HPT Soaring Eagle Casino: Pat Steele Wins the Main Event

Pat steele1Pat Steele of Michigan has emerged as the winner of the Heartland Poker Tour Soaring Eagle Casino $1,650 Main Event on Monday night at Soaring Eagle Casinos and Resorts, Michigan. The Champion received a handsome prize money of $155,636 after displaying his splendid game of poker. The total number of players participated in the main event was 462, which made the prize pool to $662,280. Steele may have won the main event but the player who stole the limelight right from the beginning was famous Poker Player, Joe Cada, who won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event in 2009. Cada did not disappointed his fans and made it to the final table, but this time he fell quite short from winning the title and finished at fourth place.

The first elimination came at level 27 when Phung Ngo ran into Sai Mudduluru. Mudduluru’s Flush showed Ngo the exit doors, but very soon he found himself leaving the table when Rudy Ballard outplayed his double Aces. Next elimination came a little late when Mark Davis got busted by Adam bacon and Rudy Ballard’s good run came to an end when Cada played the executioner’s role for him. Adam bacon finished fifth and then Cada got engaged in a hand with Tom Midena. Cards on the board did not bring any good news for Cada and he left the table.

The only female player on the final table Penelope Banhidy played splendid game of poker just to finish at third place. It brought Midena and Steele face to face to fight for the title. Midena proved himself to be a good competitor but Steele outplayed him to capture the title. Midena had to satisfy himself with the runner up’s prize of $96,031

Result of the Final Table

Rank Player’s name Prize Money
1. Pat Steele $155,636
2. Tom Midena $96,031
3. Penelope Banhidy $62,917
4. Joe Cada $43,710
5. Adam Bacon $32,452
6. Rudy Ballard $25,167
7. Mark Davis $21,789
8. Sai Mudduluru $17,882
9. Phung Ngo $14,570