks and Nishant Sharma takes down the pot, busting Tanmay in the process. 

Loveleen Singh Doubles Up Through Tanmay Benara

  • Level: 22
  • Blinds: 20k-40k
  • BB Ante: 40

Loveleen Singh open-shoves for 260k and gets called by Tanmay Benara from BB

Loveleen: Kd Jd

Tanmay: 4s 4d

Board: 8s 10c 2d Ad 8d

While Tanmay makes two pairs, Loveleen hits a runner-runner flush to win the pot.

Chirag Sodha Finishes 11th for INR 2,94,000

  • Level: 22
  • Blinds: 20k-40k
  • BB Ante: 40

Faiz Alam opens to 80k and Chirag Sodha from button moves all-in for 340k, which Faiz calls.

Chirag: Ks Kc

Faiz: 10s Jh

Board: 7s 9s 9c 8d Qd

Pocket kings don’t hold up for Chirag as Faiz gets a queen high straight to win the pot and bust Chirag in 11th place (INR 2,94,000). 


Chip Counts After Fourth Break – Faiz Alam Among Top Stacks

  • Level: 21
  • Blinds: 15k-30k
  • BB Ante: 30

Faiz Alam – 16.80 Lac

Nikita Luther – 9.50 Lac

Nishant Sharma – 8.50 Lac

Mukul Agarwal – 8.25k

Amit Tejura – 715k

Ranjeet Negi –  675k

Ankit Jajodia – 550k


Rahul Jeendgar Finishes 12th for INR 2,94,000

  • Level: 21
  • Blinds: 15k-30k
  • BB Ante: 30

Rahul Jeendgar from button open shoves for 120k and Ranjeet Negi from BB calls.

Rahul: Kd 4d

Ranjeet: 10s 10d

Board: Ad Js 9d Jc 5s

Pocket tens hold up and Ranjeet takes down the pot, sending Rahul to the rail in 12th place. 

Vikram Kumar ‘Lungi’ Finishes 13th for INR 2,58,300

  • Level: 21
  • Blinds: 15k-30k
  • BB Ante: 30k

Ratul Steves from UTG opens to 60k, Nikita Luther from HJ re-raises it to 140k, and Vikram

Kumar from BB goes all-in for 55K putting his tournament life at risk. Action on Ratul who folds.

  • Vikram: Kd 7d
  • Nikita: Ad Jh
  • Board: 3c 4c 7h Js 2h

While both players get a pair, Nikita takes it down with the top pair and busts Vikram Kumar.

A Look at Recent Eliminations 

  • Level: 20
  • Blinds: 10k-20k
  • BB Ante: 20k

Kaushik Waghela (17th for INR 2,26,000)

Ramesh Thotapalli (16th for INR 2,26,000)

Vikaash Shah (15th for INR 2,58,300)

Sahil Agarwal (14th for INR 2,58,300)

Mukul Agarwal Doubles Up

  • Level: 20
  • Blinds: 10k-20k
  • BB Ante: 20k

Pre-flop, Mukul Agarwal moves all-in for 150k and Ankit Jajodia from button calls.

  • Mukul: As Jh
  • Ankit: Kc Jc
  • Board: Ac 7h 3s 2c 5h

Mukul flops top pair with aces and takes down the pot to double-up.

Vikaash Shah Finishes in 15th Place (INR 2,58,300)

  • Level: 20
  • Blinds: 10k-20k
  • BB Ante: 20k

Tanmay Benera opens to 40k, Faiz Alam raises to 130k and Vikaash Shah goes all-in for 30k.

Action back to Tanmay who decides to fold. Both Faiz and Vikaash turn over their cards.

  • Vikaash: Ac 2d
  • Faiz: Ad Kh
  • Board: 8d 6h 4h 8h 3d

AK good and Faiz takes down the pot, busting Vikaash Shah in the 15th place (2,58,300)

Vivek Singh Bubbles The Adda52 Colossus Main Event!

  • Level: 19
  • Blinds: 10k-15k
  • BB Ante: 15k

Finally, the bubble has burst! It was online MTT beast Vivek Singh who exited on the money bubble.

The hand in question saw Faiz Alam from cutoff opening to 30k. Vivek Singh from button re-raised it to 1.75 Lac. Ratul Steves from the small blind moved all-in for 2.63 Lac.

Faiz folded and Vivek called at the risk of his tournament life.

