Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT May 2024 Micro Main Event Day 2

Naveen Kumar Crowned DPT Micro Main Event Champion!

Level: 28

Blinds: 75k-125k

Finally, it is all over. Naveen Kumar emerges victorious of the first-ever Micro Main Event, etching his name in the annals of poker history with resilience and skill.

He traversed a challenging field of 345 entries, showcasing his mastery of the game at every turn, until he found himself heads-up against the formidable Shravan Chhabria. In a thrilling finale, Naveen proved his mettle, seizing victory and claiming the coveted top prize of INR 8,84,850 along with the prestigious DPT trophy.

In a climactic final hand that will be remembered for ages, Naveen Kumar from the Small Blind (SB) held J♦ 6♥. Shravan Chhabria (2nd for INR 6,24,600) from the Big Blind (BB) held K♣ J♣. The Board ran out 6♣ 9♣ 8♠ J♠ 3♥, giving Kumar the coveted title.

Let us give it up to Naveen Kumar, the new champion of the Micro Main Event, whose triumph illuminates the spirit of perseverance and excellence in the world of poker. Congratulations, Naveen, may your victory inspire countless others to pursue their dreams with the same fervor and dedication!

A Big Double Up for Naveen Kumar

Level- 28

Blinds: 75k-125k

Ante: 125k

In a high-stakes game, Naveen Kumar from the small blind boldly pushes all his chips into the center, showing Kh Qs. Not to be outdone, Shravan Chhabria from the same position follows suit, with an Ah 10s, thrusting a massive stack totaling 2.4 million into the pot.

As the tension mounts, the board runs out Qh 9d 6d Qd 7d, clinching a big win for Naveen.

Naveen: Kh Qs

Shravan: Ah 10s

Board: Qh 9d 6d Qd 7d

Heads-Up for the Micro Main Event Title

Level: 26
Blinds: 40k-80k
Ante: 80k

With the elimination of Deepak Singh in third place, the stage is set for an intense heads-up battle for the DPT May 2024 Micro Main Event title.

Shravan Chhabria enters the heads-up with a stack of 3.9 million, holding a slight lead over Naveen Kumar, who sits with 3.2 million.

The showdown promises to be thrilling as both players vie for the prestigious title and the top prize worth INR 8,84,850 . Stay tuned for the final outcome!

Deepak Singh Bows Out in Third Place For INR 4,16,400

Level: 26

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 80k

Deepak Singh, from the small blind, shoved all-in for 1.2 million with Q♠ 7♣. Naveen Kumar called from the big blind with A♥ 9♥.

Board: 10♥ A♠ 7♠ K♠ 8♦

Naveen’s pair of aces held strong, eliminating Deepak Singh in third place for INR 4,16,400.

Anish Arora Exits in 4th Place For INR 3,64,350

Level: 26

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 80k

In this hand, Anish Arora, from UTG, open-shoved for 245k with 10♠ Q♦.

Deepak Singh, in the big blind, called with 7♥ 8♣.

Board: 3♦ 9♣ 6♣ 5♦ 4♠

Deepak Singh made a straight on the river, securing the win and eliminating Anish Arora in 4th place for INR 3,64,350.

Shravan Chhabria Wins, Himanshu Arora Busts in 5th for INR 3,38,325


Level: 26

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 80k

Himanshu Arora, from the button, shoved for 740k with A♦ 5♦. Shravan Chhabria (bigger stack), in the big blind, called with 6♠ 6♥.

Board: J♣ 9♦ 2♠ J♥ 7♠

Shravan Chhabria’s pocket sixes held strong, sending Himanshu Arora out in 5th place for INR 3,38,325.

Naveen Kumar Doubles Up

Level: 26
Blinds: 40k-80k
Ante: 80k

Anish Arora (bigger stack), from the button, shoved all-in with A♣ 5♦. Naveen Kumar, in the big blind, called with A♦ J♣.

Board: 3♥ 10♥ K♣ Q♦ 9♦

Naveen Kumar secured the double up with a straight, overcoming Anish’s ace-high.

