Crockfords Retaliate at Phil Ivey’s Claim

CrockfordsCasinoAccusesPhilIveyof27Reading27TheBackofCardsWe brought the news to you that Phil Ivey is going legal against the Crockfords Casino saying that they have not cleared his €7.2 million which he has won last year in August. In a latest press release the casino has announced that the claim made by Ivey will not be entertained as casino has strong evidences against Ivey. The spokesperson further added that Ivey has cheated to win such a huge amount. Last week Ivey has lodged a complaint in the London High Court to get his winnings which were held by the Casino.

The parent company of the casino, Genting has said that they have done fresh investigation in the case and believes that Ivey’s game was far from being fair. They accused Ivey for card reading and said that the cards used on the table Ivey was playing were easy for any player of Ivey’s caliber to read.  Though they added that none of the cards was marked or tempered but that pack had some manufacturing flaws and it helped Ivey to made millions on those two days.

Some fingers have been pointing at the female companion of Ivey on that night. Though her involvement in any kind of wrongdoing has not been proved. On the first night, after making €2 million plus, Ivey asked the casino to ‘hold the shoe’ and made €5 million next day. Now Casino is holding this statement against Ivey. It is really strange how all this information is coming out now as earlier investigations cleared that Ivey has not done anything which is not supposed to be done.