Welcome To The Live Coverage Of DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller Day 2

Sanat Mehrotra Wins DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller For His Maiden DPT Title!

Finally, it is over! We have the champion in Sanat Mehrotra who overcame a star-studded field of 205 entries to win the biggest buy-in tournament of the ongoing DPT series, DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller.

Mehrotra entered the final table with the second largest stack and did well, busting Himanshu Chhikara (5th for INR 12,68,776) and Ashish Ahuja (runner-up for INR 31,94,000) en route to his maiden DPT High Roller win. The final hand of the tourney saw Ahuja (button) raise to 240k and Sanat Mehrotra from BB shoved all-in. Ashish who had a shorter stack than Mehrotra’s called.

  • Mehrotra: Ac 7s
  • Ashish: Qs 10c
  • Board: 4c 3s 3h 7d 6h

Mehrotra hit a seven-pair and took down the pot as well as the title. As per the ICM deal agreed, Mehrotra chased the highest INR 37,57,900 and Ahuja pocketed a hefty INR 31,94,000 for his efforts.

DPT High Roller Final Table Payouts

  1. Sanat Mehrotra – INR 37,57,900
  2. Ashish Ahuja – INR 31,94,000
  3. Shashank Shekhar – INR 36,44,476
  4. Kanchan Sharma – INR 16,90,303
  5. Himanshu Chhikara – INR 12,68,776
  6. Deepak Agarwal – INR 10,15,021
  7. Gopi  Reddy Krishna – INR 8,43,054
  8. Somashekar KM –  INR 6,75,282

Shashank Shekhar Finishes 3rd For INR 36,44,476

  • Level: 26
  • Blinds: 60k-120k
  • Ante: 120k

Ahuja continues his momentum and has busted yet another player from the FT.

Shashank Shekhar from button opens to 240k and Ashish Ahuja from BB calls.

Flop: Qd 6s 10d

Ashish checks and Shashank bets 180k, which Ashish calls.

Turn: 2d

Ashish checks again, and Shashank bets 560k, which Ahuja calls.

River: 7c

Ashish check yet again, Shashank goes all-in and Ashish calls.

Ashish shows Qh 7d and Shashank turns over Ac Qc.

Ashish wins the pot with two pairs and the start of the FT chip leader gets busted in 3rd place, earning INR 36,44,476.

Final  Three Players Make A Deal!

The final three players, Ashish Ahuja, Sanat Mehrotra, and Shashank Shekhar have agreed to an ICM deal. Mehrotra will cash INR 37,57,900, Shekhar will pocket INR 36,44,476, while Ahuja will bank INR 31,94,000. However, the three players will continue to play for the COVETED title and the trophy.

Final Three Chip Counts & Payouts

  • Level: 25
  • Blinds: 40k-80
  • Ante: 80k

Chip Counts:

Ashish – 2.8M

Sanat – 4.1M

Shashank – 3.3M



1st –  INR 50,64,621

2nd – INR 35,50,475

3rd –  INR 22,81,699

Kanchan Sharma Busted in 4th Place (16,90,303)

Level: 25

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 80k

Ashish Ahuja (SB) raises to 160k and Kanchan Sharma (BB) goes all-in for 755k, which Ahuja calls.

Ashish : Ac Jc

Kanchan: Ad Kc

Board: Jd 10s 3d 4d Js

Ahuja hits Jacks trips to take down the pot and bust Kanchan Sharma in 4th place

Himanshu Chhikara Finishes 5th For INR 12,68,776

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k

Pre-flop, Himanshu Chhikara from UTG opens shoves for 335k  and Sanat Mehrotra (BB) calls.

  • Himanshu: As 5h
  • Sanat: Qc Jd
  • Board: Kc 10c 9h 3h QD

Sanat flops straight and takes down the pot, busting Himanshu in 5th place for 12,68,776

Deepak Agarwal Finishes 6th For INR 10,15,021

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k

Ahuja continues to fire and he has busted yet another player, this time it is Deepak Agarwal.