Ratul:  Qd Qc

Vivek: 10c 10h

Board: 3h 4s 7d Qs 4x

Ratul hits a full house and takes down the pot, busting Vivek Singh in the 18th place.

After Vivek exiting the tournament, all the remaining players are in the money.

Money Bubble – Hand-for-Hand in Progress

  • Level: 18
  • Blinds: 6k-12k
  • BB Ante: 12k

With the Colossus Main Event field down to 18 players, it` is now money bubble time.

The tournament director has paused the clock and hand-for-hand play has commenced.

It` is a big bubble – the next player to bust will miss out on INR 2,26,000 min-cash.

Binit Saraf Busted Just Shy of Money by Nikita Luther

  • Level: 18
  • Blinds: 6k-12k
  • BB Ante: 12k

Nikita Luther from UTG opens to 24k and Binit Saraf from MP moves all-in for 131k.

While the others fold, Nikita makes the call and both players turn over their cards.

Binit: Ah Jd

Nikita: As Qh

Board: 9d 4c Kh 3s 4h

AQ good and Nikita ships the pot, busting Binit Saraf just one or two place away from ITM.

Ritesh Khatwani Busted by Sahil Agarwal


Level: 18

Blinds: 6k-12k

BB Ante: 12k

Sahil Agarwal from CO opens to 25k and Ritesh Khatwani moves all-in for his 1.5 Lac stack.

Sahil tanks a little before eventually calling the all-in from Khatwani.

  • Ritesh: 10h 10d
  • Sahil: Qc Jh
  • Board: Ah Kh 9d Qh 2s

Pocket tens don’t hold up as Sahil finds a queen pair on the turn to win the pot and bust Ritesh from the main event.

Chip Counts After Third Break – Faiz Alam Among  Top Stacks

  • Level: 18
  • Blinds: 6k-12k
  • BB Ante: 12k

Faiz Alam: 973k

Nikita Luther: 660k

Ankit Jajodia: 615k

Loveleen Singh: 570k

Amit Tejura: 550k

Rahul Jindgar Busts Two Players In Single Hand

  • Level: 17
  • Blinds: 5k-10k
  • BB Ante: 10k

Kunal Chandra from UTG opens to 20k, Rahul Jindgar from MP calls, Vineet Kumar from SB moves all-in for 35k. Action back to Chandra who also moves all-in. Rahul who had both of them covered calls.

Vineet: Qs Qd

Kunal: Qh Qc

Rahul: 7s 7c

Board: As 7d 6c 9c 2h

Rahul flops a set with sevens and takes down the pot, busting both Vineet and Kunal.  

Payouts Announced!

  • Level: 17
  • Blinds: 5k-10k
  • BB Ante: 10k

The payouts for the Adda52 Colossus Main Event have been announced!

Late registrations closed after the end of level 14 today, a total of  129 entered the event, generating a ginormous INR 1,17,39,000 in prize pool.

The top 17 finishers will get paid and a min-cash is worth INR 2,26,000. The eventual champion will collect a hefty INR 33,15,000 and the runner-up INR 21 Lac. Here is the complete payouts list:

1st – INR 3315000

2nd – INR 2100000

3rd – INR 1244000

4th – INR 763000

5th – INR 581000

6th – INR 493000

7th – INR 428000

8th – INR 375000

9th – INR 331100

10th – INR 294000

11th – INR 294000

12th – INR 294000

13th – INR 258300

14th – INR 258300

15th – INR 258300

16th – INR 226000

17th – INR 226000

Mukul Agarwal Busts Both Sriharsha D and Gaurav Bhandari

  • Level: 16
  • Blinds: 4k-8k
  • BB Ante: 8k

Sahil Agarwal opens to 12k, Gaurav from button goes all-in for 16k, Sriharsha jamms for 122k,

Mukul Agarwal (BB), who had them covered, calls. Action back on Sahil who decides to fold.

Gaurav: As Js

Mukul: 10c 10s

Sriharsha: Qd Qh

Board: 10x 8x 8x 9x 3x

Mukul Agarwal hits a full house, winning the pot and busting both players from the main event.

Prashant Jain Bhutoria Busted by Vivek Singh

  • Level: 16
  • Blinds: 4k-8k
  • BB Ante: 8k

Prashant Jain Bhutoria’s run in the Main Event has come to an end. 

In a pre-flop race, Bhutoria pitted his AQ against the AK of Vivek Singh

The board bricked and Vivek’s AK won him the pot, busting Bhutoria from the Main Event.

