WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee enters mid stage, 6 WSOP Rings Up For Grabs

WSOP Circuit Harrah's Cherokee enters mid stage
WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee enters mid stage

The World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee entered mid-stage and will witness an exciting weekend poker action coming up. With 6 WSOP Rings up for grabs this week, the $1,675 No Limit Texas Hold’em Main Event will kick off from 12th April.

The 12 Day event has 12 WSOP Rings up for the taking, 6 have already been awarded in the past week and 6 will be given out soon. Event #1 $365 No Limit Hold’em was won by Columbian Nicolas Vaca-Rondon who pocketed more than $50,000. Event #2 saw a similar payout plus the coveted WSOP Ring for American Chanthou Chau while Alan Neubaeur took $20,000 for winning Event #3 Pot Limit Omaha.

Former Pro Baseball Player Chris Kirkland won Event #5 and took $34,000 while Robert Russell was the champion of Event #6 No Limit Hold’em. Event 7 is also underway and there will be another gold ring winner by end of today today. This Event called the $365 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament has seen 378 starters and the final 16 are currently fighting it out. Tony Miles with almost a million chips has an unprecedented advantage and seems most likely to win. Jacob Brazeley is his nearest¬†competitor with 385,000 chips.¬†

Keep watching this space for more updates on WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee and read all about who won the remaining six WSOP Gold Rings.