Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT 45K Main Event Day 2

Game Over; Anand Thakur Finishes Runner-up For INR 33,73,849!


Blinds: 250k-500k

Ante: 500k

 And it is over with Abhishek Paul beating Anand Thakur in the heads-up for the title. Paul who was in the button shoved all-in for 12m and Anand Thakur from the big blind tanked for a while and then made the call. At showdown:

Abhishek: Kd Qc

Thakur: Ad Jc

Board: 3h 5c Jh Kh Qd

Abhishek made two pairs on the river and took the  coveted pot as well as the title. Abhishek banked a massive INR 55.13 Lac along with his maiden DPT trophy  and Thakur pocketed INR 33.74 Lac for his runner-up finish in the tournament.

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  1. Abhishek Paul – 55,13,434
  2. Anand Thakur – 33,73,849
  3. Pranav Bagai – 24,10,308
  4. Abhishek Goindi – 18,25,197
  5. Laksh Pal Singh – 14,52,589
  6. Archit Khandelwal – 11,14,913
  7. Mohit Mehta – 8,06,347
  8. Roopak Garbhe – 5,50,179



Abhishek Paul Regains The Chip Lead


Blinds: 250k-500k

Ante: 500k

The chip lead gets exchanged for one more time with Abhishek getting a nice double up. Abhishek P from big blind shoved all-in for 7.1 million  with Ac 6d and  Thakur from button called with Kh Qc.The board ran out Qh 8h 5s 9s 7h, giving Abhishek  a double up to regain the chip lead.

Anand Snatches The Chip Lead From Abhishek Paul

It is turning out to be a very intense heads-up battle here with the chip lead getting exchanged. Abhishek who had begun the heads-up as a massive chip leader has lost his lead to Thakur whose A2 managed to beat A5 on the board of J9Q10Q.

Heads-up begins between Anand and Abhishek Paul

Abhishek Paul- 14m chips 

Anant Thakur – 6m chips 

PSL Co-Founder Pranav Bagai Exits In Third Place (INR 24,10,308)

Level: 31

Blinds: 150k-300k

Ante: 300k

PSL Co-founder Pranav Bagai who was a chip leader for a while after busting Archit Khandelwal and Laksh Pal Singh is out in 3rd place.

Bagai (SB) shoved all-in for 3.9m and Abhishek Paul (BB) who had eliminated poker coach Abhishek Goindi in the previous level made the call with a 3.6m stack.

Pranav: Qh 6h

Abhishek: Kc Qs

Board: Kd 7d 9s Qd 10d

Abhishek hit two pairs to win the pot and bust Bagai in third place.

Abhishek Paul Currently Holds The Chip Lead

Level: 30

Blinds: 125k-250k

Ante: 250k

We are one elimination away from the heads-up with Abhishek Goindi exiting in 4th place. Yes, it is down to the three players in the DPT Main Event and leading them is Abhishek Paul with 9.4 million chips.

Poker Coach Abhishek Goindi Finishes 4th For INR 18,25,197

Level: 30

Blinds: 125k-250k

Ante: 250k

And we have one more elimination from the DPT Main Event FINAL TABLE and it is none other than the poker coach and former DPT High Roller winner Abhishek Goindi who pitted his Kc Jd against the Qh Qc of Abhishek Paul on the board of Js Ad 2d 5d 6c where pocket queens held up, giving the pot to Paul and ending Goindi’s final table run in 5th place (INR 18,25,197).

Laksh Pal Singh Exits FT in 5th Place (INR 14,52,589)

  • Level: 30
  • Blinds: 125k-250k
  • Ante: 250k

Laksh Pal Singh who was a chip leader for a while is out in 5th place.

The hand in question saw Pranav Bagai opening to 500k and Laksh Pal Singh from HJ shoved all-in for 2.1m which Bagai called.

Laksh Pal: Ad 10d

Bagai: Ac Js

Board: 10h Jh Jc 2d 6s

Bagai took down the pot with jacks trips sending Laksh Pal packing in 5th place. After the hand, Bagai is the new chip leader and of course one of the strongest contenders for the title among the remaining four players.

Archit Khandelwal Exits In 6th Place (INR 11,14,913)

Level: 29

Blinds: 100k-200k

Ante: 200k

Pre-flop, Pranav Bagai from cutoff opens to 600k and Archit from the big blind calls with his 2M stack, which Bagai calls. At showdown:

Archit: 10h 10d

Bagai: Qs Qh

Board: Ah Ac 6h Kc 3s

Pocket tens of Archit fail to hold up against the pocket queens of Bagai. The latter takes down the pot and Archit gets busted in 6th place.