Karan Gupta Busted by Nishant Sharma

  • Level: 16
  • Blinds: 4k-8k
  • BB Ante: 8k

Pre-flop, Karan Gupta opened to 16k, Nishant Sharma and a player from the big blind called.

Flop: 6d 8s 9s

BB checked, Karan Gupta bet 30k, Nishant Sharma bet 200k. While BB folded, Gupta went all-in.

At showdown, Nishant tabled  Qc Qd and Gupta showed Ac 9h.

Turn: Js

River: 7s

Pocket queens held up for Nishant to win the pot and bust his opponent from the tourney.

Sriharsha Chops Three-Way Pot

  • Level: 15
  • Blinds: 3k-6k
  • BB Ante: 6k

After busting the main event, Sriharsha re-entered and chopped a three-way pot a short while ago.

It was three-way all-in action where Sriharsha from UTG open shoved for 81k.

Sahil Agarwal jammed for 178k and Gaurav Bhandari went all-in for 194k.

Sriharsha: Ac Kh

Sahil: Ah Kc

Gaurav: Jc Jh

Board: 8h 5s As 7h 10s

The main pot got chopped between Sahil and Sriharsha. The side pot was won by

Sahil and Gaurav got a return of 16k.  

Yesterday’s Colossus High Roller Champion Siddhanth Kripalani Busted

  • Level: 15
  • Blinds: 3k-6k
  • BB Ante: 6k

Yesterday’s Colossus High Roller champion Siddhanth Kripalani from cutoff open-shoved for 75k and Tanmay Benera from small blind called and Ranjeet Negi from the big blind folded his hand.

Siddhanth: Ad 9d

Tanmay: Ac 8c

Board: Kd 3s Jh 8d 6h

Tanmay found a pair of eight on the turn to take down the pot and bust his opponent.

Chip Count Update After Dinner Break

Level: 15

Blinds: 3k-6k

BB Ante: 6k

The eliminations have been quick in the last few levels and there are only 41 players remaining out of the total 129 players. The payouts will be announced soon. Stay tuned in for our payout update.

  • Kunal Chandra – 415k
  • Rahul Jindgar – 395k
  • Faiz Alam – 360k
  • Amit Tejura – 340k
  • Shashank Jain – 300k

Late Registration Closes With 129 Entries!

  • Level: 15
  • Blinds: 3k-6k
  • BB Ante: 6k

With the end of level 14, the late registration has now closed. The event has attracted an impressive 129 entries ( including 48 re-entries), making it the biggest event of the series in terms of turnout. There are only 41 players remaining in the field. Stay tuned in for our chip count update ahead!


Mukul Agarwal Doubles Up

  • Level: 14
  • Blinds: 3k-5k
  • BB Ante: 5k

Kunal Chandra opens to 10k, Mukul Agarwal from BB goes all-in for 35k, which Chandra snap calls.

  • Mukul: Ks 7h
  • Chandra: Jc 8h
  • Board: 6h 9s 7c 4d 2h

While Chandra gets no help from the board, Mukul flops a seven pair to take down the pot.

Kartik Ved Doubles Up Through Sahil Agarwal

  • Level: 13
  • Blinds: 2k-4k
  • BB Ante: 4k

Kartik Ved from early position open-shoves for 41k and gets a caller in Sahil Agarwal from button.

  • Kartik: Ad Qs
  • Sahil: Ah 9c
  • Board: 5s 7c Js 3d 2s

Ad Qs good against the Ah 9c of Sahil. Kartik take downs the pot and doubles up.

Sriharsha Doddapaneni Busted by Nikita Luther

Level: 13

Blinds: 2k-4k

BB Ante: 4k

The inaugural DPT Colossus SHR champion Sriharsha Doddapeni from HJ opens to 8k and WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther from cutoff raises to 21k. Sriharsha shoves and Nikita snap-calls.

Sriharsha: As Ks

Nikita: 7h 7c

Board: 6d 4c 5c 6c 9c

Nikita takes down the pot with one card flush, sending Sriharsha to the rail.

Vishal Bajaj Busted by Goonjan Mall

  • Level: 13
  • Blinds: 2k-4k
  • BB Ante: 4k

Vishal Bajaj from button opens to 8k and Colossus ME Satty winner Goonjan Mall shoves all-in.