Shravan Chhabria’s Flush Sends Dhiraj Agarwal Packing in 6th Place

Level: 26
Blinds: 40k-80k
Ante: 80k

Dhiraj Agarwal, from the small blind, pushed all-in for 395k with Q♥ 10♥. Shravan Chhabria, in the big blind, called with K♣ 2♣.

Board: 9♣ 7♣ 7♦ 9♠ 10♣

Shravan Chhabria completed a flush with the 10♣ on the river, overcoming Dhiraj’s pair of tens.

Dhiraj Agarwal was eliminated in 6th place, earning INR 2,60,250 for his deep run.

Naveen Kumar Busts Gopal Bajaj in 7th Place ( INR 2,34,225)

Gopal Bajaj

Level: 25k
Blinds: 30k-60k
Ante: 60k

In an intense small blind versus big blind showdown, Naveen Kumar went all-in from the small blind. Gopal Bajaj, sitting in the big blind, called for his 525k stack, putting himself at risk.

Naveen Kumar: K♣ 5♠
Gopal Bajaj: Q♠ 9♠

The board ran out 10♠ A♥ 2♣ 5♦ 5♣, giving Naveen trips with fives and securing the win. Gopal Bajaj’s hand failed to improve, leading to his elimination in 7th place. He takes home INR 2,34,225 for his efforts.

Himalaya Tarani Exits in 8th Place (INR 2,34,225)

Level: 25k
Blinds: 30k-60k
Ante: 60k

In a thrilling hand, Himalaya Tarani, holding J♥ Q♦ in the cutoff, faced an all-in shove from Shravan Chhabria, who held K♣ A♦ and had the higher stack from UTG. Himalaya decided to call, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

The board revealed 4♣ 2♥ 10♠ 6♥ 6♠, offering no assistance to Himalaya’s hand. As a result, Shravan’s high cards held strong, leading to Himalaya’s elimination in 8th place.

For his impressive run, Himalaya Tarani took home INR 2,34,225.

Vikhayat Ahlawat Becomes The First Casualty on the final table

Level: 22

Blinds: 15k-20k

Ante: 20k

In a dramatic turn of events at Level 22 with blinds at 15k-20k and a 20k ante, Vikhayat Ahlawat took center stage, opting for an aggressive move, shoving all-in with the powerful Q♦ Q♠. However, fate had other plans as Shravan Chhabria, from the small blind, made the decisive call holding the dominant A♠ A♦.

The tension heightened as the board unveiled its cards: 5♣ 2♦ 9♦ 5♦. With no help from the community cards, Vikhayat’s hopes were dashed as his pocket queens failed to best Shravan’s aces. This unfortunate hand marked the end of Vikhayat’s journey at the final table, finishing in 9th place, with a consolation prize of INR 1,04,100.

Micro Main Event Final Table Set With Anish Arora In Lead

Level: 22

Blinds: 15k-30k

Ante: 30k

Finally, we are down to  final 9 players out of 345 entries. Leading the final table is Anish Arora with a massive stack of 1,809,000 chips. He is followed by Deepak Singh holding 1,255,000 chips

 Here are the chip counts for the final table players:

Himalaya Tarani: 460,000 chips

Vikhayat Ahlawat: 485,000 chips

Naveen Kumar: 600,000 chips

Gopal Bajaj: 330,000 chips

Dhiraj Agarwal: 1,010,000 chips

Shravan Chhabria: 510,000 chips

Deepak Singh: 1,255,000 chips

Anish Arora: 1,809,000 chips

Himanshu Arora: 485,000 chips

Some More Eliminations From Micro Main Event

Kabir Khattar – 18th for INR 52,050
Ramji Kishore – 17th for INR 1,04,100
Ram Kakkar – 16th for INR 1,04,100
Sanjay Khanna – 15th for INR 1,04,100
Cyrush Sidhwa – 14th for INR 1,04,100
Kowid Saraswat – 13th for INR 1,04,100
Rohit Agarwal – 12th for INR 1,04,100
Ramesh Pathipati – 11th for INR 1,04,100
Ramesh Abhishek – 10th for INR 1,04,100

Deepak Singh Busts Ramesh Pathipati

Level: 22
Blinds: 15k/30k
Ante: 30k

In a preflop showdown, BB Ramesh Pathipati shoves all-in, and SB Deepak Singh makes the call.

