How to deal with Poker Tilt

Poker tilt is a term used quite commonly in Texas Hold’em for when a persons’ actions and calls are not in alignment with their poker strategy and instead are playing moves that are emotionally motivated rather than tactical.

Signs that you are heading for a Tilt

Like any other game, the fact that you’re not using your head will be obvious in the decisions that you make. Quick rash decisions that are emotionally fuelled rather than strategically thought through, can have several ulterior motivations such as a few bad beats or a string of losses thanks to some bad poker odds. One could end up with a tilt in an attempt to cut their losses in a game of poker. Another reason for a tilt is the opposite, when one has made good money and plays because they just want to continue, without taking into account the value of money being played against the risk involved. It is bad poker strategy if either of these motives are causing you to face a potential tilt.

Dealing with a Tilt

1. Among the most popular poker tips for dealing with a tilt, the most important one is taking breaks quite frequently when playing long games of poker. A fresh mind is always necessary so limiting the number of hours that you play can be quite an effective method.
2. Similarly, online poker gives the flexibility of playing at your own choice. This means that one can choose to play at the time of day that their brain works best, thus being able to concentrate on the game more effectively. Hence playing only a few limited hours with sufficient rest is the right way to be playing poker.
3. Another important factor with regard to dealing with a tilt is being aware of your actions. Realise that every game you play and every move that you make is your responsibility. With that in mind, being completely aware of what you’re doing during a game and reading the signs that your brain is giving out will be much easier. Being able to control one’s mind is essential to be a winner in a game of Texas Hold’em.
4. It is best that you define your limits. When playing online, responsible poker rooms will give you the option to set limits on deposits, tournament sign ups etc. Using these limitations can restrict your gaming thus avoiding play during a tilt.