The shorter stack Vishal Bajaj calls with his remaining stack of 40k. Both players show their cards.

Vishal: Kc Qc

Goonjan: As 8h

The board runs 2s 4s Jh 9d Jc where As 8h beat out the Kc Qc of Vishal. The latter gets busted.

This Time Amit Tejura Doubles Up Through Gaurav Bhandari

Level: 12

Blinds: 1500-3000

BB Ante: 3000

There were back to back hands between Amit Tejura and Guarav Bhandari. In the second hand, it was Tejura who dominated. He open-shoved for 45k and Gaurav Bhandari from SB snap-called

Amit: 7c 7s

Gaurav: Kd Ks

Board: 2c 10c 7h 5h 4d

Amit flopped a set and held  from there to take down the pot and double up

Gaurav Bhandari Doubles-Up Through Amit Tejura

Level: 12

Blinds: 1500-3000

BB Ante: 3000

Amit Tejura from HJ limped, Gaurav Bhandari from big blind raised to 13.5k, which Tejura called.

Flop: 8d 7d Kd

Bhandari bet 25k, the bigger stacked Tejura went all-in with Ks Jc and Bhandari called with Ah Ac.

Turn: 3x

River: 5x

Pocket aces held up for Bhandari and he took down the pot to double up.


Chip Counts After First Break of the Day – Karan Among Top Stacks

Level: 12

Blinds: 1500-3000

BB Ante:  3000

  • Karan Gupta – 319k
  • Sandeep Sharma – 272K
  • Chirag Sodha – 250k
  • Faiz Alam – 215k
  • Nikita Luther – 210k
  • Meherzad Munsaf – 205k
  • Sumit Sapra – 202k

115 Entries & Still Counting

  • Level: 11
  • Blinds: 1500-2500
  • BB Ante: 2500

The field for the Colossus Main Event continues to grow! There are already 115 entries on the board and the field is bound to go up with the late registration still open till the end of level 14 today.

Some of the notables who joined today include Nikita Luther, Ratul Steves, Ranjeet Negi, Sriharsha Doddapaneni, Adda52 Colossus High Roller champion Siddhanth Kripalani, Arjanveer Singh Chaddha, etc.

Deepankur Gupta Busted

  • Level: 11
  • Blinds: 1500-2500
  • BB Ante: 2500

Yash Jaiswal from cutoff opens to 5k and Deepankur Gupta from small bind goes all-in for 30.6k. Action back on Jaiswal and he decides to call.

Gupta: Ac 7h

Jaiswal: Ah Jd

Board: 9h Kd 4c 4h 3h

AJ good and Jaiswal takes down the pot, busting Deepankur Gupta in the process.

Shuchi Chamaria Doubles Up

  • Level: 10
  • Blinds: 1k-2k
  • BB Ante: 2k

Ramesh Thotapalli from cutoff opens to 4.9k and Vaibhav Sharma from button flat calls. Shuchi Chamaria from SB shoves all-in for 29.3k and Amit Tejura from BB re-raises to 60k.

Action back on Ramesh who folds and Vaibhav Sharma also decides to fold.

Amit: Ad Qh

Suchi: 10h Jh

Board: 9d 10c 10d Kd 8h

Suchi makes a trip to take down the pot and double up in the process.

Sahil Agarwal Doubles-Up

  • Level: 9
  • Blinds: 800-1600
  • BB Ante: 1600

Sahil Agarwal limps and Ramesh Thotapalli from big blind raises to 3.9k.

Action back on Sahil who goes all-in for 39.2k and Ramesh makes the call.

Sahil: As Kd

Ramesh: Ks  10s

Board: 8c Jd 6s 8h 5h

AK good and Sahil Agarwal takes down the pot and doubles up in the process.

Double Up For Aditya Agarwal

  • Level: 9
  • Blinds: 800-1600
  • BB Ante: 1600

From UTG, Aditya Agarwal opens to 3.5k, the start of the day chip leader Meherzad Munsaf from button flat calls. From big blind, Mukul Agarwal raises to 15.5k.

Action back on Aditya who goes all-in for 70.2k, Meherzad folds, and Mukul calls.

  • Aditya: Ac Qs
  • Mukul: Ks Kh
  • Board: 10c 2c 3c 10h 4c

Pocket king don’t hold up as Aditya gets a nut flush to win the pot and double up.

