Five Intriguing Hands From DPT You Must Have Seen

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) is India’s premier live poker tournament series and is loved by every live poker enthusiast in the country. Amidst the DPT’s action-packed felts, a tapestry of intriguing and, at times, downright eccentric hands unfolds. Not all hands are equal though, some are worth a spotlight. Join us revisiting interesting hands that unfolded during the DPT this year in July and November last year. Let us go back to the past and relive some memorable hands from DPT.

Big Hand, Big Value!

Raghav Bansal

When you pick up aces, you want to make it count. And why not? It is the most powerful hand in poker and players always look to make most of it. This is what our veteran poker pro Raghav Bansal did at the DPT July 2023 High Roller Day 1. He picked up As Ad in the middle position and opened to 2k following a limp from Karan Kapur from UTG.  Areyann Gurbaxani from small blind 3-bet to 8k.  

Seated in the BB position was Pradeep Sharma who made the call. While Kapur called, Bansal 4-bet shoved for 65.2k. Only Pradeep decided to call the all-in bet, while Karan Kapur got out of the way.

Raghav Bansal held As Ad, while Pradeep Sharma had the big slick with Ac Kh. The board 5d 7h 2c 3s 8d brought no help to Sharma and Bansal won the pot, securing him a much-need double up.

Shubham Agarwal’s Aces Vs Anant Purohit’s Tens

Gutshot May 2022 by Sajid Moinuddin - Issuu
Anant P

Another standout hand from DPT July 2023 High Roller was where Shubham Agarwal‘s pocket aces (AA) faced a brutal bad beat when they succumbed to a pair of pocket tens. In a three-way pre-flop action, Shubham opened to a 2.4k bet from the UTG position. Maria Kirloskar, Adda52 Game Ambassador, raised to 6.8k from the cutoff, and Anant Purohit called with 10 10 from the button.

Holding the most powerful hand among the three, Shubham 4-bet to 22k, and both Maria and Anant called. The flop revealed 3c 10c 9d. Shubham bet 13.5k, Maria called, and Anant, who had flopped a set, came along. The turn came as 6c, leading to Shubham and Maria checking, while Anant bet 30.2k. Shubham called, Maria folded, and the river unveiled a 6d. Shubham checked, and Anant, who had hit a full house, pushed all-in for a stack of 30.7k. Shubham tank-called, only to discover that he had fallen victim, with Anant’s hand improving to a full house and cracking his pocket aces.

Pocket Aces Vs Pocket Eights!

Himanshu C
Himanshu C

In a fateful hand from DPT November 2022 Main Event Day 1B, Vikhyat opened from the cutoff, prompting Himanshu Chhikara from the small blind 3-bet to 3.2k. The big blind got out of the way.

Action back on Vikhyat, he decided shove all-in for a stack of 10k chips, holding pocket aces.

Himanshu, holding 8c 8h, deliberated before making the call. Despite pocket aces being the best starting hand, Vikhyat’s hopes were dashed as the board ran out Qd 7c 6s 8s 3d. This provided Himanshu with a set of eights, securing the coveted pot and eliminating Vikhayat from Day 1B.

  • Vikhyat: Ad Ac
  • Himanshu: 8c 8h
  • Board- Qd 7c 6s 8s 3d

Puneet Sachan Triples Up

Puneet S

One more eventful hand unfolding during Day 1B of the DPT November 2022 was a three-way action. Puneet Sachan opened, Samyak Sethi called and Anant Purohit shoved all-in for 15K. Puneet shoved behind for 27.7K. Samyak Sethi, who had covered both players, made the call.

  • Puneet: Kd Jd
  • SamyaK: Ad Ah
  • Anant: 10c 10h
  • Board: 10d 8d 4h 6d Js

Puneet hit a flush, besting Anant’s set of tens and pocket aces of Samyak.

Puneet took down the pot, busting Anant and tripling up in the process.

Set Over Set!

Last but not the last, we present a thrilling hand from PSPC 2023. The hand witnessed an intense showdown between Parsons and Kuo.  Kuo made a bold move and open-shoved for 100K with pocket fours (4h 4s). Parsons had a calling hand (Js Jd) on the button and he re-shoved for 160k.

Kuo’s pocket fours were at risk, and she was trailing behind. The flop opened Qd 9s 6s, offering little help to Kuo, but she had two outs. The 4d on the turn proved to be heart-breaking for her opponent as it gave  Kuo a set. However, things changed on the river as Parsons found a saving jack on the river (Jc), resulting in an unbelievable set-over-set situation. Kuo was knocked out of the game.

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