Welcome To The Live Coverage Of Adda52 Colossus 50K Warm-Up Bounty

Game Over! Shravan Chhabria Champions the 50K Warm Up Bounty For INR 8.96 Lac!

  • Level: 22
  • Blinds: 20k-40k
  • Ante: 40k

Finally, it is over with Shravan Chhabria winning it to claim his first-ever Colossus title.

Shravan overcame a strong field of 98 entrants, besting Pratik Kumar in a very short heads-up match that lasted just a few hands. The win fetched Shravan his first Colossus title and INR 8.96 Lac.

Pratik finished runner-up and collected INR 5.68 Lac for his efforts. In addition to the top prize, Shravan scored 10 bounties, while Pratik won 4 bounties on his way to the runner-up finish.

Shravan, who was the third lowest stack at the start of the final table, began on a cracking note by busting the 2019 Colossus Main Event champion Aditya Agarwal in 9th place. His next victim was Sreeram Immadi (6th place). He then busted Rajesh Jagannadham in 3rd place to eventually enter the heads-up against Pratik Kumar with  a commanding chip lead. The heads-up was over in just few hands. The final hand of the dual saw Pratik (button) shoving all-in for 3.5 Lac with 5s 4c and Shravan called with Qd 7d. The board ran out 7s Qs 7h 10s 3x, giving the title to Shravan Chhabria.

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  1. Shravan Chhabria – INR 8,96,000 + 1.5 Lac in Bounties
  2. Pratik Kumar – INR 5,68,000 + 60,000 in Bounties
  3. Rajesh Jagannadham – INR 3,60,000 + 90,0000 in Bounties
  4. Rugal Advani – INR 2, 35,000 + 60,000 in Bounties
  5. Amarnath R. Chayana – INR 1, 83,500 + 75,000 in Bounties
  6. Sreeram Kumar – INR 1, 46,500  + 60,000 in Bounties
  7. Gurpal Singh – INR 1,24,500 + 75,000 in Bounties
  8. Somashekar KM – INR 1,08,000 + 45,000 in Bounties
  9. Aditya Agarwal – INR 95,000 + 60,000 in Bounties

It Is Heads-Up For The Title!

  • Level: 22
  • Blinds: 20k-40k
  • Ante: 40k

The heads-up play has begun with the long time poker pro Shravan Chhabria (1.395k chips) holding a command lead over his opponent Pratik Kumar (565k Chips).

The duo briefly discussed a deal but couldn’t reach an agreement, and it’s game on!

Heads-up Chip Counts:

Pratik Kumar – 565k

Shravan Chhabria – 1.395k

Rajesh Jagannadham Eliminated in 3rd Place (INR 3,60,000)

  • Level: 21
  • Blinds: 15k-30k
  • Ante: 30k

In a pre-flop action, Shravan Chhabria from SB shoved all-in for 1.1 Million and the short-stacked Rajesh Jagannadham in the BB called off for his remaining 230k stack.

Rajesh:  Jc Qc

Shravan: Qx 7x

Board: 5x Kx 7x 6x 3x

Shravan flopped a seven pair, which was enough for him to take down the pot . 

Rugal Advani Goes Out in 4th Place for INR 2, 35,000

  • Level: 20
  • Blinds: 10k-25k
  • Ante: 25k

The field has whittled down to the final three with Rugal exiting in 4th place.

The hand in question had Rugal open-shoving with 6 7 and Pratik Kumar called off with K Q. The latter flopped a king pair, which was enough for him to win the pot and bust Rugal in 4th place.  

Amarnath Chayanam Busted In 5th Place ( INR 1, 83,500)

  • Level: 20
  • Blinds: 10k-25k
  • Ante: 25k

In a pre-flop action, Amarnath Chayanam on the button open-shoved with Ac Kc and Rugal Advani made the call with 7c 6c. The board reading 4 5 8 4 X gave the latter a winning straight to take down the pot and bust Amarnath in 5th place (INR 1, 83,500)

Sreeram Immadi Finishes 6th For INR 1, 46,500

  • Level: 19
  • Blinds: 10k-20k
  • Ante: 20k

There were two hands we saw between Shravan Chhabria and Sreeram Immadi, the one where Shravan ended up giving a double up to Sreeram and the other one where Chhabria took revenge by shipping the pot and busting his opponent. In the first hand, Shravan’s Kc 4c lost to Sreeram’s Ah Jh on the 5c 8d 10x 10h Jc board, giving a double-up to Sreeram. In the other hand, Shravan managed to make for the loss by winning it with a flush. He shoved all-in with Qc Jc and hit a flush on the turn to beat pocket tens of Sreeram, who exited in 6th place, earning INR 1, 46,500 for his deep run.

