Latin American Poker Tour Brazil 2013: Sbrissa Wins the Main Event

Viktor SbrissaBrazilian poker pro Victor Sbrissa has captured the title of the main event at 2013 Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The venue for 2013 LAPT was the famous Tivoli Hotel and participation of around 750 poker players made this event a big deal. For the Champion it was a hard and long road to success as long time pros Leo Fernandez and Andre Akkari of Team PokerStars were also battling for the title. But Sbrissa held his nerves, stuck to his game plan and snatched the title of this $4,000 buy-in event. It was a huge payday for him as he received $255,400 as prize money. Sbrissa, playing in his own city, got enormous support from the crowd.

The first one to say goodbye to the final table was Thiago Grigoletti. He played only four hands before leaving the table. The next one to exit was Leo Fernandez. He started his day on the final table as the chip leader and he was the favorite to win the event. But Fernandez disappointed his fans and finished at seventh place. Ximenes, who finished at number 6, was out of luck and after few hard hands he left the table. Andre Akkari joined his team member from Team PokerStars shortly after but this time outside the final table. Brescia was playing very safe but couldn’t managed to stay for long as he was eliminated by Sbrissa on number 4. After a little while Rafael Padro got busted for third position.

All this action left Sbrissa and Murta to battle for the title. Murta who had a short stack of chips tried to outplay the champion but Sbrissa’s aggressive game and huge chip lead did not let him to stay for long and he crashed for the second place.

This is the biggest win and earning in a LIVE Tournament for Victor Sbrissa. Maybe we can call it ‘Home Advantage’.

Main Event Results for LAPT Brazil.

Rank Name of Player Prize Money
1. Victor Sbrissa $255,4000
2. Daniel Murta $166,684
3. Rafael Murta $115,481
4. Leonardo Brescia $85,338
5. Andre Akkari $64,335
6. Marcos Paulo Ximenes $47,266
7. Leo Fernandez $34,140
8. Thiago Grigoletti $26,254