Welcome to the Live Coverage of the DPT May 2024 Highroller Event!

Harshdev Champions DPT May 2024 Highroller Event (INR 3,430,180)

Finally, it is all over with Harshdev Jhirmiria winning the coveted high roller title. He overcame a star-studded field of 157 entries to win a life-changing INR 3,430,180 and his first-ever DPT Trophy.

His journey in this event was nothing short of remarkable. On his way to victory, he busted several players, including Nikesh Chawla, Kanchan Sharma, and finally, Rishabh Vekaria in the heads-up battle. Rishabh walked away with an impressive INR 2,543,774 for his runner-up finish.

On the final hand of the tournament, Harshdev makes it 200k with 9♥ 3♣  and big blind Rishabh Vikaria calls with 5♠ J♦

Flop: 8♥ 7♦ 9♦

Harsh bets 250k

Rishabh calls

Turn: 3♠

Harsh bets 700k and Rishabh calls

River: 5♣

Rishabh goes all-in for 5.8 million and Harsh calls

Board: 8♥ 7♦ 9♦ 3♠ 5♣

Harshdev wins the pot and secures the title.

Myron Pereira Finishes Third for INR 1,886,429

Level: 29
Blinds: 100k/200k
Ante: 200k

Myron Pereira from the big blind raises to 700k. Rishabh Vekaria goes all-in for 1 million, and Myron calls.

Myron: Q♣ 4♦

Rishabh: J♥ 10♦

Board: 2♦ 8♦ Q♠ 9♠ A♣

Myron is busted, finishing in third place for INR 1,886,429.

Ashish Ahuja Finishes Fourth for INR 1,398,950

Level: 28
Blinds: 75k/150k
Ante: 150k

Ashish Ahuja holds A♥ 6♦ and runs into J♦ J♠ of Rishabh Vekaria. The board runs out 3♦ K♠ J♣ 8♥, busting Ashish Ahuja in fourth place for INR 1,398,950.

Dhaval Mudgal Finishes Fifth for INR 1,037,442

Rishabh Vekaria from CO opens to 375k, and Dhaval Mudgal from the big blind shoves all-in for 900k. Rishabh calls.

Dhaval: A♠ 4♠

Rishabh: A♥ K♣

Board: 9♣ Q♠ 9♦ 7♦ K♥

Dhaval Mudgal goes out in fifth place for INR 1,037,442.

Kunal Patni Finishes Sixth for INR 769,353

Level: 28
Blinds: 75k/150k
Ante: 150k

Harshdev from the cutoff with Q♥ Q♦ opens to 375k, and Natural8 India director Kunal Patni shoves all-in with A♦ Q♣, putting himself at risk.

Board: 3♣ 6♦ 4♠ J♥ 7♥

Kunal Patni finishes in sixth place for INR 769,353.

Nikesh Chawla busts out in a heartbreaking showdown for INR 570,541 in 7th Place

Level: 26
Blinds: 50K/100K
Ante: 100K

Nikesh Chawla from the Cutoff goes All in for 630K in a pre-flop action, Harsh Dev from Big Blind calls.


  • Nikesh Chawla: A♥ 3♦
  • Harsh Dev: 8♣ 9♣

Board: 6♦ 7♠ 5♠ 4♠ 9♠

Harsh wins the pot with higher straight, eliminating Niklesh Chawla in 7th place for INR 570,541.

Kanchan Sharma Busted in 8th Pace 

Level: 25
Blinds: 40k/80k

Kanchan Sharma from UTG raises to 160k

Harsh Dev from CO calls 160k

Flop: 5♣ 7♥ 6♦

  • Kanchan Shara checks
  • Harsh Dev from Meo cals.


Turn: 2♠

UTG Kanchan bets 225k

Harsh De v calls 225k

River: 10♥

UTG Kanchan goes all in

CO snap calls

Kanchan: A♣ 3♥

Harsh Dev: 5♥ 5♠ (Set of Fives

Harsh Dev wins the big pot with three of a kind, and Kanchan is busted in 8th place.


Vikhyat Ahlawat Eliminated

Level: 17
Blinds: 5k/10k

Akheek Nagpal from UTG raises to 20k

Vikhyat from BB calls

Board: K♦ J♥ 3♣ 7♣ 2♠

Abheek: 6♥ 6♠

Vikhyat: 9♥ Q♦

Vikhyat is busted.