Gurpal Singh Exits In 7th Place For INR 1,24,500

  • Level: 17
  • Blinds: 6k-12k
  • Ante: 12k

In a pre-flop action, Gurpal Singh, who had started the FT with the second largest stack, shoved all-in for 127k and Rugal Advani, who had a bigger stack, made the call. Both players then tabled their cards:

Rugal: Jh 10h

Gurpal: Ah Jd

While Gurpal had a stronger holding, the board ran in favour of Rugal who made two pairs with jacks and tens to take down the pot and bust Gurpal in 7th place (INR 1,24,500).

Somashekar KM Busted in 8th Place (INR 1,08,000)

  • Level: 15
  • Blinds: 4k-8k
  • Ante: 8k

In a pre-flop action, Rugal Advani raised it to 25k and Somashekar shoved all-in for his remaining 52k. Advani gave it a little thought before finally making the call.

  • Rugal: Ax 8x
  • Somashekar: Qx Qx
  • Board: Ax 7x 6x 5x 7x

Unfortunately for Somashekar, his pocket queens did not hold up and he  exited in 8th place. 

Former Colossus Main Event Champion Aditya Agarwal Busted in 9th Place (INR 95,000)

  • Level: 15
  • Blinds: 4k-8k
  • Ante: 8k

The former Colossus ME champ Aditya Agarwal, who began the final table with the shortest stack, became the first player to exit the final table. He shoved with Ax 3x for around 50k and Shravan Chhabria in the big blind called with pocket sevens. The board came down 6x 7x 8x 6x Jx.

Chhabria took it down with full house, eliminating Agarwal in 9th place (INR 95,000)

Amarnath Chayanam Leads the Final Table 

  • Level: 14
  • Blinds: 3k-6k
  • Ante: 6k

Finally, the field has whittled down to the final 9 players, and leading them is Amarnath Chayanam with a stack of 4,09,000 chips. He is followed by Gurpal Singh (3,17,000).

Seat 1 – Pratik Kumar – 1,89,000

Seat 2 – Shravan Chhabria – 1,71,000

Seat 3 – Somashekar  KM – 1,52,000

Seat 4 – Aditya Agarwal – 55,000

Seat 5 – Gurpal Singh – 3,17,000

Seat 6 – Amarnath Chayanam – 4,09, 000

Seat 7 – Rajesh Jagannadham – 2,12,000

Seat 8 – Sreeram Immadi – 2,01,000

Seat 9 – Rugal Advani – 2, 54,000

Recent Eliminations From The 50K Warm Up Bounty 

Level: 13

Blinds: 3k-6k

Ante: 6k

  • Pankaj Bhardwaj (14th for INR 80,000)
  • Ratul Steves (13th for INR 80,000)
  • Kartik Ved (12th for INR 86,500)
  • Loveleen Singh (11th for INR 86,500)
  • Anup Palod (10th for INR 86,500)

Prashant Jain Bhutoria Eliminated by Kartik Ved

  • Level: 12 
  • Blinds: 1500 -3000
  • Ante: 3000

In a pre-flop action, Prashant Jain Bhutoria opened and Kartik Ved called.

Flop: Ax Kx 8x

Bhutoria bet 3500 and Ved called

Turn: 5x

Bhutoria check-shoved after a bet from Ved.

River: Jx

Bhutoria tabled Ax Qx for a pair of Aces, while Ved turned over Ax 5x for two pairs and took down the pot, busting Bhutoria and collecting the bounty.


Srijan Bubbles the 50K Warm Up Bounty

  • Level: 12
  • Blinds: 1500-3000
  • Ante: 3000

One of the shorter stacks in the field, Srijan exits the event on the money bubble. He held Jd 5d, which unfortunately failed to beat out 6c 8d of Shravan Chhabria on the board of Jh 6s 8c 9d X. The latter hit two pairs to bust Srijan on the bubble and collect the bounty prize.