Chip Counts Of Remaining Six – Laksh Pal Singh Leads

Level: 28

Blinds: 80k-160k

Ante: 120k

  • Laksh Pal Singh – 5.8m
  • Abhishek Paul – 4.9m
  • Abhishedk Goindi – 3.6m
  • Anand Thakur – 3.3m
  • Pranav Bagai – 2.2m
  • Archit K – 1.5m
Mohit Mehta Finishes 7th For INR 8,06,347

Level: 28

Blinds: 80k-160k

Ante: 120k

And we have the second elimination from the FT in Mohit Mehta who open-shoved from HJ for 1.2m.

Abhishek Paul from the big blind made the call and both players then turned over their cards.

Mohit:Kd Qd
Abhishek: Ah Ad
Board: 6s 6h Kh 8h Qs
Both players make two pairs but Abhishek Paul takes it down with higher two pairs ending Mohit’s Main Event run.

Roopak Garbe (8th) Becomes The First Player To Exit FT

Level: 28

Blinds: 80k-160k

Ante: 120k

Abhishek Paul from button open shoves and Roopak Garbe who had a shorter stack of 675k makes the call from the big blind. At showdown:

Abhishek: 3h 3s

Roopak: Ad 6

Board: 3d Jc Kc Qc Jd

 Abhishek rivers a full house taking down the pot and busting Roopak in 8th place (INR 5,50,179).

Final Table Set With Thakur Anand Mohan In Lead

Level: 28

Blinds: 80k-160k

Ante: 120k

After a long grind of more than 11 hours, the final table has been reached with Thakur Anand Mohan leading the way with 6.1M. Following him in second place is Laksh Pal Singh with a stack of 4.4M. Also on the FT is poker coach and former DPT champion Abhishek Goindi (4M) along with PSL co-founder Pranav Bagai (2.7m).

  • Seat-1  Archit Khandelwal – 1.7M
  • Seat-2  Roopak Garbe – 695K
  • Seat-3  Thakur Anand Mohan – 6.1M
  • Seat-4  Mohit Mehta – 1M
  • Seat-5  Abhishek Goindi – 4M
  • Seat-6  Pranav Bagai – 2.7M
  • Seat-7  Laksh Pal Singh – 4.4M
  • Seat-8  Abhishek Paul – 1.4M

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  • 1st- 55,13,434 
    2nd- 33,73,849 
    3rd- 24,10,308
    4th- 18,25,197 
    5th- 14,52,589 
    6th- 11,14,913 
    7th- 8,06,347 
    8th- 5,50,179 

Vishal Bajaj Bubbles DPT 45k Main Event Final Table

Level: 28

Blinds: 80k-160k

Ante: 120k

Vishal Bajaj from early position open-shoves for 435k and gets called by poker coach Abhishek Goindi who had him covered. At showdown:

Vishal: 2d 2s

Goindi: Ac Jh

Board: Ah Kc 9d 8c Ad

Abhishek takes it down with trips aces busting Vishal Bajaj in 9th place (INR 4,36,650). 

Rubin Labroo Exits In 10th Place

Level: 27

Blinds: 60k-120k

Ante: 120k

Anand Thakur from cutoff opens to 400k and Rubin Labroo from big blind shoves all-in for 680k. Thakur tanks a little and then makes the call.

Rubin: Ad Qd

Anand: Js Jd

Board: 10d 6s 8s 7d 2

Pocket jacks hold up for Anand who wins the pot and busts Rubin Labroo.

Latest Big Millions Champion Raghav Bansal Goes Out In 11th Place

Level: 27

Blinds: 60k-120k

Ante: 120k

Vishal Bajaj from cutoff goes all-in for 80k and Laksh Pal Sing from button raises to 240k and Raghav Bansal from SB goes all-in for 80k. Archit from BB flat calls.

Flop: Qs 6h 7h

Archit checks and Laksh Pal Singh bets 350k to which Archit folds.

Vishal: 9h 7d

Raghav: 9c 6d

Laksh Pal: Ac 2s

Turn: 4x  & River: 3x

Vishal Bajaj takes down the main event with a pair of sevent. The side pot goes to Laksh Pal Singh, and Raghav Bansal gets busted 11th place.

Gurpal Singh Is Out In 12th Place

Level: 26

Blinds: 50k-100k

Ante: 100k

Archit from hijack open shoves for 10.8 millions and Gurpal Singh from button shoves all-in for 975k. Both players then show their cards.

Archit: Kh Jc

Gurpal: Ah 10h

Board: 7c 4s 2c 6d Ks

Archit takes it down with the king pair busting Gurpal Singh in 12th place.

Latest Big Millions Champion Raghav Bansal Triples up

Level: 26

Blinds: 50k-100k

Ante: 100k

It was three-way all-in:

Raghav Bansal ( all-in for 645k) from UTG

Small blind player (all-in with the highest stack) from SB

Following them, Laksh Pal Singh also went all-in from BB.

Raghav: Ad Kd

SB player: 5c 5s

Laksh Pal: Qs Qc

Board: 8d 6d 3d 2s 10c

Raghav Bansal hits flush to win the main pot and the side pot goes to Laksh Pal Singh. The SB player loses a big chunk of his chips in this hand.

