WPC-SEAPT 2022: Nishant Sharma Wins His First WPC Title After Taking Down High Roller Single Day

Indians have been beasting it out on the live felts for the majority of 2022. Following Naveen Valluri’s victory in the PokerStars’ Road to PSPC Manila series-opener ₱1 Million GTD Warm-up, it is now the WSOP 2018 Main Event best Indian finisher and last month’s Adda52 Colossus Main Event champion Nishant Sharma making headlines. The MTT beast has taken down the WPC High Roller Single Day event of the ongoing World Poker Championship Hanoi 2022 at the Grand Loyal Poker Club, Hanoi.

Sharma overcame a field of 35 entrants to claim his maiden WPC title and VN₫ 679,500,000 in the top prize. He eventually bested Michael Kim Falcon who banked VN₫  425,000,000 for his runner-up. The final spot on the podium went to India’s Kalyan Chakravarthy (3rd for VN₫ 254,000,000).

With more players coming in for the Main Event, the organizers added a High Roller Single Day event to keep the thrill and action flowing. The event featuring a bigger buy-in of VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,321) drew in 35 entrants, collecting a VN₫ 1,697,500,000 (~US$ 71,639) prize pool, which was shared by the top five finishes, with Ng Vu Huy (5th for VN₫ 153,000,000) being the first ITM player. Following him quickly was Gary Pound Thomas who exited in 4th place for VN₫ 186,000,000.

Sharma had the chip lead early in the game and kept it all the way till the last five players. Down to three-handed play, Sharma and Michael Kim Falcon held massive stacks. One of the key hands during the three-handed play was when Kalyan Chakravarthy doubled with As 2d against Falcon’s Jd Jh. However, Falcon managed to revenge when he called off with Ad 8h against Chakravarthy’s check-jam with Ac 9d. Falcon’s 8 pair held, busting Chakravarthy in 3rd place for VN₫ 254,000,000.

In the heads-up against Falcon, Sharma held a slight chip lead before the final hand was reached. On the final hand, both players were all-in with Ace-high. Sharma holding a better kicker took down the pot and the title, while Falcon had to settle for the runner-up payout worth VN₫ 425,000,000.

Final Table Results (VND)

Nishant Sharma –


Michael Kim Falcon –


Kalyan Chakravarthy –


Gary Pound Thomas –


Ng Vu Huy –