WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee enters mid stage, 6 WSOP Rings Up For Grabs

WSOP Circuit Harrah's Cherokee enters mid stage
WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee enters mid stage

The World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee entered mid-stage and will witness an exciting weekend poker action coming up. With 6 WSOP Rings up for grabs this week, the $1,675 No Limit Texas Hold’em Main Event will kick off from 12th April.

The 12 Day event has 12 WSOP Rings up for the taking, 6 have already been awarded in the past week and 6 will be given out soon. Event #1 $365 No Limit Hold’em was won by Columbian Nicolas Vaca-Rondon who pocketed more than $50,000. Event #2 saw a similar payout plus the coveted WSOP Ring for American Chanthou Chau while Alan Neubaeur took $20,000 for winning Event #3 Pot Limit Omaha.

Former Pro Baseball Player Chris Kirkland won Event #5 and took $34,000 while Robert Russell was the champion of Event #6 No Limit Hold’em. Event 7 is also underway and there will be another gold ring winner by end of today today. This Event called the $365 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament has seen 378 starters and the final 16 are currently fighting it out. Tony Miles with almost a million chips has an unprecedented advantage and seems most likely to win. Jacob Brazeley is his nearest competitor with 385,000 chips. 

Keep watching this space for more updates on WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee and read all about who won the remaining six WSOP Gold Rings.