2013 APPT Cebu: Jae Kyung Sim Emerged as the Winner of the Main Event

Jaae Kyung SimJae Kyung Sim has captured the title of the Main Event of 2013 Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Cebu after eliminating six of the eight players on the final table himself. Sim remained low profile throughout the event only to shift gears on the final day to prove his might and won a prize money of $96,646 (PHP 3,948,000). Sim’s victory came as a surprise to many as no one was expecting such a turn of events. The Champion made an appearance on the final table of 2012 APPT Cebu as well just to finsh at eighth place. The final table was not as easy as players like Jim Collopy, Andrew Nguyen and Magnus karlsson were also in the race.

The first one to leave the table was Andrew Nguyen. He lasted only 15 minutes on the final table and was eliminated by Sim. Next two to face the execution from the champion were Michael Allmrodt and Timo Kohijoki. Allmrodt, who started his day with a short stack of chips, played skillfully before busting out. Sim kept eliminating players one after another and the next one to fall his pray was Bawod Hynshik Yun. After the elimination of Hynshik, remaining five players kept the action going on for more than 2 hours before the elimination of Daniel Spencer.

The chip leader on the final day of the event, Jim Colllopy struggled to create any magic as it was simply not his day and he had to bow out at number four position. Anthony Wright who eliminated Collopy, showed some resistance for good 40-45 minutes before leaving the final table. His exit brought Sim and Karlsson face to face to battle it out for the title. Sim wrapped it up fast and captured the title. Karlsson who finished second received PHP 2,538,000

Final Table Results of the Main Event

Rank Name of the Player Prize Money (PHP)
1. Jae Kyung Sim 3,948,000
2. Marcus Karlsson 2,538,000
3. Anthony Wright 1,480,000
4. Jim Colllopy 1,128,000
5. Daniel Spence 917,000
6. Bawod Hynshik Yun 705,000
7. Timo Kohijoki 564,000
8. Michael Allmrodt 458,000
9. Andrew Nguyen 352,000