Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT May 2024 Flip & Ship

Shravan Singh Wins DPT May’24 Flip & Ship Title!

Level: 5
Blinds: 400/800
Ante: 800

Shravan Singh triumphs in the DPT May’24 Flip & Ship – Pineapple & NLH, and take home a top prize of INR 200,573.

In the final hand, Rakesh from BB goes all-in with 8400 & Sharvan from SB snaps the call during pre-flop action.

At Showdown:

  • Rakesh: K♦ J♣
  • Shravan: J♥ 9♦

Board: 4♥, 3♥, 5♠, 9♠, 3♦

Shravan Singh takes the coveted title with a pair of Nines for the prize of INR 200,573 and Rakesh Kulkarni finishes runner-up for a prize of INR 101,803.
Deepak Singh finishes 3rd  for INR 70,709
Vishal Ojha finishes 4th for INR 49,112
Vineet Kumar finishes 5th for INR 34,111
Steeve Gupta finishes 6th for INR 23,692

Prizepool for DPT May’24 Flip & Ship – INR 480,000

The winner takes home an impressive INR 200,573, while the runner-up will walk away with INR 101,803. Check out the payout list below:

1st – INR 200,573

2nd – INR 101,803

3rd –  INR 70,709

4th – INR 49,112

5th – INR 34,111

6th – INR 23,692

Round 2 of Ship & Flip with 6 Players

Level: 1

Blinds: 100-200

Ante: 200

Finally, we are down to the final table with round 2 of Ship & Flip – NHL. There are now just 6 players out of 48 entries who got a chance to enter in round 2.

Here is the list of players:

Shravan Singh
Vishal Ojha
Vineet Kumar
Deepak Singh
Rakesh Kulkarni
Steeve Gupta

Stay tuned for the updates!

Welcome to the Live Coverage of the DPT May 2024 Flip & Ship!

Ladies and gentlemen, poker enthusiasts, and supporters of women’s poker, welcome back to the DPT May 2024 series at the prestigious Deltin Royale casino! Following the outstanding turnouts and thrilling competition in the first 9 events, now it is time for Event 10: the Flip & Ship event!

This exciting single-day event kicks off on May 26th at 8 PM. Featuring a buy-in of INR 11,000, the event features two rounds, with Round 1 starting at 2 pm and Round 2 kicking off at 8pm. Those qualify from Round 1 will be ultimately battling it for the title in the second round where everyone will start with a stack of 10K. The late entry for this thrilling event will be available until  7:45 pm

In the previous edition held in October 2023, Dishant Soni emerged victorious, taking home INR 1,11,200 after an impressive performance. Will we witness another remarkable win this time?

Stay tuned for all the live updates, key hands, and exciting moments as we continue the DPT May 2024 series with the Flip & Ship event! Let the competition begin!