Ace High Dominates: Yasheel D. Eliminates Tanmay Benari

Level: 12

Blinds: 2000/4000

Ante: 400

The player in UTG shoves all-in,  Tanmay Benara from Button goes all-in with 72.5K, and Yasheel D calls from UTG.

At the Showdown:

  • Tanmay Benari: K♠ 10♠
  • Yasheel D.: A♣ K♥

Board: 5♣, 3♠, 7♠, K♦, 4♣

Yasheel wins the pot with top pair, Kings with Ace kicker, and busted Tanmay.


Day 2 of the DPT May 2024 High Roller Gets Underway!

Level: 12

Blinds: 2000-4000

Ante: 4000

After 11 intense forty-minute levels, Day 1 of the 1.1 Lakh High Roller Event concluded yesterday. From the initial 116 participants, only 65 players survived on Day 1 to battle it for the coveted title and prize. The competition has been fierce, and the excitement is only set to increase as we move into Day 2.

Leading the pack into Day 2 is none other than last year’s DPT Mini Main Event champion, Faiz Alam, with an impressive 532k in chips. Hot on his heels is former Adda52 Team Pro and DPT Kickoff champion, Tarun Goyal, with 531.5k. Both players have demonstrated exceptional skill and strategy, making them formidable contenders as we advance.

Day 2 Chip Counts:

Faiz Alam – 532k

Tarun Goyal – 531.5k

Akhilender Singh – 411k

Sidharth Jolly – 379k

Nikita Luter – 353k

Harshdev J – 357.5k

Paravathaneni Gokul Krishna – 321.5k

Aryan Chauhan – 315k

Nitin Gupta – 305.5k

Vishal Bajaj – 223k

Vishal Ojha – 223k

Karan Sitlani – 220.5k

Manish Lakhotia – 218.5k

Anmol Mehta – 213k

Dhawal – 206.5k

Avadh Shah – 200.5k

Pranav Bagai – 195k

Goonjan Mall – 190k

Anit Kaushik – 187k

Ritvik Khanna – 185k

Rishab Vekaria – 184k

Nikesh Chawla – 183.5k

Shahank Shekar – 182.5k

Rahul Melwani – 179k

Deepak Raina – 173k

Navkiran Singh – 165k

Bharat Vasan – 157.5k

Ashish Ahuja – 157.5k

Prateek Mittal – 157k

Abhishek Raul – 149k

Aditya Sushant – 115.5k

Mithun Mahesh – 114.5k

Kanunan Sharma – 114k

Kunal Patni – 121.5k

Roshan Bhardwaj – 123k

Deepak Agarwal – 125k

Sahil Meehboobani – 131.5k

Viraj Oberoi – 254k

Vikash Shah – 250k

Tanuj Morjani – 260k

Binit Saraf – 267.5k

Sidhart Karia – 271.5k

Amit Tejura – 88k

Sambhav Jain – 95k

Bhavik Khaisuria – 97.5k

Apurva Goel – 99.5k

Sahil Jindal – 100k

Depinder – 106.5k

Abreh Nagpall – 107.5k

Devanj Yadav – 107k

Shamanth – 66.5k

Vishal Singh – 62k

Arun Srivam – 54.5k

Jayesh Kumar – 55k

Varun Bansal – 57.5k

Pavan Bansal – 48k

Srekant KN – 49k

Aman Parak – 50k

Aditya Singh – 50k

Archit Khmdelwal – 85k

Ranjeet Negi – 40.5k

Aditya GS – 44k

Blinds resume at 2000/4000 with a 4000 ante. Stay tuned for more high-stakes action as these talented players vie for a place in the final stages of the DPT May 2024 High Roller Event.

Good luck to all remaining participants!


Day 1 of High Roller Event Concludes: Faiz Alam Tops The Survivors

Level: 11

Blinds: 1500/3000

Ante: 3000

After eleven intense forty-minute levels, Day 1 of the 1.1 Lakh High Roller Event has come to a close. From the initial 116 participants, only 65 players remain in contention. Leading the pack is none other than last year’s DPT Mini Main Event champion Faiz Alam with an impressive 532k in chips, closely followed by former Adda52 Team Pro and DPT Kickoff champion Tarun Goyal with 531.5k.