Ankit Wadhawan (13th) Busted By Abhishek Paul

Level: 26

Blinds: 50k-100k

Ante: 100k

Abhishek Paul from cutoff open-shoves and Ankit Wadhawan who had a shorter stack of 500k calls. Both players then turn over their cards.

Abhishek: Ah Qh

Ankit: As Kc

Board: 3h Qc 8d 10s 2s

Abhishek flops a queen pair and hold on from there to win the pot busting Ankit Wadhawan in 13th place.

Veteran Pro Paawan Bansal Exits In 14th Place

Level: 25

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 80k

Pros are getting eliminated one after the other and here we lose one more player from the Main Event field. This time, it is Paawan Bansal going out.

In this hand, Gurpal Singh from middle position opened to 160k and the short-stacked Paawan Bansal from BB went all-in for 195k. Gurpal (MP) called.

Paawan: 7d 8d

Gurpal: 7h Ac

Board: 6h 5d 7c Qc 2d

Both players flop a pair of seven but Gurpal wins it with higher kicker busting Paawan in 14th place.

A Quick Look At Eliminations (39th to 15th Places)

  • 39th- Puneet Sachan- 122262
    38th- Binit Saraf- 122262
    37th- Gaurav Idnani- 122262
    36th- Abhishek Sharma- 122262
    35th- Dheeraj Kumar Bairineni- 122262
    34th- Sai Sanjay Reddy- 122262
    33rd- Viul Tiwari- 122262
    32nd- Akhilendra Singh- 1,22,262
    31st- Shane Hodges- 1,36,817
    30th- Manish Lakhotia- 1,36,817
    29th- Vaibhav Sharma- 1,36,817
    28th- Harsh Bubna- 1,36,817
    27th- Prabhat Kumar- 1,60,105
    26th- Jaiveer Singh- 1,60,105
    25th- Gaurav Gupta- 1,60,105
    24th- Rajasekhar Puttamsetty- 1,60,105
    23rd- Pratik Kumar- 1,89,215
    22nd- Ritesh Khatwani- 1,89,215
    21st- Siddhant Kripalani- 1,89,215
    20th- Jayant Deshmukh- 2,18,325
    19th- Abhiroop Gupta- 2,18,325
    18th- Gautam Kaul- 2,18,325
    17th- Harshdev Jhirairia- 2,47,435
    16th- Aditya Sushant- 2,47,435
    15th- Shardul Parthasarathi- 2,76,545

Shardul P’s Main Event Run Ends In 15th Place

Level: 25

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 80k

Shardul P who had doubled up through poker coach Ahishek Goindi in level 19 is no longer in the Main Event field. He got busted a short while ago. He open-shoved to 330k and Vishal Bajaj who was seated on the small blind position also went all-in and the BB player folded.

Shardul: Kd Js

Bajaj: Js Ac

Board: 10s 5s Qh Qd 8d

AJ good against KJ and Bajaj took down the pot sending Shardul P to the rail.

WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant Busted In 16th Place

Level: 24

Blinds: 30k-60k

Ante: 60k

The long-time poker pro and WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant is out in 16th place. He got busted out of the ongoing DPT Main Event just a while ago. Sushant from UTG raised to 180k and Paawan Bansal from BB re-raised it to 360k. Aditya called with his remaining 20k stack.

Sushant: As 5h

Bansal: Ad Kd

Board: 9d 4h Jh 7h Jd

Bansal won with the higher kicker ending Sushant’s main event run in 16th place.

Harshdev Jhirmiria Exits in 17th Place

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k

Eliminations continue and we have one more player busting out in 17th place. The hand in question saw PSL co-founder Pranav Bagai opening from HJ and Harshdev (BB) moved all-in, which Bagai called with pocket threes.

  • Harshdev: 8c 7s
  • Pranav: 3s 3h
  • Board: Qh 6c Qs Ks Ac

Pranav Bagai made two pairs to ship the pot and bust Harshdev in 17th place.

Abhiroop Gupta Busts In 19th Place

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k

Abhiroop Gupta button open-shoves for 515k and Pranav re-shoves from small blind with more than 1.2m. Everyone else folds. At showdown:

Abhiroop: Ah 5d

Pranav: As Qs

Board: 9h 2c Ks 8d 10h

AQ good and Pranav Bagai takes it down, busting Abhiroop Gupta

Ritesh Khatwani Busted In 22nd Place

Level: 22

Blinds: 20k-40k

Ante: 40k

The cutoff opens to 75k and Ritesh Khatwani from small blind goes all-in for 475k. Abishek Goindi holding the stack made the call. Cutoff folded.

Ritesh: Ac 7d

Goindi: As Kh

Board: Jd 8d 3c 6s Jh

Abhishek Goindi takes it down with higher kicker busting Ritesh in 22nd place.

Prateek Kumar Exits In 23rd Place

Level: 22

Blinds: 20k-40k

Ante: 40k

Prateek Kumar from UTG opens to 100k.

