Adda52’s The Ultimate Rakeback Offers Flat 50% Rakeback (10th September – 1st October)

September is turning out to be an exiting time for the Sikanders on Adda52! Complementing its bumper MTT schedule, Adda52 has now come out with its extravagant promotion – The Ultimate Rakeback, which runs from 10th September to 1st October and offers a flat 50% rakeback at the 500 BB and above cash tables (NLHE and PLO5) from 6:41 AM Sat to 6:40 AM Sat) every week. So, if you are a cash game lover with a penchant for high-octane games, The Ultimate Rakeback is for you!

A weekly promotion, The Ultimate Rakeback is open to any player above the age of 18. Every player will receive a flat 50% rakeback on earning more than 15K PGP and a flat 40% rakeback on earning between 10K-15k PGP during the weekly cycle by playing at the 500 BB and above cash tables.

Once you hit the milestone in a week (6:41 AM Sat to 6:40 AM Sat), you become eligible to get a flat 40% to 50% rakeback based on the rake earned during that week on the 500 BB and above tables.

Given below are the weekly start and end dates for The Ultimate Rakeback:

Weeks                  Start Date/Time                                   End Date/Time

Week 1 – 10th September, 6:41 AM (Sat) – 17th September, 6:40 AM (Sat)

Week 2 – 17th September, 6:41 AM (Sat) – 24th September, 6:40 AM (Sat)

Week 3 – 24th September, 6:41 AM (Sat) – 1st October, 6:40 AM (Sat)

How will the Payout get credited?

Based on loyalty level every Saturday, you will receive your regular Rakeback amount (like you currently receive). Adda52 will add the differential amount on Monday for everyone who crossed between 10K to 15K PGP and above 15K PGP. Let us explain it in a simpler way by the example.

Payout = (Rake Generated x 50%) – Payoff* already received through the loyalty program (for more than 15K PGPs)

Payout = (Rake Generated x 40%) – Payoff* already received through the loyalty program (for PGPs between 10K to 15K).

So, if you are a serious grinder who loves the thrill of high-octane cash game sessions, be a part of Adda52’s exciting ‘The Ultimate Rakeback’ promotion and get between 40% to 50% Rakeback. What are you waiting for? Just head to India’s largest poker site –, and join the cash tables!

For more details on the promotion and its terms and conditions, check out this link HERE!