Phil Ivey Sues English Casino ‘Crockfords’ for $12.1 Million.

Phil_Ivey_largeThe ‘Tiger Woods’ of poker world, Phil Ivey has filed a complaint against one of the oldest casino in United Kingdom, Crockfords Casino, in London High court. Phil Ivey has declared from his end that he won nearly £8 million as prize money while playing Punto Banco in Crockfords casinos last August which is still not paid to him. It was strange that Ivey participated in Punto Banco as the outcome of the game depends on luck more than the player’s skills and knowledge. But fourteen WSOP title holder aced that event and came out as a champion with an unbelievable payday of £8 million. Even at that time this matter was in news as the authorities grew suspicious and investigated the matter. They checked all the surveillance videos and questioned the employees which were present in the casino at that time.   

 According to spokesperson of the legal team representing Ivey, ‘’the casino has issued a receipt for the payment due from their end but they have not cleared it yet’’. Ivey commented on the issue and said that he is very saddened but the casino left him with no choice but to go to the court.  

 Crockfords Casinos which is in Mayfair is the oldest casino, operating since 1828. Right now it is owned by Malaysia-based Genting Groups. The casino has not accused Ivey for anything and their spokeswoman refused to comment any further on the issue. In her last statement on the issue she said that we can confirm that our position in this rare case is already been cleared to Mr. Ivey’s solicitor from the first day. She further added that we are firm on our stand and will defend it vigorously.