The competition was fierce as players vied for dominance, with notable chip stacks including Sidharth Jolly (379k), WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luter (353k), and Harshdev J (357.5k). All these contenders along with other remaining players will return for Day 2 to battle it out for the prestigious title and the coveted top prize.

Here are the chip counts:

  1. Faiz Alam – 532k
  2. Tarun Goyal – 531.5k
  3. Akhilender Singh – 411k
  4. Sidhart Arga Joly – 379k
  5. Nikita Luter – 353k
  6. Harshdev J – 357.5k
  7. Paravathaneni Gokul Krishna – 321.5k
  8. Aryan Chauhan – 315k
  9. Nitin Gupta – 305.5k
  10. Vishal Bajaj – 223k
  11. Vishal Ojha – 223k
  12. Karan Sitlani – 220.5k
  13. Manish Lakhotia – 218.5k
  14. Anmol Mehta – 213k
  15. Dhawal – 206.5k
  16. Avadh Shah – 200.5k
  17. Pranav Bagai – 195k
  18. Goonjan Mall – 190k
  19. Anit Kaushik – 187k
  20. Ritvik Khanna – 185k
  21. Rishab Vekaria – 184k
  22. Nikesh Chawla – 183.5k
  23. Shahank Shekar – 182.5k
  24. Rahul Melwani – 179k
  25. Deepak Raina – 173k
  26. Navkiran Singh – 165k
  27. Bharat Vasan – 157.5k
  28. Ashish Ahuja – 157.5k
  29. Prateek Mittal – 157k
  30. Abhishek Raul – 149k
  31. Aditya Sushant – 115.5k
  32. Mithun Mahesh – 114.5k
  33. Kanunan Sharma – 114k
  34. Kunal Patni – 121.5k
  35. Roshan Bhardwaj – 123k
  36. Deepak Agarwal – 125k
  37. Sahil Meehboobani – 131.5k
  38. Viraj Oberoi – 254k
  39. Vikash Shah – 250k
  40. Tanuj Morjani – 260k
  41. Binit Saraf – 267.5k
  42. Sidhart Karia – 271.5k
  43. Amit Tejura – 88k
  44. Sambhav Jain – 95k
  45. Bhavik Khaisuria – 97.5k
  46. Apurva Goel – 99.5k
  47. Sahil Jindal – 100k
  48. Depinder – 106.5k
  49. Abreh Nagpall – 107.5k
  50. Devanj Yadav – 107k
  51. Shamanth – 66.5k
  52. Vishal Singh – 62k
  53. Arun Srivam – 54.5k
  54. Jayesh Kumar – 55k
  55. Varun Bansal – 57.5k
  56. Pavan Bansal – 48k
  57. Srekant KN – 49k
  58. Aman Parak – 50k
  59. Aditya Singh – 50k
  60. Archit Khmdelwal – 85k
  61. Ranjeet Negi – 40.5k
  62. Aditya GS – 44k

Day 2 of the high roller is scheduled to start at 2 pm sharp. Play for Day 2 will resume at level 16 with blinds of 3k and 6k. Stay tuned in for more updates from the high roller.

Tanmay Benara Doubles Up with Two Pair Against Archit Khandelwal

Level: 8
Blinds: 800/1600
Ante: 1600

Tanmay goes All-in from UTG with 14K in preflop action, Archit Khandelwal calls from MP and loses against Tanmay.

At Showdown:

  • Tanmay: A♥ 9♣
  • Archit: 3♥ 3♦
  • Board: 8♠, 9♠, J♦, J♥, 10♠

Tanmay wins the pot with two pairs of Jacks & Nines resulting in doubling up.

95 Entries and Counting: More Notables Join the Action

Level: 8
Blinds: 800/1600
Ante: 1600

Day 1 of the DPT May’24 Highroller is buzzing with excitement as the field has grown to 95 players. Notable new entrants in the field include the likes of WSOP bracelet winner Nikita LutherDeepak RainaKshitij Kucheria, rising star Ritwik KhannaGoonjan Mall and last year’s DPT Mini Main Event champion Faiz Alam.