Ashish Ahuja (SB) raises to 125k and Deepak Agarwal (BB) shoves all-in for 415k, which Ahuja calls.

  • Ashish: As Js
  • Deepak: Ks Jh
  • Board: 8d 5c Qh 3c Ad

Deepak’s KJoff fails to beat AJoff of Ahuja and he gets busted in 6th place for INR 10,15,021.

Ashish Ahuja Busts Both Somashekar (8th) & Gopi Reddy (7th) From FT

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k

In a three-way action pre-flop, Somashekar from the cutoff position open shoves for 270k.

Ashish Ahuja from SB calls and Gopi Reddy from BB also goes all-in for 380k, which Ahuja calls.

  • Somashekar: Qh Qc
  • Gopi Reddy:  Kd Ks
  • Ashish Ahuja: Ah Ad
  • Board: 8s 10s 6d 7d 8c

Pockets aces of Ahuja good and he takes down the pot, busting both his opponents. Somashekar earned INR 6,75,282 for his 8th place finish), while Gopi banked INR 8,43,054 for 7th place finish.

Final Table Set With Shashank Shekhar In Lead

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k


Finally, we are down to the final table with Shashank Shekhar (44.6LAC) holding the massive chip lead. He is followed by online MTT crusher Sanat Mehrotra (25.15LAC). DPT April 2022 Women’s Special champion Kanchan Sharma (11.5 Lac) is third in chips and she is the only female player on the FT.

The lawyer-turned-poker pro Ashish Ahuja is the most experienced LIVE player on  the final table and he is fourth in chips with 10.3LAC. Starting the FT as the shortest stack is Somashekhar (270K).

  1. Shashank Shekhar – 44.6LAC
  2. Sanat Mehrotra – 25.15LAC
  3. Kanchan Sharma – 11.5LAC
  4. Ashish Ahuja – 10.3LAC
  5. Deepak Aggarwal – 610K
  6. Himanshu Chhikara – 460K
  7. Gopi Reddy – 430K
  8. Somashekhar KM – 270K

While each player on the final table has locked up a minimum of INR 6,75,282 , the eventual champion will walk away with INR 50,64,621.

Kanishka Samant Finishes 9th For INR 5,05,413

Level: 23

Blinds: 25k-50k

Ante: 50k

Pre-flop, Kanishka Samant shoved all-in for 260k and Ashish Ahuja called.

Kanishka: Kh 3h

Ashish: Qs Ah

Board: 4d 6c 7s Js 10s

Ashish Ahuja takes down the pot with Ace high and busts Kanishka in 9th place.

With this, we are down to the final table. Watch out for our final table chip counts.

Areyann Gurbaxani Finishes 10th For INR 3,69,098

Level: 22

Blinds: 20000/40000

Ante: 40000

Pre-flop, Kanchan Sharma from Co opens to 80k

Areyann Gurbaxani from BB calls 80k.

Flop : 5h 10c 8c

Areyann from BB goes all-in for 265K and gets a call from Kanchan

Areyann : 7h 8s

Kanchan : Qs 10h

Turn: Ac

River: 2c

Both players get a pair but Kanchan takes it down with higher pair of tens to win the pot.

Areyann gets busted and he earns INR 3,69,098 for his deep run in the tourney.

Nikhil Gutta Finishes 11th For INR 3,69,098

Level: 22

Blinds: 20000/40000

Ante: 40000

Nikhil Gutta from button open shoves for 105k.

Somashekhar from the big blind makes a snap call.

Nikhil: Kh 7h

Somashekhar: As Jh

Board: 8s 9d 5c 10c 2h

The board runs dry and Somashekhar wins it with Ace high, busting Nikhil Gutta.

Arsh Grover Finishes 12th For INR 3,69,098

Level: 22

Blinds: 20000/40000

Ante: 40000

Deepak Aggarwal opens to 90K. Arsh Grover shoves all-in for 260k, which Agarwal calls.

Deepak : Ad 8d

Arsh : Kh Qh

Board : 9c 3c 6d 4d 9s

Deepak wins with Ace high, busting Arsh in the 12th Position.

