How To Use Positions In Texas Hold’em

The term ‘position’ in No Limit’s Texas Hold’em Poker simply is a representation of where a player sits in reference to the dealer. The position that one plays from, is known to have a great effect on the advantage and disadvantage one holds during a poker game.


Some of the popular terms used for various positions in poker strategy include small blind, big blind, under the gun and button. Each position carries its own merits and drawbacks. For example, in a poker hand, the early positions like the small blind tend to be the worst when after the flop. The button position which is one of the later playing positions, is considered to be strategically the best. According to poker strategy, a later position is always more favoured as that means the player gets to view the other bets placed. This is all the more crucial when it is a No Limits Texas Hold’em game over a Limits Texas Hold’em.

Using positions to your advantage

Using positions to ones’ advantage is one of the most common poker tricks. Players always tend to try and steal blinds or antes from the button. However always remember that in that situation, you would still have the better position after flop, on the turn and in river. Being the last person to play in a Poker hand means that if you’ve read the players and the situation right, you will be able to make the best play.

When playing in an early position, calling a pre-flop with the knowledge that one would still have the advantage of position is another in the array of game strategies. With that, there is the greater poker probability of getting a check post flop from an opponent. This would give the distinct advantage of being able to bet with one’s position. This can return results that either favor you or give you a disadvantage were the opponent to call you.

Playing from the middle position means that one can add hands and probably take a few risks as well if no one ahead of you has raised. Always remember to read your opponents well, identify the exploitable traits and use position to your advantage and play a successful game!