BB Ramesh: A♣ Q♥
SB Deepak: A♦ K♣

Board: 5♥ 9♣ 2♣ 6♠ 7♠

Deepak Singh clinches the pot with Ace high, securing the victory and sending Ramesh Pathipati busting out of the tournament.

Some More Eliminations From Micro Main Event

Sriram Pareek – 27th for INR 52,050
Guatam Rohilla – 26th for INR 52,050
Dikshita C – 25th for INR 52,050
Yudhisthir Rathode – 24th for INR 52,050
Alexinho E- 23rd for INR 52,050
Harsh Bubna – 22nd for INR 52,050
Raman Agarwal – 21st for INR 52,050
Varad Sandeep Mudada – 20th for INR 52,050
Amrit Kalash – 19th for INR 52,050

Anish Arora Busts Sanjay Khanna with Dominating Hand

Level: 22
Blinds: 15k/30k
Ante: 30k

Preflop action sees Sanjay Khanna open shove for 190k, and Anish Arora, from the button, makes the call.

Sanjay: A♠ J♦
Anish: A♠ Q♦

Board: Q♦ J♠ 7♠ 3♠ J♣

Anish Arora wins with a higher two pair, busting Sanjay Khanna from the tournament.

Ramesh Pathipati Doubles Up!

Level: 20
Blinds: 10k-20k
Ante: 20k

Amrit Kalash opens from the HJ to 30k, and Ramesh Pathipati from the CO shoves all-in for 300k. The button folds.

Kalash: 7♣ 7♦
Ramesh: 10♠ 10♣

Board: K♠ 9♣ K♦ J♦ 10♥

Ramesh Pathipati rivers a full house and secures a crucial double up!

Recent Eliminations From Micro Main Event Day 2

Milenam – 43rd for INR 26,025
Gaurav Idnani – 42nd for INR 26,025
Vinay Rajpal – 41st for INR 26,025
Sahil Agarwal – 40th for INR 26,025
Anhul Bagai – 39th for INR 26,025
Usha Idnani – 38th for INR 26,025
Rahul Kumar – 37th for INR 26,025
Alok Poonia 36th for INR 26,025
Katik Aysola – 35th for INR 26,025
Jason Fernandes – 34th for INR 26,025
Raman Dixith – 33rd for INR 26,025
Nishant Kumar – 32nd for INR 26,025
Chirag Sodha – 31st for INR 26,025
Tushar Bharti – 30th for INR 26,025
Arindam Mukherjee – 29th for INR 26,025

Rohit Agarwal Wins with a Full House

Level: 17
Blinds: 5k-10k
Ante: 10k

From the UTG position, Rohit Agarwal goes all-in for 105k. The MP player, Gauvtam Rohilla, also goes all-in. The button folds.

Rohit Agarwal: 2♦ 2♣
Gauvtam Rohilla: 10♥ 10♦

Board: A♦ A♣ 5♥ 2♠ K♠

Rohit wins the pot with a full house, securing a double up.

Payouts for Micro Main Event Announced!

Level: 15
Blinds: 3k-6k
Ante: 6k

The payouts for the Micro Main Event have been announced, with a total prize pool of an impressive INR 52,20,000. The top 43 players will share in the prize pool, with the eventual winner taking home a hefty INR 8,84,850. Below is the full list of payouts:

  1. INR 8,84,850
  2. INR 6,24,600
  3. INR 4,16,400
  4. INR 3,64,350
  5. INR 3,38,325
  6. INR 2,60,250
  7. INR 2,34,225
  8. INR 2,08,200
  9. INR 1,04,100
  10. INR 1,04,100
  11. INR 1,04,100
  12. INR 1,04,100
  13. INR 1,04,100
  14. INR 1,04,100
  15. INR 1,04,100
  16. INR 1,04,100
  17. INR 1,04,100
  18. INR 52,050
  19. INR 52,050
  20. INR 52,050
  21. INR 52,050
  22. INR 52,050
  23. INR 52,050
  24. INR 52,050
  25. INR 52,050
  26. INR 52,050
  27. INR 52,050
  28. INR 26,025
  29. INR 26,025
  30. INR 26,025
  31. INR 26,025
  32. INR 26,025
  33. INR 26,025
  34. INR 26,025
  35. INR 26,025
  36. INR 26,025
  37. INR 26,025
  38. INR 26,025
  39. INR 26,025
  40. INR 26,025
  41. INR 26,025
  42. INR 26,025
  43. INR 26,025

