WSOP Harrah’s Philadelphia: Assante in Lead after Day 2 of Main Event

WSOP CircuitMichael Assante ended his second day as the chip leader at the Main event of World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Harrah’s Philadelphia. He won a huge pot against Jonas Wexler towards the end of the day which placed him at the top of the chip count.  The total chip count for Assante by the end of day was 1.149 million. Chasing Assante and placed at number two position is Mike Jukich. He is the only player other than Assante who has more than a million chip count. He ended his day with 1.05 million chips. Matthew webber completes the top three list and is not far behind from number one and two players with 919,000 chips.

Day 2 was disappointing for many players. From 192 at the beginning of the day, only 14 are left to battle it out for the title of WSOP Harrah’s Philadelphia. Some seasoned players which get eliminated on second day were Ari Engel, Robert Cheung, Allen Kessler, Sean Rice and Scott Baumstein. The competition will be fierce from now onwards as remaining 14 will be battling it out for WSOP Circuit title and a gold ring along with a seat into the National Championship plus a prize money of $121,095.

Unlike the players who got eliminated, some players delivered consistent performances on the second day of the main event. Mike Jukich, remained in the top three throughout the day. Jonas Wexter is another player who improved his performance from day one and by the end of the day he place himself at number five. If he would have not lost that huge pot against Assante, he might have been in a better position.

Remaining 14 players and their chip counts

Place  Name of the Player Chip Count
1. Michael Assante 1,149,000
2. Mike Jukich 1,050,000
3. Matthew Webber 919,000
4. Tony Natale 598,000
5. Jonas Wexler 590,000
6. Andrew Rudnik 493,000
7. Leonardo Palermo 356,000
8. Ken Silberstein 349,000
9. Beverly Cheney 287,000
10. Dave Moersdorf 286,000
11. George Zinaty 264,000
12. Patrick Friday 263,000
13. Rex Clinkscales 262,000
14. Kris Bradshaw 164,000