Abhishek Paul from button and a player from SB call.

Flop: Js As 10c

The SB player checks, Prateek shoves all-in for 500k.

Abhishek calls and the SB player makes a snap fold.

Prateek: Ac Ah

Abhishek: Kd Qd

Board: Js As 10c 2s 6c

While Prateek flops a set, Abhishek takes it down with straight.

Puttamsetty Rajshekar Exits In 24th Place For INR 1,60,105

Level: 22

Blinds: 20k-40k

Ante: 40k

Puttamsetty Rajshekar from UTG open-shoves for 175k.

The middle position, hijack and cutoff players fold.

Laksh Pal Singh from button raises to 500k.

The SB and BB players fold.

Puttamsetty: Ks 10c

Laksh Pal: Qs Qc

Board: 8h 9s 9c Jd 3h

Pocket queens hold up for Laksh Pal and he wins the pot.

Puttamsetty gets busted in 24th place and earns INR 1,60,105.

Notable Chip Counts – Raghav Bansal In Lead

Level: 21

Blinds: 15k-30k

Ante: 30k

  1. Raghav Bansal- 2.3M
  2. Rubin Labroo- 1.75M
  3. Roopak Garbe- 1.57M
  4. Ritesh Khatwani- 1.3M
  5. Jayant Deshmukh- 1.28M
  6. Harshdev- 1.25M
  7. Lakshpal Singh- 1.2M
  8. Abhishek Paul- 1.2M
  9. Pranav Bagai- 1.2M

Rubin Labroo Doubles Up Through Pattamsetty

Level: 21

Blinds: 15k-30k

Ante: 30k

The MTT pro Rubin Labroo is building his stack and he doubled up a short a while ago through Puttamsetty. A player from UTG opened to 60k, Puttamsetty from MP called and Rubin Labroo from button raised to 130k. The UTG player folded and Puttamsetty shoved all-in for 790k.

Labroo tanked for a while and shoved all-in for 710k. At showdown:

Puttamsetty: Jc Ah

Rubin: Kd Kc

Board: 9s Jc 3s 7d 9d

Both players make two pairs but Rubin wins with bigger pairs and doubles up.

Prabhat Kumar (27th) Busted By Current Chip Leader Roopak

Level: 21

Blinds: 15k-30k

Ante: 30k

Pre-flop, Prabhat Kumar from cutoff opens to 195k and Roopak Garbe from the big blind makes the call. Both players then show their cards.

Roopak: Ah As

Prabhat: Ac Qc

Board: 4h 8c Kd Qs 2h

Pocket aces good and Roopak takes it down to extend his chip lead.

Shane Hodges Exits In 31st Place


Blinds 15000/30000

Ante- 30000

Shane Hodges from UTG opens shoves for 105K and Raghav Bansal from MP calls.

Shane- Ah 10d

Raghav- Ad Jh

Board- 6d Qd Js 5c 7s

Raghav wins the pot with the jack pair and shane busted in 31st position.  

Vipul Tiwari Exits In 33rd Place

Level: 20

Blinds: 10k-25k

Ante: 25k

In a three-way all-in action, Paawan Bansal from small blind goes all-in for 425k and Vipul Tiwari from the big blind shoves behind for 1.1m. Ritesh Khatwani who had them covered called from the cutoff.

Paawan: Ac 10c

Vipul: Ad Kd

Ritesh: Kc Kh

Board: 9d 8c 3d Jh Qc

Paawan wins the main pot with straight, Retesh takes the side pot, while Vipul gets busted in 33rd place.

Dheeraj B Busted In 35th Place

Level: 20

Blinds: 10k-25k

Ante: 25k

After giving a double up to Vishal Bajaj in the previous hand, Dheeraj B lost a big chunk of his stack. In the next hand, he was on the cuttoff and open shoved to 85k. Mohit Mehta from button called and everyone else folded.

Mohit: Ks Js

Dheeraj: Jd 9d

Board: 4d 4s 9s 10c 8s

Mohit rivers flush to take it down and send Vishal to the rail.

A Nice Double Up For Vishal Bajaj

Level: 20

Blinds: 10k-25k

Ante: 25k

Dheeraj B from button opens to 100k and Vishal Bajaj from BB shoves all-in for 350k. Dheeraj tanks for a while and then makes the call.

Vishal: 9s 9d

Dheeraj: 6s 6h

Board: 10d Ks Jd 4d 7c

Pocket hold up and Vishal Bajaj gets a nice double up.

Abhishek Sharma Busted In 37th place for INR 1,22,262.

Level: 20

Blinds: 10k-25k

Ante: 25k

The short-stacked Abhishek Sharma fom UTG open-shoves for 60k and the latest Big Millions champion Raghav Bansal calls from the big blind.

Abhishek: Js 4d

Raghav: Ac 3c

Board: 6c 5d 9d Qc 3h

Raghav finds a pair of threes on the river to win the pot and bust Abhishek Sharma. The latter exited in 37th place for INR 1,22,262.


