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Not Just 1 Crore GTD, DOPT Tournaments Promise Enhanced Game Play Experience

 After the grand success of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) in February, Adda52.com- India’s largest poker site is set to reward online poker experience of poker players with DOPT, an online version of DPT with a whopping Rs. 10 million in the guaranteed prize pool. Running from 23rd -27th March, this exclusive series features a 20 Lac High Roller, which is an initiative to support the cause of World for All-a Mumbai-based animal welfare organization dedicated to helping animals in leading better lives. Interestingly, DOPT also has a Rs. 1 Lac DOPT Leaderboard to reward top performers across the series.DOPT-OPN-552x312A Look at Five Biggest Events

DOPT series has something for everyone with a total of 34 online events in varied interesting formats. Here is a look at the five biggest events of the series, which have been kept rake-free for all players:

1.DOPT 40 Lac Millions (ME)– This is the biggest event on 26th March with a beefy Rs. 40 lacs in GTD for a buy-in of Rs. 14,000. Poker players will get 30,000 starting stack at 50/100 blinds. It will have a deep structure and each level of 15 minutes. A late registration will be allowed for about 150 minutes.

2.DOPT 20 Lac High Roller– A charity tourney to be played on 6-max table for an enhanced game play experience with 300BB stack and a deep structure. The tournament kicks off from 24th March and boasts of Rs. 20 lacs in guaranteed prize pool. Players can enter this event with a buy-in of Rs. 22,000.

3.DOPT Mini Millions– The best re-buy+add-on tournament on 25th March with Rs. 10 lacs in the GTD at just Rs. 5000 buy-in. Players can re-buy till 8th level in the tournament and take add-on thereafter.

4.DOPT 5 Lac Blaze- Starting 23rd March, this is the biggest event on Day 1 of the DOPT, which brings Rs. 5 lacs in prize pool for a small buy-in of Rs. 2500. Players will get a starting stack of 150BB and re-buys will be allowed till 9th level. It also features a late registration allowed for 40 minutes only.

5.DOPT 5 Lac PLO Showdown– The DOPT series climaxes with a PLO tournament on Monday night,27th March, which brings Rs. 5 lacs in prize pool at a buy-in of Rs.5000. Players will start with a stack of 10,000 at 25/50 blinds and each level will be of 10 minutes. Re-buys will remain open till 10th level.

The Excitement Doesn’t End Here!

  • DOPT 85K Kickoff-a tournament that begins the festivities of DOPT at 1:30 PM on Thursday, 23rd March. It is a Rs.85,000 GTD event with a Rs. 550 buy-in with 2 re-entries allowed.
  • DOPT 100K Blast-a new tournament in 8:30 PM slot with Rs. 1 lac in guarantee on four days of the series. Every day, it will have different formats such as Re-entry, PLO, Bounty, and Re-buy.
  • DOPT Crazy 4– a poker tournament of buy-in Rs. 444 every day across the series at 4 PM. It brings a variety of formats and a prize pool of 65,000.
  • DOPT50K DeepStack Turbo, a Rs. 350 buy-in tournament in turbo format with 200BB starting stack to be played at 1:30 PM on Friday and Sunday.
  • DOPT 50K Turbo-Make quick money with a turbo tourney at 11:30 PM on all five days of the series. It is a re-buy + add-on tournament wherein players can enter with just Rs. 250 buy-in.

The financial year ends with millions up for grab on Adda52.com. Participate and win amazing prizes!



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