Tuesday Majors: Kritagya Sharma Denies Vinay Rajpal The Mint Title; Hardik Nair Ships Voyager

After a little dull Monday, the online action on Adda52.com picked up steam. The headliner of the day on was the 14 Lac GTD The Mint where online regular Kritagya ‘kritagya_17’ Sharma stole the show, topping a reg-infested field of 417 entries and winning the Tuesday headliner for INR 2.58 Lac.

  • Total Entries: 417
  • Prizepool: 14.59 Lac
  • Places Paid: 43

Sharma, who has been making waves in the ongoing IOPC 15.0 and holds an impressive #3 position on the IOPC Series leaderboard, agreed to a three-way deal with Vinay ‘vinay0902’ Rajpal (2nd for INR 2.40 Lac) and Kshitij ‘kmk1127’ Kucheria (3rd for INR 2.36 Lac). Other noteworthy players on the FT included Gopal ‘TheAceCrown’ Bajaj (4th for INR 1.17 Lac), Vivek ‘vivek94540’ Singh (5th for INR 75,894), Divyansh ‘divyansh2906’ Chandra (6th for INR 51,083),  Myron ‘zzzzz369’ Pereira (7th for INR 40,136) and WPT Prime India 50K Freezeout NLH winner Adithya ‘Rlox1’ N G (8th for 32,839).

Other Prominent Winners

Hardik ‘haidiknair1999’ Nair (Won 2.50 Lac Voyager for INR 62,039), ‘Shasha147’ (Won 1.50 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 32,400), ‘Kalli420’ (Won 1.50 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for INR 31,209), Vaibhav ‘vroy219’ Roy (Won 1.40 Lac GTD The Mint Lite for INR 26,616), ‘playhereforsure13’ (Won 40K GTD Sundown Adda for INR 12,000), ‘emeraldruby20’ (Won 50K GTD Bounty Adda for INR 11,410) & ‘rajjani21’ (Won 30K GTD Free Out Adda for INR 10,433) won the other Adda52 marquees.