Akshat Sharma Headlines Satellite Winners Into Day 2

  • Level: 9
  • Blinds: 800-1600
  • BB Ante: 1600

Interestingly, many satellite winners qualified for Day 2 of the Colossus Main Event. Leading them into Day 2 of the event is online MTT crusher Akshat Sharma who won the online satty on Adda52.

  • Binit Saraf  (74,200)
  • Shravan Chhabria (32,800)
  • Ayaz Khan (29,100)
  • Goonjan Mall (145,000)
  • Akshat Sharma (165,200)
  • Akshay Kapoor (125,600)
  • Vineet Kumar (150,500)
  • VIRAL LODHIYA (57,100)
  • ROSHAN RODRIGUES (144,600)


Shuffle-Up & Deal- Day 2 Gets Underway

  • Level: 9
  • Blinds: 800-1600
  • BB Ante: 1600

The cards for Day 2 of the Adda52 Colossus 100K Main Event are in the air.

Star-Studded Field Returns for Day 2 of Adda52 Colossus Main Event 

After a staggering 75 entries were recorded on the opening day, there will be at least 50 players returning to their seats for Day 2 of the Adda52 Colossus 100K Main Event. The action will be getting underway at 6 p.m. local time here at the luxurious Deltin Royale casino in the beautiful Goa.

It was a Who’s Who of Poker on Day 1 with some of the greatest poker players from across India clashing with each other.  Following eight 40-minute levels of play, Day 1 of the Main Event ended with the well-known tournament poker pro and the 2019 Colossus 50K Warm-Up event champion Meherzad Munsaf leading the 50 survivors into Day 2.  He bagged a massive stack of 225,000 chips. He is followed by Ramesh Thotapalli with a stack of 190,800 and Chirag Sodha with 190,500 chips.

Among some of the other greats returning for Day 2 include DPT November 2016 High Roller and DPT July 2017 Bounty champion GAGANDEEP MALIK (165600), GOONJAN MALL (145000), WSOP 2018 Main Event best Indian finisher NISHANT SHARMA (103300), online MTT beast VAIBHAV SHARMA (76800),WSOP bracelet winner KARTIK VED (71400), MTT Specialist MANISH LAKHOTIA (55500), Adda52 Game Ambassador KUNAL PATNI (49500), WPT Prime Main Event champion ZARVAN TUMBOLI (47200), & Adda52 Colossus 50K Warm Up Bounty champion SHRAVAN CHHABRIA (32800).

Interestingly, several female players including Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther were seen in action and two of them made it to Day 2, namely PRIYA AGARWAL (65700) & SHUCHI CHAMARIA (42800).

Late registration will remain open until the end of level 14 on Day 2, which will likely attract many more players considering they will be given a starting stack of 60,000 chips. Play kicks off at 6 PM local time from level 9 with blinds starting at 800-1600 and a big blind ante of 1600. The schedule is to play down till final table or 23rd level today. There will be 40-minute levels, plus breaks every 3 level.  

We will be back on the tournament floor to bring you all of the latest updates. Stay tuned in!

Day 2 Seat Draw

Please note that late registration remains open until the end of level 14 on Day 2.

6 1 CHIRAG SODHA 190500
6 2 AYAZ KHAN 29100
6 6 AMIT TEJURA 62100
6 7 SOMASHEKAR KM 103600
7 3 GERA ABRAHAM 92800
7 4 BINIT SARAF 74200
7 6 VINEET KUMAR 150500
7 8 APOORVA GOEL 50100
8 4 GURPAL SINGH 68000
8 5 FAIZ ALAM 101600
8 7 YASH JAISWAL 85800
9 1 VIKAASH SHAH 53200
9 2 AKSHAY KAPOOR 125600
9 3 RANJEET NEGI 76500
9 5 GIRISH 37000
9 8 SUMIT SAPRA 85800
10 3 MUKUL AGARWAL 94300
10 5 GOONJAN MALL 145000
10 6 AVINASH TAURO 63800
10 7 KUNAL CHANDRA 110000
10 8 AKSHAT SHARMA 165200
11 1 NISHANT SHARMA 103300
11 2 KUNAL PATNI 49500
11 3 PAWAN JAISWAL 104800
11 4 KARTIK VED 71400
11 8 PRIYA AGARWAL 65700
12 2 SHASHANK JAIN 119400
12 3 TANMAY BENARA 57900
12 4 HARSH BUBNA 55000
12 5 SABREESH RAO 62200