Cricket World Cup or Poker Tournament: India vs UAE

After thrashing Pakistan and South Africa in the initial two leauge matches, India will be up against United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. India will look to score a massive total and win this match with huge difference to attain an invicible run-rate in its pool. With star batsmen like Sikhar Shawan and […]


Cricket World Cup or Poker Tournament: India vs South Africa

India is playing against South Africa today in the league match of 2015 Cricket World Cup. Though India has not won against the proteas ever in the world cup clash but this time the strong cards led by Virat Kohli and excellent connectors like Mohammad Shami will end this drought. On the other side, South Africa will look […]


Happy Women’s Day to the Lady in Poker

From the solitary dealer catering to the shrewd remarks of a drunk few to the lone player amongst a powering eight to the single female reporter in a large poker room, OPN salutes all the ladies in poker. She is the 1% in a huge field of men. She is the pretty face in a […]


Choose your Political ‘King’ from the Indian Political ‘Deck’!

The Indian Political Scene can be currently compared with a poker deck of cards. We have the 3 ‘Kings’ who are ruling everyone with their different ‘suits’.  Rahul Gandhi a.k.a RaGa: The ‘King of Diamonds‘ who is the choice of the Indian elite. Arvind Kejriwal a.k.a Former CM Delhi: The ‘King of Hearts‘ who is […]


Poker and Card Games Popularity: Did you Know?

  Poker’s popularity is as old as this world is. It’s acceptance as a great time pass card game has been since the olden times. Did you know that when Columbus landed in 1492 in North America, his men plucked wide leaves from trees, drew pictures on them and played cards.