A Quick Look at Eliminations (55th – 40th Places)

  • 55th- Ankit Takle- 1,07,707
  • 54th- Himanshu Chhikara- 1,07,707
  • 53rd- Aditya Sarin- 1,07,707
  • 52nd- Arun Sriram- 1,07,707
  • 51st- Unknown – 1,07,707
  • 50th- Nikhil Gutta- 1,07,707
  • 49th- Saransh Garg- 1,07,707
  • 48th- Unknown- 107707
  • 47th- Alok Birewar- 107707
  • 46th- Ashish Ahuja- 107707
  • 45th- Gaurav Arod- 107707
  • 44th- Ram Kakkar- 107707
  • 43rd- Kishore Kumar- 107707
  • 42nd- Neel Joshi- 107707
  • 41st- Amit Kaushik – 107707
  • 40th- Avinash Sharma- 107707

Neel Joshi Busted In 42nd Position


Blinds 10k-20k

Ante- 20k

Young gun Neel Joshi who had busted Adda52 Game Ambassador a short while ago, was left with only 5k. He was auto all-in from small blind. Dheeraj  from button raised to 100k and everyone else folded.

Neel: Kh Kd

Dheeraj: Qd Jh

Board: 2c 6h 9s Jd Qh

Dheeraj takes it down with two pairs busting Neel Joshi in 42nd Place 

Shardul P Doubles Up Through Abhishek Goindi


Blinds 10k-20k

Ante- 20k

Shardul Parthasarathi from the middle position open-shoves for 252k and poker coach a former DPT champion Abhishek Goindi calls from SB.

Shardul: Ac 5c

Goindi: 10c 10s

Board: Js Ah 6s 2h 7c

Pocket tens don’t hold up and Shardul takes it down to double up.

Ashish Ahuja Busted in 46th Position


Blinds 8000/16000

Ante- 16000


Archit from UTG limps and Ashish Ahuja open-shoves for 236k.

Archit makes a snap call and then both players turn their cards.

Ashish: 2x 7x

Archit: Ax Qx

Board: 4h Kd Ad 10c 9d

Archit flops an ace pair to take down the pot and bust Ahuja.

Alok Birewar Busted In 47th Place


Blinds 8000/16000

Ante- 16000

Roopak Garbe from HJ opens to 45K and Alok Birewar tanks for a while before going all-in for 365k. Roopak also tanks a little and then calls.

Alok: Ac Qc

Roopak: 10c 10s

Board: 10h 5c 2h Qd 9s

Roopak flops a set with tens to win the and bust Alok in 47th place.


Saransh Garg Exits In 49th Place For INR 1,07,707


Blinds 8000/16000

Ante- 16000

Sanjay Reddy from Co open shoves for 229k and Saransh Garg calls all-in with a shorter stack. Both players then turn over  their cards.

Sanjay: Ac Ks

Garg: As 10s

Board: 7d 8c 9d 7s 2h

The board bricks out and Sanjay wins the pot, busting Saransh Garg.

Ankit Takle Busted In 55th Place ( INR 1,07,707)


Blinds 8000/16000

Ante- 16000

Ankit Takle from Button shoves all-in for 79K. Alok Birewar from BB calls.

Ankit- Qs Qd

Alok- Ac 7s

Board- Js 6c 4c 10c Jc

Alok takes down the pot with one card flush and Ankit gets busted.


A Quick Look At Eliminations (103rd to 56th Places)

103rd Nikita Luther & Kamal Punjabi (amount split) – 39,298 INR each.
102nd- Digvijay Lamba- 78,597
101st- Pranay Chawla- 78,597
100th- Puneet Mishra- 78,597
99th- Alok Bhatt- 78,597
98th- Rana Pratap- 78,597
97th- Nikesh Chawla- 78,597
96th- Faiz Alam- 78,597
95th- Gauri Shankar- 84,419
94th- Vikram Aditya- 84,419
93rd- Siddharth Jain- 84,419
92nd- Gregory Rozario- 84,419
91st- Siddharth Karia- 84,419
90th- Ashish Munot- 84,419
89th- Deepankar Gupta- 84,419
88th- Yogesh Thakur- 84,419
87th- Karan Kapur- 84,419
86th- Dhaval Mudgal- 84,419
85th- Deepak Agarwal- 84,419
84th- Gautam Sachdeva- 84,419
83rd- Rakesh Mishra- 84,419
82nd- Jyoti Nayak- 84,419
81st- Chirag Sodha- 84,419
80th- Priya Agarwal- 84,419
79th- Mithun Mahesh – 84,419
78th- Harsh Singhania- 84,419
77th- Tahseen- 84,419
76th- Anuj Kodam- 84,419
75th- Sai Raghu- 84,419
74th- Rakesh P- 84,419
73rd- Unknown – 84,419
72nd- Vishal Ojha- 84,419
71st- Shion- 93,152
70th- J Raju- 93,152
69th- Nishant Sharma- 93,152
68th- Samyak- 93,152
67th- Siddharth Jolly- 93,152
66th- Niyut Shah- 93,152
65th- Ranjeet- 93,152
64th- Jagat Singh- 93,152
63rd- Rahul Kumar- 93,152
62nd- Harshit- 93,152
61st- Aditya Reddy- 93,152
60th- Gagandeep Malik- 93,152
59th- Kunal Patni- 93,152
58th- Mitang Soni- 93,152
57th- Sachin Kinger- 93,152
56th- Kasinath Premnath- 93,152