Sanjay Reddy Finishes 13th For INR 3,04,087

Level: 22

Blinds: 20000/40000

Ante: 40000

Sanjay Reddy from the small-blind position shoves all-in for 140K

Sanat Mehrotra from the big blind thinks a little and then calls.

Sanjay : 7h 6s

Sanat : 4c 10s

Board : 5d 3d 6d 10h As

While both players hit a pair, Sanat takes it down with higher pair, busting Sanjay.

Gokul Krishna Finishes 14th For 3,04,087

Level: 21

Blinds: 15000/30000

Ante: 30000

Shashank Shekar opened the button to 60k. Gokul Krishna was auto all-in with 5k.

The action moved to the big blind player who thoughts for a while and folded his hand.

Gokul: 3s 2d

Shashank: 10c 8d

Board: 5h Qd Ac 9s 10s

Shashank finds a ten-pair on the river and takes it down, busting Gokul in 14th place.

Eliminations (24th to 15th Places)

Level: 21

Blinds: 15000/30000

Ante: 30000

Laksh Pal Singh – 24th Position INR 2,01,326
Rajashekhar Puttamsetty – 23rd Position INR 2,01,326
Vivek Singh – 22nd Position INR 2,01,326
Vikash Shah – 21st Position INR 2,26,492
Yuvraj Chaudhary – 20th Position INR 2,26,492
Goonjan Mall – 19th Position INR 2,26,492
Mayank Maruka – 18th Position INR 2,57,949
Karan Kapur – 17th Position INR 2,57,949
Tanmay Benara – 16th Position INR 2,57,949
Pranav Bagai – 15th Position INR 3,69,098

Pranav Bagai Busted In 15th Place ( INR 3,04,087)

Level: 21

Blinds: 15000/30000

Ante: 30000

Eliminations continue and a while ago we saw PSL Co-Founder Pranav Bagai exiting in 15th place.

He had shoved for 225k with Ad 10c, which lost to Ks Kc of Gokul Krishna on the Jh 8h 7c 4c 2s board.

Tanmay Benara Finishes 16th For  INR 2,57,949

Level: 21

Blinds: 15000/30000

Ante: 30000

Tanmay Benara from CO open shoves for 110k

Areyann Gurbaxani from BB calls.

Tanmay : 8d Jd

Areyann : 3x Ks

Board : 3c 2h 2s Ac 4d

Areyann takes it down and Tanmay gets busted in 16th place.


Karan Kapur Exits In 17th Place ( INR 2,57,949)

Level: 20

Blinds: 10000/20000

Ante: 20000

Karan Kapur from the middle position opens shoves for 140k and Kanishka Samant from SB calls.

Karan: Kd Qs

Kanishka: Ah 8h

Board: 7d 4c 2s 3d 9h

Yuvraj Choudhary Busted (20th – 2,01,326)

Level: 20

Blinds: 10000/20000

Ante: 20000

Yuvraj Chaudhary from button open shoves for 153k and Gopi Krishna makes the call.

Yuvraj: 6s 6d

Gopi Krishna: 10h 10d

Board: 8c 10c 3d As 7h

Gopi Krishna makes a set to win the pot and bust Yuvraj from the high roller.

Vikas Shah Busted In 21st Position For  INR 2,01,326

Level: 19

Blinds: 8000/16000

Ante: 16000

Ashish Ahuja from button goes all-in and the shorter stack Vikas Shah from SB calls.

Ashish: Jh Qh

Vikas Js Ac

Board: 4h Kh 5h Ks 5c

Ashish Ahuja makes a flush and takes down the pot, busting Vikas Shah

Vivek Singh Finishes 22nd For INR 2,01,326

Level: 19

Blinds: 8000/16000

Ante: 16000

Areyann Gurbaxani from button raises to 32k.

Gopi Krishna from SB re-raises to 130k and Vivek Singh from BB goes all-in for 135k.

The initial raise  Gurbaxani folds and Gopi Krishna calls.

