DPT November 2022 Pays Out INR 6.5 Crores; Abhishek Paul Wins Main Event; Highlights Inside

Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) recently concluded another record-breaking edition with the DPT November 2022 producing the largest festival prize pool and main event numbers ever seen for the festival. Running from 8th to 14th November at the luxurious Deltin Royale casino in Goa, the poker fiesta attracted over 1800 entrants and paid out an enormous INR 6.5 Crores in total prize money, making it the biggest edition in DPT history. Here are the top moments and highlights of the series!

  • Festival Prize Pool: INR 6.5 Crores
  • Total Festival Entries: 1799
  • Record Main Event Prize Pool: INR 2,91,10,000
  • Record Main Event Entries: 710
  • Main Event Champion: Abhishek Paul (Won INR 55,13,434)
  • High Roller Champion: Sanat Mehrotra (Won INR 37,57,900)
  • Most Final Tables: Kanchan Sharma – 2 final tables

The series had an exciting mix of pro and new players across genders. It witnessed the rise of several young, skillful and talented players like Alok Bhatt, Varunn Gaala, Sanat Mehrotra, Pratibh Saluja, Abhishek Paul, and Jyoti Krishna. A total of six tournaments played out during the latest edition of the DPT with the 45k Main Event and 1.1 Lac High Roller taking on special significance among them.

Both the Main Event and the High Roller found new champions. Abhishek Paul grabbed headlines for winning the Main Event for his career-best live score of INR 55.13 Lac and his maiden DPT trophy, while the online MTT crusher Sanat Mehrotra shipped the High Roller title for a hefty INR 37,57,900 and the glorious DPT trophy. The DPT Women’s Special Event too found a new champion with Jyoti Krishna winning it for INR 1,00,300 and her first-ever DPT trophy. Here is a look at the winners!

DPT 16.5K Warm-up (8-Max) – Alok Bhatt – INR  9,80,920

The latest DPT edition got off to a flying start with the series opener, DPT 16.5K Warm-up, drawing an impressive 343 entries and generating INR 51,45,000 in the prize pool that was shared by the top 43 finishers with a min-cash of INR 38,875. While the field saw many top pros in contention, walking away with the title was a new face in Alok Bhatt who walked away with INR 9,80,920 and his maiden DPT trophy. He finally bested Bhavesh Mandalia who earned INR 6,94,862 for his runner-up finish.

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  1. Alok Bhatt – 9,80,920
  2. Bhavesh Mandalia – 6,94,862
  3. Kaleem Pasha – 4,51,504
  4. Hiren Ramani – 3,37,799
  5. Bahar – 2,56,508
  6. Leon Menezes – 2,56,508
  7. Deepankur Gupta – 1,75,732
  8. Gaurav Idnani – 1,42,804

DPT 25K NLH Bounty (8-Max) – Varunn Gaala – INR 12,24,237

The second event of the recently-concluded series that ran on 9th November was also a resounding success with an impressive 338 entries coming in and building INR 61,51,600 in the prize pool and INR 16,90,000 in the bounty prize pool. While the top 42 places got paid out with a min-cash of INR 46,480, walking away with the title and top prize was the Big Millions sixth-place finisher Varunn Gaala who got his hands on a hefty INR 12.24 Lac and a beautiful DPT trophy. This was Gaala’s first-ever DPT title and he bested  Vivek Karwa (2nd for INR 8,30,809) in the heads-up to clinch the title.

Final Table Payouts (INR) – Bounty Prize Not Included

  1. Varunn Gaala – 12,24,237
  2. Vivek Karwa – 8,30,809
  3. Saransh Garg – 5,39,839
  4. Siddharth Jain – 4,03,888
  5. Mandar Darade – 3,06,693
  6. Aditya Sushant – 2,48,86
  7. Avinash Tauro – 2,10,113
  8. Bhuvan Bansal – 1,70,743

DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller – Sanat Mehrotra – INR 37,57,900

The third event of the series, 1.10 Lac DPT High Roller, was a two-day event that ran from 10th to 11th November. Online MTT crusher Sanat Mehrotra championed the event for INR 37,57,900 and his maiden DPT trophy. He topped a star-studded field of 205 entries that resulted in an enormous INR 2,09,71,500 prize pool that was shared by the top 24 finishers with a min-cash of INR 2,01,326.

This high roller tourney ended in a three-way ICM deal with the eventual champion Sanat Mehrotra walking away with the lion’s share worth INR 37,57,900. Ashish Ahuja (runner-up) pocketed INR 31,94,000, while Shashank Shekhar banked an impressive INR 36,44,476 for his third-place finish.