Premnath Busted by Roopak Garbe in 56th ( INR 93,152)

Level: 18

Blinds: 8k-16k

Ante: 16k

Gurpal Singh (HJ) raises to 32k and Day 1 chip leader Roopak Garbe (cutoff) re-raises to 85k . Premnath (BB) goes all-in for 145k.

Action folds back to the HJ player, he folds and Garbe calls.

Premnath: 9h 9c

Garbe: Qh Ah

Board: Ad Qs Jc Ac Jh

Garbe took down the pot and Premnath got busted from Day 2

Notable Chip Counts – Jayant Deshmukh In Lead


Blinds 6000/12000

Ante- 12000

  1. Jayant Deshmukh- 1181K
  2. Jaiveer Singh- 749K
  3. Siddhant Kripalani- 674K
  4. Pranav Bagai- 670K
  5. Neel Joshi- 620K
  6. Aditya Shushant- 595K
  7. Gautam Kaul- 542K
  8. Raghav Bansal- 540K
  9. Roopak Garbe- 490K
  10. Vaibhav Sharma- 456K

Gagandeep Malik Finishes 60th For INR 93,152


Blinds 6000/12000

Ante- 12000

Siddhant Kripalani from Button opens to 26K, Gagandeep Malik from BB shoves all-in(short stack) and the button calls.

Siddhant- Jc Js

Gagandeep- Kh 10h

Board- 10s Qh 4d 7c As

Pocket jacks good and Siddhant ships it with higher pair busting Gagandeep in 6th place.

Ranjeet Neg Busted in 65th For INR 93,152 


Blinds 5000/10000

Ante- 10000

 Ranjeet Negi from SB was auto-allin for 8K. Roopak Garbe from CO opened to 27K. Everyone folded and both players turned over their cards.

Roopak- Ks Jc

Ranjeet- As 10c

Board- 10d Qh Qd 6s Ac.

Roopak wins the pot with two pairs, busting Ranjeet in 65th place.

Gaurav Idnani  Takes It Down


Blinds 5000/10000

Ante- 10000

Shashank Shekhar from HJ opens with 20K, Gaurav Idnani from Button calls.

Flop- Jc Kc 9s

The flops goes check-check

Turn- Ad

Shashank bets 24k Gaurav calls

River- Ac

Shashant bets 25k Gaurav calls.

Shashank- Qh Jh

Gaurav- Ah 5c

Gaurav wins the pot with trips Aces beating the JQ of Shashank. 

Nikita Luther and Kamal Panjabi Chop Money Bubble

Level: 15

Blinds: 4000-8000

Ante: 8000

There were two hands running at the same time at two different tables.

One was where WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther and Rubin Labroo were involved. Nikita from BB was auto all-in with 9k and Rubin Labroo raised from button to 16k and the SB player got out of the way.

Nikita: 5d 10d

Rubin: 9c Jd

Board: 8c 2h 2s 8d Jc

Rubin took down the pot and Nikita Luther busting from the tourney.

In another running on a different table at the same time, Kamal Panjabi from HJ opened to 17k and a player from cutoff position made it 51k.  

Abhishek Paul from button flat-called.

Action back on Panjabi who re-raised to 155k.

The cutoff player folded and Abhishek went all-in for 462k.

Kamal tanked for a long time and then called with his shorter stack.

Abhishek: Kd Kc

Kamal: Ad Kh

Board: 6d Qc 4c 9s 2c

Pocket kings good and Abhishek took down the pot, busting Kamal

Both Nikita Luther and Kamal Panjabi chopped the bubble and the prize money for the 103rd place will be split between the two players.


Prizepool & Payouts For DPT 45K Main Event

Level: 15

Blinds: 4000-8000

Ante: 8000

As we are near the money bubble, let us have a quick look at the payouts for the DPT Main Event. The event has attracted a record 710 entries across its three starting flights, generating a whopping INR 2,91,10,000 in the prize pool. The tournament  organizers have decided to pay out the top 103 players with a min-cash of INR 78,597. The eventual winner will walk away with a massive INR 55,13,434, while the runner-up will pocket an impressive INR 33,73,849.

Here is a look at the payouts (INR)!

