How To bluff In poker

There is a certain glamour and romanticism to poker that is given by the bluff. Despite the exaggeration in movies, the bluff in reality does play a major role in any poker card game. If you were to play online poker, bluffing would be easier as opponents cannot read physical tells. However, bluffing is not always necessary according to most popular poker tips and it is good to learn to play the game without bluffing as that will teach you control.

Types of bluffs

There are two major types of bluffs in practice. One is the full or pure bluff which is when a player has got a bad hand and does not foresee any potential for improvement. Here the aim is to get the opposition to just fold. The semi bluff is more strategic where the player may not be playing his best cards in that hand but can potentially improve on it in further hands.

Position when bluffing

Among the popular poker tricks, using position to your advantage is useful during a bluff. Being in a position close to the dealer or being the last person to play is definitely an advantage and a good position to bluff from in a poker card game.

Do you bluff often?

When playing the bluff, always remember that pulling a bluff too often is a risk. Poker tips suggest that one should bluff with moderation. It is always about timing it right when your opposition least expects it or is not concentrating hard enough. The balance helps to keep you winning every time instead of becoming a losing player who continually bluffs.

Some strategic bluffing positions

– You are playing late or just before the dealer

– You have a strong hand of cards on the board

– You know your opponents well and are able to sense their tells and know when they are weak

– There is just one opponent left

Always remember, the key poker tricks to bluffing are knowing when your bluff will go un-noticed in a round or a bluff that can make your opponents fold without question.