Ram Kakkar Eliminated by Rajesh 

  • Level: 11
  • Blinds: 1,500-2,500
  • Ante: 2,500

Pre-flop, Pratik Kumar opens 3x and Ram Kakkar from the button shoves for a 16BB stack. Rajesh in the big blind re-shoves for a 19 BB stack. Pratik folds.

  • Kakkar: AK
  • Rajesh: KK
  • Board: 8s 7d 4c 2c 4h

Rajesh’s pocket kings hold up, eliminating Kakkar and getting his bounty.

Srihari Eliminated by Anup Palod

  • Level: 11
  • Blinds: 1,500-2,500
  • Ante: 2,500

With the blinds increasing at every level, the eliminations are happening quickly. A short while ago, we lost Srihari from table 10. He pitted his Ac 9d against the Js Jd of Anup Palod.

The board ran out Kx 10x 3x 7x 10x, giving Palod the pot and the bounty of Srihari.

Aditya eliminates Priya and doubles up through Srihari

  • Level: 11
  • Blinds: 1,500-2,500
  • Ante: 2,500

In a three-way all-in action, Priya Agarwal from UTG open shoves for a 4BB stack, Srihari from the button re-shoves for 45 BBs and the 2019 Colossus Main Event champion Aditya Agarwal calls for a 31 BB stack. 

  • Priya: As Js
  • Srihari: A 8 off
  • Aditya: K 10 off
  • Board: Qx 6x 4x 6x Kx

Aditya eliminates Priya and doubles up through Srihari

Loveleen Singh Takes It Down From Pratik Kumar

  • Level: 11
  • Blinds: 1500-2500
  • Ante: 2500

In a pre-flop action, Loveleen Singh from UTG opens and Pratik Kumar calls.

Flop: Ah 3s 8d

The flop gets checked around

Turn: 4d

Loveleen Singh leads out with 6500 and Pratik calls.

River: 4h

Prateek bets and Loveleen check-calls.

Loveleen shows Ac 10s, while Prateek mucks his hand. The former wins the pot.

Payouts Announced!

  • Level: 9
  • Blinds: 800-1600
  • Ante: 1600

The 50K Warm Up Bounty has registered 98 entries, posting INR 31,36,000 in the prize pool.

The top 14 places will receive payouts, with the eventual winner taking home INR 8.96 Lac, plus the bounties. Here is the complete list of payouts for the event!

1st – 8,96,000

2nd – 5,68,000

3rd – 3,60,000

4th – 2, 35,000

5th – 1, 83,500

6th – 1, 46,500

7th – 1,24,500

8th – 1,08,000

9th – 95,000

10th -12th – 86,500

13th – 14th – 80,000

Anmol Chawla Busted

  • Level: 8
  • Blinds: 600-1,200
  • Ante: 1,200

It was a pre-flop three-way all-in action. Roshan Bhardwaj moved all-in for a 10 BB stack and the player next to him shoved behind. Anmol Chawla in BB was the shortest stack among the three and he too shoved all-in.

  • Roshan: 10h Jh
  • Unknown Player: Ad Ah
  • Anmol: 10c 10s
  • Board: Jx Jx Qx Qx 7x

Roshan hit a full house, winning the pot to triple up and collect Anmol’s bounty.

Late Registration Ends With 98 Entries

  • Level: 8
  • Blinds: 600-1,200
  • Ante: 1,200

With the end of Level 7, the late registration period has ended, recording 98 entries and surpassing the turnout of 66 entries registered for the previous warm-up event of the Colossus.

Chip Counts After Late Registration Break

  • Level: 8
  • Blinds: 600-1,200
  • Ante: 1,200

Amarnath C (130k) and Rugal Advani (110k), Somashekhar (110k) and Loveleen Singh are among the top stacks after the late registration break.

  • Amarnath – 130k
  • Rugal Advani – 110k
  • Somashekhar – 110k
  • Loveleen Singh – 90k
  • Shravan Chhabria – 79k
  • Devbrat – 75k
  • Ram Kakkar – 60k

92 Entries! Last Level for Late Registration and Re-entry

  • Level: 7
  • Blinds: 500-1,000
  • Ante: 1,000

The Adda52 Colossus gets off to a good start here at the Deltin Royale as the Bounty Warm Up has registered a total of 92 entrants so far. However, this is the last level for late registration and re-entry. Following this level, there will be a 15-minute break after which we will be bringing you chip count updates. Stay tuned!