1st- 55,13,434 INR
2nd- 33,73,849 INR
3rd- 24,10,308 INR
4th- 18,25,197 INR
5th- 14,52,589 INR
6th- 11,14,913 INR
7th- 8,06,347 INR
8th- 5,50,179 INR
9th- 4,36,650 INR
10th-11th – 3,55,142 INR
12th-13th – 3,05,655 INR
14th- 15th – 2,76,545 INR
16th-17th – 2,47,435 INR
18th-20th – 2,18,325 INR
21st-23rd – 1,89,215 INR
24th-27th – 1,60,105 INR
28th-31st – 1,36,817 INR
32nd-39th – 1,22,262 INR
40th-55th – 1,07,707 INR
56th-71st – 93,152 INR
72nd-95th – 84,419 INR
96th-103rd- 78,597 INR

Vikas Awal Shown The Door

Vikas Awal from UTG open shoves for 54k and gets caller in Avinash Sharma from HJ who had just busted Udit Baid a short a while ago.

Vikas: Qc Qd

Avinash: Kh Kc

Board: Ks 5h 7c 10c 6s

Avinash flops a set and takes down the pot, busting Vikas Awal.

Udit Baid Busted by Avinash Sharma

Level: 15

Blinds: 4000-8000

Ante: 8000

A player from UTG opens to 17k and Avinash Sharma from the cutoff calls and Udit Baid from SB shoves all-in for 74k. The UTG player folds and both Avinash and Udit Baid take to the showdown.

Udit Baid: As 3d

Avinash: 7s 7c

Board: 10h 2s 6s 3s 9h

Pocket sevens hold up for Avinash who takes down the pot and busts Udit Baid.


Money Bubble Looming Large

Level: 15

Blinds: 4000-8000

Ante: 8000

The DPT Main Event money bubble is a special atmosphere and here we are very close to the money bubble as we are just four eliminations away from the bubble. There are 107 players remaining in the field and the player who goes out in 104th place will exit on the money bubble. Stay tuned in for the exciting update!

Harsh Dev Busts Sanjay Khanna

Level: 14

Blinds: 3000-6000

Ante: 6000

Eliminations continue and we lose one more player from. It was Sanjay who got busted this time. He pitted his Kc Qh against the Ad Qd of Harsh Dev. The board ran out 2h 3h Qs 2d As , giving the pot to Harsh and busting Sanjay.

Day 1B Chip Leader Siddharth Kadel Busted

Level: 14

Blinds: 3000-6000

Ante: 6000

Gaurav Goru from UTG  opens to 12k and Day 1B chip leader Siddharth Kadel from HJ raises to 36k. Everyone else folds and Gaurav Goru goes all-in for 145k.

Kadel tanks for a while and then calls with his remaining 125k stack. At showdown:

Gaurav: 9s 9d

Kadel: Ad Ks

Board: 8c 10c Kh 9h 10h.

While Kadel was ahead on the flop, the turn 9h and the river 10h changed it all as Gaurav rivered a full house, taking it down and eliminating Kadel from Day 2.

Shuffle up & Deal – DPT 45K Day 2 Begins

Level: 14

Blinds: 3000-6000

Ante: 6000  

With the announcement of the ‘shuffle up and deal’, Day 2 of the DPT November 2022 edition Main Event has begun at level 14 with blinds running at 3000-6000 and ante 6000. All the 128 surviving players have taken their seats to battle it out for the coveted DPT Main Event title and a whopping INR 55.13 Lac uptop!

Star-Studded Field Returns for Day 2 of the DPT 45k Main Event

After a staggering 710 entries were recorded across three starting flights, there will be 128 players  returning to their seats for Day 2 of the DPT 45K Main Event. A total of 129 survivors made it Day 2 but only 128 payers will be battling it out for the ultimate Main Event title as Nikhil Gutta was a double qualifier. He qualified through both Day 1B and Day 1C with 57000 and 129000 chips respectively.

Day 1C chip leader Manish Lakhotia (445k) begins Day 2 as a chip leader and Siddharth Kadel (1B-363k), & Roopak Garbe (1A – 420K) are the other chip leaders from their flights and have started Day 2 among the top ten chip counts.

There is no shortage of star power in the massive field with the likes of Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni (147000), WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant (139000), poker coach Abhishek Goindi (162000), 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event champion Dhaval Mudgal (145000), former DPT Main Event champion Guatam Sachdeva (147000), latest Big Millions champion Raghav Bansal (147000), WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther (202000), Adda52 pro Arun Sriram (57000), Ashish Ahuja (90000), WPT 2019 Main Event champion Ashish Munot (40000), etc.

