Tuesday Majors: Saurabh Rohila & Aishwary Sharma Win Adda52’s Tuesday Marquees

Guarantees across online marquees on Adda52.com continue to be crushed and the trend should continue with several high-value events lined up ahead. While most Tuesday marquees on the site went on to crush their guarantees, stealing the thunder was the 12 Lac GTD Mechanical Bull.

The  INR 3,499 buy-in tourney drew in a guarantee-smashing 389-entry field and generated INR 12.37 Lac in the prize pool that was shared by the top 43 finishers. In the end, online MTT crusher Saurabh “saurabh21” Rohila emerged victorious, winning INR 3.07 Lac and topping the day’s charts on Adda52.com. The user “Checkthat” placed runner-up and banked INR 1,85,611 for his efforts.

  • Total Entries – 389
  • Prize pool – 12.37 Lac
  • Places Paid – 43

Samyak “stonedurr” Sethi (4th for INR 98,993), Prashant “prashant1703” Pandagre (6th for INR 43,309), and Raghav “FuckedUpLife” Siddalinga (7th for INR 34,029) also made it to the final table. Online MTT beast Anant “pro_baba” Purohit bubbled the FT, finishing in 9th place for INR 19,799.

2.5 Lac GTD Bumper Car

The other Adda52 marquee , 2.5 Lac GTD Bumper Car, also had a blockbuster run with as many as 304 entering the event and generating a guarantee-busting INR 3.31 Lac in the prize pool. Former Mega Suits champion Aishwary Sharma aka “boosterx” topped the field to win it for INR 84,828, with Deepak “muckMeGently” Choudhary placing runner-up and walking away with INR 50,532.

  • Total Entries – 304
  • Prize pool – 3.31 Lac
  • Places Paid – 30

Shivam “shivam699” Khandelwal (Won the Heads-up Lord for INR 48,700), “vedrishit” (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 31,500), Alok “elusiveflame” Kumar (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for INR 30,301), & last night’s Mechanical Bull winner Saurabh “saurabh21” Rohila (Won the 2 GTD Big Game Satty) took down the other Tuesday marquees on Adda52.com yesterday.