Stay tuned for more updates and live coverage from the DPT May 2024!

Micro Main Event Day 2 Gets Underway!

Level: 14

Blinds: 3k-5k

Ante: 5k

With the announcement of ‘Shuffle Upand Deal’, Day 2 of the Micro Main Event gets underway here at the Deltin Royale in Goa. Play starts at level 14 with blinds of 3k-5k and ante 3k. Stay tuned in for the live updates!

Day 2 Chip Counts: Micro Main Event

Out of the initial 345 participants, only 43 players have made it through to Day 2 of the Micro Main Event. Here’s a quick look at the chip counts for the players who qualified from the Day 1A and Day 1B flights:

Day 1A Chip Counts:

1 –Dhiraj Agarwal – 515,000

2-Himanshu Arora – 298,000

3-Shriram Pareek – 237,000

4-Ram Kakkar – 235,000

5-Raman Dixit – 181,000

6-Deepak Singh – 175,000

7-Ramji Kishore G – 167,000

8-Yudhisthir Rathore – 129,000

9-Rahul Kumar – 105,000

10-Chirag Sodha – 104,000

11-Shravan Chhabria – 103,000

12-Himalaya Torani – 99,000

13-Tushar Bharti – 76,000

14-Harsh Bubna – 53,000

15-Milena – 23,000

Day 1B Chip Counts:

Sanjay Khanna-295k

Nishant kumar-165k


Abhishek Ramesh-150k

Vinay Rajpal-104k

Sahil Agarwal-90k

Anshul Bagai-75k

Ramesh Pathipati-119k

Alexinhi esteberiro-76k

Amrit kalash-113k

Kovid Saraswat-131k

Kabir Khattar-279k

Gaurav idnani-22k

Yarad mumdada-181k

Jason Fernandes-162k

Vikyat Ahlawat-243k

Arindam mukherjee-124k

Jaswant kumar 112k

Usha idnani-107k

Cyrus Sidhwa-169k

Naman Agarwal-208k

Anish arora-193k

Alok poonia-106k

Naveen kumar-115k

Rohit Agarwal -201k

Gautam Rohilla-169k

Gopal Bajaj-465k

Kartik Aysola-124k

DPT May 2024 Micro Main Event Day 2 Begins!

Level: 16

Blinds:  4k-8k

Ante: 8k

With the announcement of ‘Shuffle Up & Deal,  Day 2 of the DPT May Micro Main Event has kicked off. The anticipation is  palpable. All the 43 qualifiers for Day 2 have returned to battle it out for the coveted micro main event title. Get ready to witness the drama and excitement from the event.

Welcome To  DPT May Micro Main Event Day 2

Welcome to the exhilarating Day 2 coverage of the DPT May Micro Main Event! The anticipation is mounting as we stand just a few minutes away from the eagerly awaited start of the second day of this spectacular main event here at the Deltin Royale, Goa. A total of 345 entered this prestigious event across its two flights, and 43 of those players successfully qualified for Day 2.

We’re all set to kick off Day 2 of the main event at 12 pm sharp , and leading the charge as the chip leader is none other than Dhiraj Agarwal, boasting an impressive stack of 515k chips. Right on his heels is the Day 1B chip leader, Gopal Bajaj, with  465,000 chips.

Here are the top five stacks:

Dhiraj Agarwal– 515,000

Gopal Bajaj – 465,000

Himanshu Arora– 298,000

Sanjay Khanna-295k

Kabir Khattar-279k

Stay tuned in for the live updates from the ongoing Delint Poker Tournament!