Vivek: As Qh

Gopi: Ah Kc

Board: 4d 8c Ks 6c 7c

Arsh Grover Doubles-Up Through Yuvraj  Chaudhary

Level: 19

Blinds: 8000/16000

Ante: 16000

Yuvraj Chaudhary from UTG opens to 32k.

Arsh Grover from Button goes all-in for 239k.

Kanchan Sharma from BB calls.

Yuvraj goes all-in as well for 432k, while Kanchan from BB folds.

Yuvraj : As Kd

Arsh : 10d 10h

Board : 2h Ah Qh Ad Jh

Arsh hits one-card flush and takes down the pot, doubling up in the process.

Laksh Pal Singh Becomes First Player To Finish In The Money

Level: 18

Blinds: 6000/12000

Ante: 12000

Pre-flop, Laksh Pal Singh from CO position  open shoves for 50K

Kanishka Samant from Button tanks a little and then calls.

Lakshpal : Kh 10s

Kanishka : As 8d

The board runs out 2h 2s 2d 4c 5s, giving the pot to Kanishka and busting Laksh Pal (24th for INR  2,01,326).

A Quick Look at the Payouts for the DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller 

The top 24 players get paid out and the eventual winner will walk away with a massive INR 50.64 Lac.

Level: 18

Blinds: 6000/12000

Ante: 12000

1st –  INR 50,64,621

2nd – INR 35,50,475

3rd –  INR 22,81,699

4th –  INR 16,90,303

5th –  INR 12,68,776

6th –  INR 10,15,021

7th –  INR 8,43,054

8th –  INR 6,75,282

9th –  INR 5,05,413

10th-12th – INR 3,69,098

13th-15th – INR 3,04,087

16th-18th – INR 2,57,949

19th-21th – INR 2,26,492

22nd-24th – INR 2,01,326

 Shardul Parthasarathi Bubbles DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller 

 Level: 18

Blinds: 6000/12000

Ante: 12000

Shardul Parthasarathi from button open-shoves for 210k.

Himanshu Chhikara from the small blind makes the call.

Shardul: Kd Kh

Himanshu: As Qc

Board: 6c 7h 9s Ad 6h

Unfortunately for Shardul, his cowboys don’t hold and he goes out on the money bubble.

Arsh Grover Earns 10K Bonus From Adda52 For Busting Kunal Patni

Level: 18

Blinds: 6000/12000

Ante: 12000

Kunal Patni from Button open-shoves for 79k and Arsh Grover from BB tank calls.

Kunal : Qs Qd

Arsh: Ad 9s

Board : Ac 9c 10c 6d Kd

Unfortunately for Patni, his pocket queens don’t hold up as Arsh Grover flops two pairs and takes down the pot, busting Patni and winning a 10k bonus from Adda52 for the elimination.

Full House Vs Full House! Somashekar Doubles-up

Level: 18

Blinds: 6000/12000

Ante: 12000

Somashekar from the middle position open shoves for 32K and Loveleen Singh from Button calls

The rest of the players fold and both Somashekher and Loveleen turn over their cards.

Somashekar : Ah Ad

Loveleen : 6d 6s

Board : Jc 6h Ac 7h Jc

Both players hit full-house but Somashekar takes it down with a higher full-house.

Kunal Patni Doubles Up

Level: 17

Blinds: 5000/10000

Ante: 10000

Kunal Patni goes all-in for 143K and Goonjan Mall calls.

Kunal : Qh Qs

Goonjan : Ah 7h

Board : 4h 10d 8c Ks 5s

Pocket queens hold up and Kunal gets a nice double-up to survive.

Mayank Maruka Doubles-Up

Level: 17

Blinds: 5000/10000

Ante: 10000

Nitin Gupta opens to 22k. Mayank Maruka from HJ goes all-in for 92K, which Gupta calls.

Nitin : Ah Qh

Mayank : Jh Kh

Board : 6d 6h 5h 10h Kd

Mayank gets two pairs with kings and sixes and takes down the pot to double up.