Players can still enter the high roller until the start of Level 14 on Day 2.

Set Over Top Pair: Aryan Chauhan Busts Ali Abbas Goni

Level: 7
Blinds: 700/1400

In a Pre-Flop Action, Ajay Chauhan from UTG raises to 4.5K and Ali Goni calls from Button.

Flops open to 2♣, Q♠, 4♦
Aryan checks and Ajay bets 30K, Aryan calls straightaway.

Turn: J♣
Aryan goes All-in and Ali calls with 80K

River: A♠

At the Showdown:

  • Aryan Chauhan: 2♦ 2♥ (Three of a kind, Deuces)
  • Ali Goni: K♥ Q♦ (Top pair, Queens)

Aryan wins the pot with a set of Deuces and Ali is eliminated from the tournament

Bhuvan Bansal eliminated by Raghav Bansal

Level: 7
Blinds: 700/1400
Ante: 1400

In a Pre-Flop Action, Raghav raises 5K from UTG, and Bhuvan goes All-in for 20.1K from Small Blind. Raghav snap calls.

At the Showdown:

  • Ragav Bansal: A♣ J♠
  • Bhuvan Bansal: 10♦ 8♦
  • Board: A♦, 3♣, K♥, K♦, 10♣

Ragav Bansal won the pot with two pairs (Aces and Kings) and a Jack kicker and eliminated Bhuvan Bansal from the tournament with a pair of Tens.

Notable Chip counts from 1st break

Level: 4

Blinds: 400/800

Tarun Goyal leading with 300K chips followed by Deepak Agarwall with 224K. Here are the list:

Tarun Goyal – 300K
Deepak Aggarwal – 224K
Roshan Bhardwaj – 165K
Karan Sitlani – 150K
Ragav Bansal – 135K

Action is still going on!

Akhilendra Singh wins the pot with an all-in bluff, forcing Bhuvan Bansal to fold.

Level: 1

Blinds: 200/400

Ante: 400

Board: 8♦, 4♦, 9♥, A♣, A♦

Pre-Flop: Bhuvan Bansal (UTG) re-raises to 4K., Cutoff calls and Akhilendra Singh (Button) calls.

Flop: Bhuvan bets 3.1K & Akhilendra calls

Turn: Bhuvan bets 18.2K and Akhilendra calls

River: Bhuvan checks, Akhilendra goes all-in for 50.8K forced Bhuvan folds

Akhilendra’s river shove for 50.8K forced Bhuvan to fold, suggesting Bhuvan did not have a strong enough hand to call. He had a hand strong enough to confidently push Bhuvan out, or he made a very bold and successful bluff.

Notable Players Grace Day 1 of DPT May 2024 High Roller

There are over 22 players currently in action and some notables among them include PSL Co-founder Pranav Bagai, DPT Main Event champion Rishabh Vekaria, former Adda52 pro and DPT kickoff winner Tarun Goyal, and Bhuvan Bansal, Natural8 India Director Kunal Patni among others. Stay tuned for live updates from this thrilling event!


Welcome to DPT May 2024 Highroller Day 1!

Today marks Day 2 of the DPT May 2024, and it’s set to be a busy one with four exciting events on the schedule:

Micro Main Event Day 1B at 1 PM

Mystery Bounty Day 2 at 1 PM

1.10 Highroller at 5 PM

Turbo Mix Event, a brand new tournament, debuting at 7 PM

The third event and most awaited of the day, the 1.10K Highroller, kicks off at 5 PM.

Running from May 22nd to May 23rd, this highly anticipated event starts at 5 PM today and continues with Day 2 at 1 PM tomorrow. The Highroller features a buy-in of INR 1.10 lakh, setting the stage for high-stakes action and elite competition.

Players will begin with a massive 100k stack, battling through 40-minute levels, ensuring deep-stack play and strategic maneuvering. Late registration is available until the start of Level 14, providing ample opportunity for players to join the fray and compete for the coveted title.

In the previous edition, inaugural DPT Main Event champion Raghav Bansal emerged victorious from a field of 47 entries, claiming the title and INR 16.86 lakhs. Will he defend his title, or will a new champion rise to the occasion?