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  1. Sanat Mehrotra – 37,57,900
  2. Ashish Ahuja – 31,94,000
  3. Shashank Shekhar – 36,44,476
  4. Kanchan Sharma – 16,90,303
  5. Himanshu Chhikara – 12,68,776
  6. Deepak Agarwal – 10,15,021
  7. Gopi Krishna – 8,43,054
  8. Somashekar KM –  6,75,282

DPT 25K PLO Bounty Turbo (7-Max) – Pratibh Saluja – INR 5,69,183

This edition had something for everyone and catering to PLO lovers was the DPT 25K PLO Bounty Turbo on 11th November. The fourth event of the edition dew in 186 entries and generated INR 33, 85,200 in the prize pool and INR 9,30,000 in the bounty prize pool. While the top 24 places were paid out with a min-cash of INR 32,498, walking away with the title was the former DPT Xpress Tag Team Event winner Pratibh Saluja. He had entered the final table as one of the shortest stacks but played some top-notch poker to win the top INR 5,69,183 prize, following a 3-way ICM deal with the DPT April 2022 Bounty champion Amit Kaushik (2nd for INR 4,62,064) & Udit Baid (3rd for INR 6,10,703).

Final Table Payouts (INR) – Bounty Prize Not Included

  1. Pratibh Saluja – 5,69,183
  2. Amit Kaushik – 4,62,064
  3. Udit Baid – 6,10,703
  4. Prudhivi Raj Reddy – 2,72,847
  5. Karan Kapur – 2,04,805
  6. Gregory Rozario – 1,63,844
  7. Madhav Sethi – 1,36,844

DPT 45K Main Event (8-Max) – Abhishek Paul – INR 55,13,434

It was elbow to elbow at the DPT November 2022 Main Event with the three starting days filling the room to capacity. Day 1A (277) and Day 1B Turbo (169) drew a combined 446 entries, while Day 1C clocked in with 264 entries, taking the total count to a record 710 entries. This was by far the largest turnout seen for the DPT Main Event and the single largest prize pool produced of INR 2.91 Crores.

Running from 12th to 14th November, the Main Event had a dream ending for Abhishek Paul who emerged victorious to earn his career-best live score of INR 55.13 Lac and his maiden DPT trophy. He eventually bested Anand Thakur who impressed many with his play and some amazing acting skills but could not go all the way, finally settling for the runner-up payout worth INR 33,73,849.

This INR 45k buy-in Main Event paid out an impressive 103 players with a min-cash of INR 78,597.

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  1. Abhishek Paul – 55,13,434
  2. Anand Thakur – 33,73,849
  3. Pranav Bagai – 24,10,308
  4. Abhishek Goindi – 18,25,197
  5. Laksh Pal Singh – 14,52,589
  6. Archit Khandelwal – 11,14,913
  7. Mohit Mehta – 8,06,347
  8. Roopak Garbhe – 5,50,179

DPT 15K Women’s Special (8-Max) – Jyoti Krishna – INR 1,00,300!

Running on 13th November was the DPT 15K Women’s Special (8-Max). Aimed at encouraging and honoring poker ladies in the country for their passion for the game, the event drew in only 17 entries and crowned a winner in Jyoti Krishna who walked away with INR 1,00,300 and her first DPT trophy.

Only the top 4 players were paid out of INR 2,31,880 prize pool in this exclusive event for females. Taruna Kamdar placed runner-up and banked INR 60,500 for her efforts, with Riyana Rasheed (3rd place for INR 40,540) & Kanchan Sharma (4th place for INR 30,540) being the other ITM finishers.

2 Crore GTD Big Millions – Raghav Bansal – INR 31,63,652

After an extended run from 3rd to 6th November on Adda52.com, the final table of the 2 Crore GTD Big Millions was played live at the Dletin Royale casino on 12th November. The inaugural DPT Main Event champion Raghav Bansal came out on top of the star-studded final table to win INR 31.64 Lac and a beautiful Big Millions trophy. Debapriya Manna placed runner-up and banked INR 22.73 Lac.

Final Table Payouts  (INR)

  1. Raghav Bansal – 31,63,652
  2. Debapriya Manna – 22,72,880
  3. Archit Dhadwal – 16,34,220
  4. Anuj Yadav – 11,75,018
  5. Chandan Arora – 8,44,846
  6. Varunn Gaala – 6,07,452
  7. P.V.V.N Swami – 4,36,762
  8. Armaan Kochhar – 3, 14,036

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