Peush Singhvi Busted by Goonjan Mall

Level: 17

Blinds: 5000/10000

Ante: 10000

Peush Singhvi from cutoff open-shoves for 140k and Goonjan Mall from BB calls.

Peush : Ah Kh

Goonjan : Jh Js

Board : Qs 7d Qc Qd 10s

Goonjan makes a full house and takes it down, busting Peush from the high roller

DPT April 2022 Women’s Special Winner Kanchan Sharma Doubles-Up

Level: 17

Blinds: 5k-10k

Ante: 10k

In a pre-flop action, Kanchan Sharma from cutoff open-shoved for 96k.

Roshan Bhardwaj from small the small blind tanked a little and then called.

Kanchan: Kh 7h

Roshan: As 5c

Board: Kd 8s 9h 2c 5c

Kanchan flops a king pair and holds on from there to win the pot and double up.

Saransh Garg Busted by Gokul Raj

Level: 17

Blinds: 5k-10k

Ante: 10k

Saransh Garg had only 10 big blinds and he pitted his QJoff against the AQ off of Gokul Raj.

Both players hit a queen pair but the latter won the pot with a higher kicker, busting Garg.

Eka Vedantham Among Early Eliminations

Level: 17

Blinds: 5k-10k

Ante: 10k


Eka Vedantham from UTG open-shoves for 100k and gets called by Ashish Ahuja from HJ.

Eka: 3s 3c

Ahuja:  Qs Qh

The board runs out 10s 5h 8h 5d Ah where Eka’s pocket threes fail to beat the pocket queens of Ahuja.

The lawyer-turned poker pro Ashish Ahuja takes down the pot, busting Eka from the high roller.


Welcome To DPT 1.1 Lac High Roller  Day 2

  • Level: 17
  • Blinds: 5k-10k
  • Ante: 10k

The action for Day 2 is already underway as all the remaining 40 players have returned. Starting the day as a chip leader is Shashank Shekhar10,11,000). The other big stacks among the 40 returning players include Goonjan Mall (605,000), Gopi Krishna Reddy (5,73,000), & Gokul Raj (501,000 chips).

  • Somashekar KM 160,000
  • Peush Singhvi 146,000
  • Pranav Bagai 209,000
  • Laksh Pal Singh 297,000
  • Samay Parikh 179,000
  • Vivek Singh 257,000
  • Arsh Grover 320,000
  • Vikhyat Ahlawat 41,000
  • Shashank Shekhar 10,11,000
  • Gopi Krishna Reddy 5,73,000
  • Raj R Talwar 154,000
  • Raja Sekhar puttamsetty 198,000
  • Shardul P 281,000
  • Loveleen Singh 263,000
  • Myron Pareira 52,000
  • Kanchan Sharma 136,000
  • Siddhanth Kripalani 145,000
  • Kanishka Samant 280,000
  • Eka Vedantham 89,000
  • Harshad Barve 47,000
  • Gokul Raj 501,000
  • Siddharth Singhvi 124,000
  • Nikhil Gutta 173,000
  • Mayank Maruka 169,000
  • Ashish Ahuja 338,000
  • Goonjan Mall 605,000
  • Tanmay Benara 123,000
  • Sanjay Reddy 236,000
  • Vikaash Shah 361,000
  • NItin Gupta 109,000
  • Karan Kapur 205,000
  • Sanat Mehrotra 540,000
  • Areyann Gurbaxani 498,000
  • Saransh Garg 144,000
  • Kunal Patni 195,000
  • Himanshu Chhikara 409,000
  • Roshan Bharadwaj 246,000
  • Avinash Tauro 101,000
  • Deepak Aggarwal 166,000
  • Yuvraj Chaudhary 177,000

Day 2 began at level 17 with blinds running at 5k-10k. Like Day 1, each level for Day 2 will be of 45 minutes. And it is going to be a busy day here at the Deltin Royale in Goa with two events running today. Apart from High Roller Day 2, we have the 25K PLO Bounty Turbo, which will begin at 4 PM.