Day 1b of 2013 PartyPoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship: 117 Advance, Kay in Lead

WPT canadaPlayground Poker Club saw an unbelievable number of players entering the tournament even on Day 1b of the Main Event of 2013 World Poker Tour (WPT) Canadian Spring Championship. On Day 1a there were a total of 194 players entered the CAD$3,300 main event but on second day the number of entrants was 283 (with 61 re-entries) which made the total number of entries a whopping 477. As the day two ended there were only 117 players left and Matt Kay is in lead with a total of 270,400 chips.

Famous Poker Players which fell short and were not being able to survive the day include Jonathan Roy, Matt Jarvis, Jeff Madsen, Paul Keann, Phil Laak, Kara Scott and Ravi Raghavan. Although all these palyers have an option to re-enter the championship. Laak, who was going strong and was looking promising busted out on level 9. Nimar Latif showed him the outside doors. Within few minutes after the the elimination of Laak, Canadian Poker pro Erik Cajelais found himself leaving the table.

Chip Leader Matt Kay won a huge pot just before the closing minutes against Kara Scott and Stuart Taylor. His two Jacks in hand and one on the Flop helped him to win the pot. After losing this huge chip-pot, Kara Scott bowed out too. Some other players which survived the day two include Luke Vrabel, Ryan Julius, David Tuthill, Joe Serock and Stephen Bokor.

Top Ten Players in Chip Count

Players Name of Player Chip Count
1. Matt Kay 270,040
2. Mike Bartholomew 186,500
3. Jason James 180,600
4. Jason Hallee 160,200
5. Scott Montgomery 153,900
6. Martin Malone 151,000
7. Derek Lerner 138,000
8. Richard Mallone 134,6000
9. Sasa Stancic 133,000
10. Charles Furey 110,400