  1. Abhiroop Gupta – 293000
  2. Abhishek Goindi – 162000
  3. Abhishek Paul – 344000
  4. Abhishek Sharma- 225000
  5. Aditya Sarin – 90000
  6. Aditya Sushant – 139000
  7. Akhilendra Singh – 175000
  8. Alok Bhatt – 145500
  9. Alok Birewar- 114000
  10. Amit kaushik – 176000
  11. Amit Tejura – 242000
  12. Anand Mohan Singh Thakur – 94000
  13. Anil Adiani – 191000
  14. Ankit R Takle – 247000
  15. Ankit Wadhawan – 95000
  16. Anuj Kodam – 90000
  17. Archit Khandelwal – 307000
  18. Arsh Grover – 93000
  19. Arshdeep Singh – 142000
  20. Arun Sriram – 57000
  21. Ashish Ahuja – 90000
  22. Ashish Munot- 40000
  23. Avinash Sharma – 206000
  24. Avneesh Munjal – 90000
  25. Ayush Singhal – 86000
  26. Binit Saraf – 170000
  27. Chirag Sodha – 126000
  28. Vikram Aditya – 92000
  29. Deepak Aggarwal – 107000
  30. Deepankar Gupta – 130000
  31. Dhaval Mudgal – 145000
  32. Dheeraj Bairineni – 112000
  33. Digvijay Singh Lamba – 181000
  34. Eka Vedantham – 171000
  35. Faiz Alam – 189000
  36. Gagandeep Malik – 378000
  37. Gaurav Goru – 171000
  38. Gaurav Gupta – 143000
  39. Gaurav Idnani – 326000
  40. Gaurav Sood – 236000
  41. Gautam Kaul – 99000
  42. Gautam Sachdeva – 147000
  43. Gregory Rosario – 255000
  44. Gurpal Singh – 279000
  45. Harsh Bubna – 341000
  46. Harsh Singhania – 106000
  47. Harshad Barve – 125000
  48. Harshdev Jhirmiria – 141000
  49. Harshit Kamwani – 107000
  50. Himanshu Chhikara – 158000
  51. Raju – 204000
  52. Jagat Singh Reddy – 51000
  53. Jaiveer Singh – 302000
  54. Jayant Deshmukh – 209000
  55. Jyoti Ranjan Nayan – 94000
  56. Kamal Punjabi – 272000
  57. Karan Kapur – 264000
  58. Kishor Kumar V. C – 406000
  59. Kunal Gupta – 181000
  60. Kunal Patni – 147000
  61. Lakshpal Singh – 150000
  62. Loveleen Singh – 150000
  63. Madhav Sethi – 149000
  64. Manish Lakhotia – 449000
  65. Manoj Pentakota – 155000
  66. Mayank Maruka – 33000
  67. Mitang Soni – 111000
  68. Mithun Mahesh – 85000
  69. Mohit Mehta – 90000
  70. Neel Joshi – 335000
  71. Nikesh Chawla – 114000
  72. Nikhil Gutta – 129000
  73. Nikhil Kedia – 73000
  74. Nikita Luther – 202000
  75. Nishant Sharma – 154000
  76. Niyut Shah – 98000
  77. Aditya Reddy – 142000
  78. Paawan Bansal – 139000
  79. Pawan Jaiswal – 176000
  80. Prabhat – 130000
  81. Pranav Bagai – 202000
  82. Pranay Chawla – 115000
  83. Pratik Kumar – 92000
  84. Premnath K 131000
  85. Priya Agarwal – 257000
  86. Puneet Mishra – 82000
  87. Puneet Sachan – 215000
  88. Raghav Bansal – 71000
  89. Rahul Kumar – 170000
  90. Raja SekharPuttamsetty – 218000
  91. Rajesh Jagannadham – 104000
  92. Rakesh Mishra – 168000
  93. Rakesh P Sadhija – 107000
  94. Ram Kakkar – 167000
  95. Rana Pratap – 131000
  96. Ranjeet Negi – 74000
  97. Ritesh Khatwani – 241000
  98. Roopak Garbe – 420000
  99. Rubin Labroo – 151000
  100. Sachin Kinger – 91000
  101. Sairaghu Uppala – 208000
  102. Sameer Agarwal – 183000
  103. Samyak – 149000
  104. Sanjay Khanna – 60000
  105. Sanjay Reddy – 128000
  106. Saransh Garg – 289000
  107. Shane Oswald Hodges – 36000
  108. Shardul P – 226000
  109. Shashank Shekhar – 180000
  110. Shion Hossain – 114000
  111. Shivam Shukla – 76000
  112. Siddhanth Kripalani – 138000
  113. Siddharth Arya Jolly – 118000
  114. Siddharth Jain – 228000
  115. Siddharth Kadel – 363000
  116. Siddharth Karia – 95000
  117. Siddharth Singhvi – 123000
  118. Srinivas Lankireddy – 221000
  119. Tahseen A Girkar – 175000
  120. Tanmay Benara – 77000
  121. Udit Baid – 221000
  122. Vaibhav Sharma – 128000
  123. Vikas Awal – 105000
  124. Vipul Tiwari – 321000
  125. Visahal Ojha – 143000
  126. Vishal Bajaj – 136000
  127. Yogesh Thakur – 84000
  128. Yuvraj Chaudhary – 153000