Notable Chip Counts After First Break

  • Level: 5
  • Blinds: 300-600
  • Ante: 600

The players are back from the 15-minute break and the play has resumed. As the tournament clock shows, there are 75 entries on the board and 54 players are remaining in the field. Some notable stacks among them include the likes of:

  1. Vineet Kumar – 70k
  2. Roshan Bhardwaj – 62k
  3. Ratul Steves -60.5k
  4. Shashank Jain – 31k
  5. Debashis Bal – 46.2k
  6. Ayaz Khan – 42k
  7. Myron Pereira – 39k

Priya Agarwal Busted

  • Level: 4
  • Blinds: 300-500
  • Ante: 500

In a three-way action pre-flop, Priya Agarwal open-shoves for 6k. A player from the MP position raises to 15k and Faiz Alam from the button, who had them covered, goes all-in. The action is back on the player in MP who calls.

Priya: 9-10

MP Player: A Q

Faiz Alam: A A

The board runs out A 6 4 Q 3, giving the MP player the pot and busting Priya in the process.

Some More Notables Joining In 

  • Level: 200-400
  • Blinds: 200-400
  • Ante: 400

The field for the Warm Up BOUNTY is going up fast. There are over 56 players in action including some more notables like Priya Agarwal, Shashank Jain, Manas Nayank, Faiz Alam, etc.

50 Entries & Counting

  • Level: 2
  • Blinds: 200-300
  • Ante: 300

The 50k Warm Up bounty has entered level 2 and there are over 50 players in the field. Some notable names among the new entrants include the likes of Shravan Chhabria, Sahil Agarwal, Niharika Bindra, Kartik Ved and Sumit Sapra.

Gurpal Singh Is One of Early Eliminations

  • Level: 1
  • Blinds: 100-200
  • Ante: 200

Pre-flop, a player from an early position opens to 500. Gurpal Singh from SB goes all-in and Vineet Kumar from the big blind calls. Action back on the player in early position and he folds.

At showdown:

  • Vineet: Ah As
  • Gurpal: 9h 9c

The board runs out 8h 2c Kd 3h 8d where pocket nines don’t hold up and Gurpal Singh gets busted.  

Shuffle-UP  & Deal – 50K Warm Up Bounty Begins!

  • Level: 1
  • Blinds: 100-200
  • Ante: 200

Finally, the  50K Warm Up Bounty gets underway with over 15 players in the field but this number is bound to go up in the next few minutes with more players lined up to join the game. Some notables who can be seen in action include the likes of Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni, Arjanveer Singh Chadha, Ram Kakkar, Vineet Kumar, Ratul Steves, etc.  Stay tuned in for the updates!


Welcome To 50K Warm-Up Bounty

Hello folks! One of the most anticipated poker series – Adda52 Colossus High Roller Series has begun! Getting the ball rolling for the prestigious series were the 3 GTD Main Event Satty and 2 GTD High Roller Satty, both of which ran yesterday at the Deltin Royale, Goa. Starting at 6 PM, the Main Event Satty found winners in Vineet Kumar, Arnab Roy and Archit Khandelwal, while the High Roller satty starting at 8PM crowned winners in the veteran pro Sumit Sapra and Loveleen Singh.

While the series kicked off yesterday here at the luxurious Deltin Royale in Goa, the real grind begins today. Yes, we are talking about the 50K Warm Up Bounty, a special event where you can win a bounty of INR 15k every time you knock out an opponent. It is an 8-Max event starting today at 1 PM.

Players start with a stack of 20k, with blinds starting at 100-200 and ante at 200.  Each level will be of 35 minutes, while the late registration for the event will remain open till the end of level 7.

In the earlier edition of the Colossus held in 2019, it was the well-known MTT pro Meherzad Munsaf  who shipped the  50k Warm up event and this time – who knows- it could be you. Wishing you all good luck. Stay tuned in as we will be presenting live updates when the action kicks off at 1 PM!